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Peter Pan – On the Rocks

Peter and Wendy go out to look for mermaids.  They spy the pirates with Tiger Lilly as a prisoner.  Peter tricks the pirates into setting Tiger Lilly free.  Captain Hook arrives but is soon scared off by the crocodile!


Tiger Lilly – Lucy Ross


Alicia Archer

Emily Solman

Amelia Green

Kristin Bryce

Rachael Hutchings

Poppy Horsey

Peter Pan – The Lost Boys

Tinkerbell instructs the Lost Boys to shoot down the Wendy-bird.  They do, but Wendy recovers quickly and agrees to become their mother.

Later, Peter returns but Wendy, John and Michael decide to go home.  They persuade the rest of the Lost Boys to come with them, but Peter wants to remain in Neverland with Tinkerbell.


Tootles – Carys James

Nibs – Rhiannan Falshaw-Skelly

Curly – Ffion Humphries

Slightly – Johanna Little

The Twins – Ellie Chamberlain & Verity Rhys-Donaghue

Lauren Richards

Amy Knight

Juliet Johns

Katie Burnell

Kate Porter

Caitlin Bridges

Emma Griffiths

Kirsty White

Rachael Sinclair

Megan Brown

Peter Pan – The Darling Household

Mr Darling can’t tie his bowtie, Mrs Darling is trying to get the children in to bed.  Nana the canine nursemaid tries to keep the peace but Mr Darling is at the end of his tether.


Mr Darling – Sean James

Mrs Darling – Jess Horsey

Wendy – Lauren James

Michael – Hywel Thomas

John – Louie Lyons

Nana – Alice Pugh

Liza – Elizabeth Parker

Mr. Powell’s Y Pant Blog

As predicted the production of Peter Pan is proving to be a huge success.  I was privileged to be in the audience on the first night and was blown away by the quality of the acting, singing, dancing, musicianship, set, costume design and the all-round talent and commitment on display.   The young people involved, whether on stage or backstage, will remember the thrill of this experience for the rest of their lives.  Many thanks to everyone who has committed so much time and energy to making this work; it is difficult and sometimes wrong to pick people out but particular thanks must go to Mr Owen Thomas and Miss Nicola Miles (direction), Mr Marvin Thomas and Mr Tom Breeze (music), Mrs Gill Lee (costumes), Miss Jessica Scott and Mrs Sara Nowell-Hughes  and the caretaking staff (set design, build and transport).

Other success this week has included victory in the Regional Heats of The Times Spelling Bee for the Year 7 team of Toby Nye, Menna Ward, Rhys Thomas and Harri Lewis.  Apparently, they won with flying colours and will represent the region in the national semi-finals.  If you see them, give them a pat on the back and, maybe, ask them to spell a word you’re stuck on!

In terms of other cultural events, the English Department took a group of Year 12 & 13 students to see the critically-acclaimed RSC production of King Lear in Stratford on Thursday.  It was, by all accounts, a powerful and moving production and will, of course, provide those students with an understanding and appreciation of the play which goes beyond what they read on the page.

For the third time this year we will be going through the process next week of appointing a new teacher to the school.  This time it’s Maths and the field is looking as strong as some of the others we’ve worked with so far this year.  Good luck to all the candidates; I look forward to reporting back on the appointee next week.

Enjoy your weekend.

Deputy Head’s Blog

I hope everybody had a relaxing and enjoyable half-term.  It was good to welcome the ski trip back with only a minimal number of broken bones!

Mrs Lloyd-Davies has continued her excellent work on internet safety this week.  All Year 7 pupils took part in workshops designed to raise their awareness of this crucial issue.  This will, hopefully, make a substantial difference to the degree to which they are vigilant when on line, a concern for all parents, I know.

The Chemistry Department trip to Bristol was, I’m told, an outstanding success.  The pupils were great ambassadors for the school and were so focused and well-behaved that they managed to complete the activities they were involved in far more quickly and effectively than most schools.  I understand that the main activity was a forensic examination of a fictional crime which sounds both fascinating and fun!

Success again for our debaters!  This time Ed Jones, Eloise Peacock and Matthew Ingram performed outstandingly.  Good luck to them in the next round this coming Monday.

It was World Book Day on Thursday and the school marked it with a number of activities (see elsewhere on the website for details) one of which was for teachers to nominate their favourite books and be photographed reading them.  The pictures can be seen on the screen in the foyer and Mr Dyson reading The Godfather with his arm around a skeleton will live long in the memory!

Finally, a plug for the school show.  Our production of Peter Pan will run on March 31st and April 1st in the Muni Theatre.  Tickets are available from the school and the Muni box office.  It’s bound to be another superb production.

Preparations for Peter Pan

Every Monday and Friday lunchtime a dedicated group of staff and students meet in the Art Studio to create stage sets for the forthcoming production of Peter Pan.

I offered my services but seeing the high level of skill on display, decided that I’ll stick to making websites.  If the half-finished stage props are anything to go by, this is going to be a very slick production.

In collaboration with the DT department, a ships wheel, a totem pole and several mushrooms are taking shape.

Tickets will go on sale for Peter Pan soon.  Thursday 31st March and Friday 1st April at the Muni Arts Centre in Pontypridd.

Click on the images to see bigger versions.

Deputy Head’s Blog

After the snow, the rain… everybody in school loves a wet lunchtime and we’ve had a few this week.  Fingers crossed for dry days next week.

We are all delighted with the success of our Year 9 girls’ football team who won their semi-final match this week, 6-2 in torrential rain.  I’d like to wish the team the very best of luck in the final.

Rehearsals for the school production of Peter Pan continue apace.  I think we have a few pupils who have rather too comfortably slipped into the roles of pirates!  My colleagues in the Drama and Music departments tell me they have high hopes that this will be a real spectacle.  If it’s as good as previous productions and performances it’ll be superb; imagine if it’s even better!

It gave me real pleasure last night to be able to attend what it is hoped will be the final meeting of SOS Y Pant.  The group of people who have been active in this campaign have performed a great service for the school and their efforts have helped to preserve sixth form teaching in Y Pant for,  hopefully, the foreseeable future.  Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the campaign.

Sporting predictions: Scarlets to win narrowly; Ospreys to win handsomely; Kenny Dalgleish to be sacked by Monday…