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Y Pant Celebrates Languages Day 2012

Yet another successful Languages Day bonanza. Year 7 were invited to a sumptuous continental feast with entertainment provided by the mega talented Sarah Pugh, Jordan Bryan & Rebecca Davies. The year 8 French group performed a crazy action song which was a real crowd pleaser! The Languages staff and 6th Form were merrily dressed in their European costumes and FiFi the pink poodle made another appearance.
Year 7 poster winners were Regan Lewis, Jack Murlis and Caitlin Wilson. Thanks to all who came and supported this annual linguistic extravaganza.

Y Pant on BBC Wales News for European Languages Day!

Did you see the news last night?  Y Pant School featured on the BBC Wales news at 6:30pm and again at 10:30!  The BBC came in to speak to Head of Modern Foreign Languages Mrs Hoare (or Mordern Foreign Languages according to the BBC – no spell check then?) and also to film her year 13 Spanish class.

The feature – on the decline of languages as an option at GCSE and A-level – was chosen to tie in with European Languages Day.  We had our own European Breakfast in school yesterday for that and pictures will follow soon.  The BBC chose not to point out that Mrs Hoare doesn’t usually wear traditional Spanish dress to teach!

As Mrs Hoare points out, languages (Spanish and French here) are a popular option at both GCSE and A-level at Y Pant.

Click on the picture to see the BBC iPlayer film of the news.  Lawrence Watts and James Watt also have a starring role discussing their experiences learning languages.

y pant school languages bbc

European Languages Day Photos

European Languages Day was celebrated in style at Y Pant on 27th September.  There was a continental breakfast in the languages area at break time enjoyed by over 100 students.  6th formers and staff dressed up for the occasion.

European Languages Day 2010
6th formers Gabby and Saffi dressed up for the occasion, Frankee baked cakes for the breakfast
European Languages Day 2010
Madame Rose avec Fifi le poodle
European Languages Day 2010
Señor Pelaez-Heras y Señora Hoare
European Languages Day 2010
Madame Davies, Señor Pelaez-Heras y Señorita Gonzalez
European Languages Day 2010
Garçon de café Ben et vendeur d'oignon Matthew
European Languages Day 2010
Les etudients avec Madam Rose

European Day of Languages 2010

Monday 27th September 2010

European Day of Languages

The following activities will be taking place:

Continental Breakfast

This will be served in the Languages Area on this day at break time. Musical entertainment in the central area.

Cost £1 — pay your Spanish / French teacher by Wednesday 22nd September.


A poster to celebrate the European day of languages. Entries to be handed in by Tuesday 21st September to your teacher of French/Spanish.


20p per entry – open to staff and pupils

Dressing Up

Staff in the department and Year 12 & 13 students will be dressing in European Costume


More info to follow!

“Ooh lah lah” – Y Pant celebrates European Languages Day

To celebrate European Languages Day on Friday 26th September 2008, staff and pupils dressed up and got into the spirit of things!
Staff dressed up and 6th formers Andrew Parker, Daniel Ridsdale and Richard Jones provided traditional Spanish music throughout the day.
6th formers ran a Guess the Baby competition to raise money for the Languages department.
Year 7 pupils enjoy a continental breakfast
Trés chic!

Signora Rose & Madame Davies.