The Pritchard Family

Llancaiach Fawr is in the County of Glamorgan about 6 miles from Caerphilly Castle. Llancaich Fawr is a fortified manor house which was built some time before 1537 on the site of an earlier medieval dwelling. During the Civil War, Llancaiach Fawr was the home of the Pritchard Family. The Pritchard's were a wealthy, long established Welsh gentry (rich landowning) family who also owned a lot of land around the Manor

Colonel Edward Pritchard

At the start of the Civil War, Colonel Pritchard supported Charles I. The King appointed him Commissioner of Array and was made responsible for recruiting men and money for the Royalists. In 1645 Colonel Pritchard changed sides and became a strong supported of Parliament. He was then appointed Governor of Cardiff Castle. In 1646 Colonel Pritchard successfully defended Cardiff Castle against an attack by the Cavaliers. In 1648 Colonel Pritchard played an important part in the Battle of St. Fagans.

Colonel Pritchard died in 1655. He only had two surviving daughters - Mary and Jane. Many men wished to marry such wealthy women. By 1662 both girls had found husbands:

Mary - married David Jenkins of Hensol

Jane - she moved away from Wales after marrying a Berkshire gentleman called John Whitman

After this point Llancaiach Fawr was rented by tenant farmers.

The Seal Of Colonel Edward

The Seal of Colonel Edward Pritchard