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World Book Day 2015



Year 7 pupils attended the English Department’s World Book Day celebration. Over some sweet and savory snacks, pupils took part in discussions that centred around their favourite books. From Morpurgo to Walliams, Pullman to Dahl, students and teachers shared their favourite literary extracts.

The pupils also enjoyed taking part in Miss Cooper’s blurb competition. The winners will be announced in the next Year 7 assembly. Good Luck!
A big thank you to Miss Cooper and Mrs Dyson for all of their hard work and efforts.
Make sure that you keep reading so that you can share new experiences on World Book Day 2016!


This week, all pupils in years 7, 8 and 9 are being given their World Book Day tokens in registration.  We have a few spare so if anyone in years 10 – 13 would like a token please see Miss Bunce.

Our local bookshop, Books&Pontyclun is running a Book Fair at Pontyclun Athletics Club on Saturday 7th March from 10am to 3pm where you can exchange your tokens for books!  See the leaflet below for more details.




World Book Day 7th March

Year 7s are invited to a party in the library on Thursday lunchtime to celebrate World Book Day! Feel free to just come along, or join in with our Year 7 ‘Book Swap Shop’. You are invited to bring in a book that you have really enjoyed reading, but probably wouldn’t read again, and swap it with another pupil’s favourite book.
Please check with your parents first that you aren’t giving away some family heirloom, or sentimentally valuable book! Also, please make sure the book is age appropriate for other Year 7s (not your old Thomas the Tank collection!) If you bring in a book to swap, you will be allowed to take one home. This way, you will be able to take away a book that is new to you and recommended by your peers.
Many thanks for all the excellent entries for the Photo Competition. Closing day is tomorrow, so it’s not too late to enter!

As World Book Day approaches on the 7th March, there will be lots of activities related to reading going on around the school.

One that we would like pupils to get involved in over the coming weeks:

  1. Take your favourite or current reading book
  2. Take it somewhere unusual/ amusing/ far-flung
  3. Get someone to take a photo of you reading your book in an unusual place
  4. Bring a copy of your photo to school with your name and form group written on the back. Hand in to Mrs J Dyson in room 58 or email it to reading@ypant.co.uk
  5. The most unusual/ amusing photos will win prizes!


Some ideas:

Maybe you’re going on holiday in half term? Take a picture reading your book at a tourist attraction.

Do you play an interesting sport? Take a picture reading your book whilst participating.

Do you have an unusual pet you can read to? Take a picture reading your book to your pet (or to a more unusual animal!)

Be original and interesting. All photos will be displayed in the main foyer during reading week and the best will go up on the school website.

(please don't do this in the library!)

Celebrating Reading at Y Pant

On Wednesday 7th December we will be holding a “Celebration of Reading” at Y Pant for pupils in years 7 and 8, along with their parents and guardians starting at 5pm.

The evening will consist of a short presentation followed by guidance for parents on supporting children’s reading and an opportunity to browse recommended books.

Waterstones will be attending the evening and will be selling some of the new and exciting books aimed at children in this age group.

Below, some of our staff share their favourite books.  Add yours here – what books can you recommend to pupils at Y Pant?

Miss Norton distracted by "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee
Mr Thomas entertains his class reading "Danny Champion of the World" by Roald Dahl
Mr Kuck's favourite is also "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee
My Dyson's favourite book is "The Godfather" by Mario Puzo
Mr Howells reads his favourite book "Midnight’s Children" by Salman Rushdie

Teachers’ Favourite Books

To celebrate World Book Day last week we asked teachers to nominate their favourite book.  Add your favourite and tell us why using the form at the bottom of the page and this can become a useful place to find out what to read next.

Miss Norton

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

What an amazing, inspirational novel: an emotional journey with many laughs and tears along the way. I loved the decency and morality of Atticus, so much so that I started a Law degree for a year in an attempt to follow in his footsteps and protect the innocent. My favourite line is definitely ‘Hey Boo’, which makes me cry every time I read it. At this point we really see how far Scout has come on her journey and how she has now cast aside her childish prejudices.

Mr Pearsall

The Siege of Krishnapur by JG Farrell

My favourite book is The Siege of Krishnapur by JG Farrell; a rip roaring tale of derring-do set in colonial India during the infamous mutiny of 1857. Woven around a real incident but with mainly fictionalised characters it is a real tale of triumph against adversity that is both exciting and inspirational. If you enjoyed the film Zulu you would enjoy this…Tally ho!

Mr Dyson

The Godfather by Mario Puzo

A distinguished, turbulent and highly entertaining blood saga of the American Mafia. This formidable story has it all…love, violence, honour, loyalty, betrayal. As I read through it at breakneck speed, it cast an unforgettable spell which penetrated right through me. Genius!!

Mr Swallow

The Day of the Jackal by Frederick Forsyth

I liked the way that you felt the English assassin was going to succeed in his mission throughout the story until at the end when he was unsuccessful! The suspense was carried through the whole story which moved around Europe and the United States. The story was also based on characters that actually lived but placed in fictional situations.

Mr Davies

The Lord of the Rings by Tolkein

I’m a reader mostly of non-fiction – mainly popular science – but my favourite novel has been “Lord of the Rings” since I was a teenager which I still enjoy reading now. A simplistic tale of good vs evil but the richly woven mythology, language and cosmology attracts the analyst in me!

Mr Powell

Fingersmith by Sarah Waters

My favourite book is Fingersmith by Sarah Waters. It’s a thriller set in Victorian London and is packed with great characters, a constantly menacing atmosphere and has the most shocking plot twist I’ve ever read.

Miss Purcell

Marian Keyes novels

Marian Keyes books make me laugh out loud in public places so I look like a loony! She writes stories just like my crazy Irish Aunts would tell them.

Mrs Tucker

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

The novel is incredibly powerful particularly in terms of the intensity of the relationship between Cathy and Heathcliff. There are some scenes which are memorable because they are so disturbing, but they highlight the idea of obsession and intense love.