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Sponsored Walk 2011

 How many laps did you walk?

Year Seven and Eight pupils worked together to do a Sponsored Walk around the school, the event was two hours long or four laps and for this event the pupils were able to wear their own clothes. It was a very enjoyable event for both Year Seven and Year Eight. During the event the Sixth Formers helped serving food and drink for the pupils at each lap point like squash, cakes and biscuits. The money that pupils raised will soon be announced in front of the school. All the pupils got involved and all had positive feedback from both teachers and pupils! As well as having a fantastic time going around the school, pupils also had a chance to look at Y Pant’s surroundings and its scenery. The pupils gave it their all for the school with both money and the walk. We are all very lucky that the weather was perfect. There were photos taken to commemorate the event and the great time both pupils and teachers had during the sponsored walk. There were an outstanding number of pupils in Year Eight and Year Seven that joined in what made it even more a success was that everyone pulled together to make the event work. As the day went on more and more smiles on the children’s faces appeared and by the end of the day nobody went home unhappy. Altogether the day was a success and another terrific day for Y Pant. I think all the pupils want to say a big thank you to the people who helped make the day a great success. The money that the pupils helped raise was for the school’s upcoming events and many more things like equipment the school needs.

By Jessica Wigley (year 7)



Y Pant Sponsored Walk

sponsored walkThe annual Year 7 and 8 sponsored walk takes place this year on Friday 23rd September.

All year 7 and 8 pupils have taken sponsor forms home.  The proceeds will go towards school funds to enable us to pay for more activities and equipment.

You can download a letter and sponsor form here.

Year 7 and 8 pupils can wear non-school uniform to school on the day but for this priviledge they are expected to bring in some sponsor money.

The walk will take place during lessons 3 and 4 providing the weather is OK.  Pupils will need to bring in their books for all 5 lessons just in case (they won’t need to carry their bags on the walk).  The walk is 4 laps of the school drive although many do more than this.

The sponsored walk is a fun couple of hours and a chance to have a chat to friends whilst walking!