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year 11 revision fortnight timetable

Year 11 Revision Fortnight Timetable

As you may be aware, the arrangements for study leave were changed by the Welsh Government last year. This has given us the opportunity to offer pupils more revision time with their teachers leading up to their exams up to 23rd May. We hope parents and carers will work with us to ensure students’ full attendance during this important period.

Please note the following:

  • If a student has no exam, they will be expected in lessons throughout the day.
  • If a student has a morning exam only, they will return to lessons after a short break following the exam.
  • If a student has a morning and an afternoon exam, they will be in lessons during periods 3 and 4, but will be allowed to revise for their afternoon exam during these periods.
  • If a student has an afternoon exam only, they will have the choice of studying in a revision room during the morning, or revising from home. If they are going to come in they must go to the study room assigned to them where there will be supervised study.
  • Students must ensure that they bring revision materials and their books for normal lessons, each day.
  • After Whitsun half-term half-term, pupils only need to attend when they have an exam.

A copy of the arrangements for the period covering Monday 12th May to Friday 23rd  May can be downloaded here, so that parents and carers are aware of the provision in place for year 11 students.

year 11 revision fortnight timetable
Download the year 11 revision fortnight timetable in PDF format

It is important that pupils fully adhere to school uniform rules throughout the period of the examinations and that are fully equipped with stationery for their exams. They should aim to be outside the exam hall before the published start time to ensure they are ready to begin the exams promptly.

We hope these steps will help students fulfill their potential and wish them good luck during this crucial period of their education.

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Easter Holiday Revision Sessions

Please find attached the details of the revision sessions being put on at the school during the Easter and Whitsun holiday periods.

We are extremely grateful to the large number of staff who will be coming in during their holidays to run revision sessions and would like to underline the importance of as many students attending as is possible. It is an excellent opportunity for students to receive targeted revision work. We hope you will work with us and encourage your child to attend these sessions.

We would also take this opportunity to remind parents of Year 11 students that the Welsh Government stopped the practice of issuing study leave last year. As a consequence your child should continue to attend school during the period of the bulk of their exams. We will be publishing the details of the revision programme that will operate in the school during the first two weeks of the GCSE exams, up to the Whitsun half term.

Download the Easter 2014 revision timetable here.

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Mock GCSE Exam Timetable December 2013

The mock exams start on Thursday 12th December.

You can download the timetable here: Mock GCSE Timetable December 2013

  • There is no study leave for the duration of the mock exams. Lessons will run as normal.
  • Pupils should attend their timetabled exams and then return to their timetabled lesson when complete.
  • Pupils note that Session 3 exams begin at 1.30pm and might run over after school. You may have to make alternative transport arrangements to get home.
  • All exams in the Sports Hall except for Thursday 12th Dec – Spanish (Rooms 64,65,66), PE (Rooms 64,65) & French (Room 66) and Friday 13th Dec Art (Rooms 29 & 30) & French Orals (Room 18).
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December 2013 Newsletter

Dear Parent,

Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner will be served on Wednesday 11th December from 12.45 p.m. onwards in the Lesser Hall.  Further to the above, snacks (sandwiches, burgers, pizza etc.) will be served from 12.45p.m. in the Main Hall. Kitchens will not be open during mid morning break so pupils may wish to bring a snack to school.

 Senior Citizens Party

The very successful annual Senior Citizens Party will this year take place on Friday 13th  December.

Year 06 Carol Concert at Y Pant School

Year 06 pupils will be joining our Year 07 pupils for a Christmas Carol Concert at the school on Monday 16th December from 9.15 a.m.

Examination Dates

Year 11

Mock   GCSE   examinations   begin  on   Thursday 12th December  and  run to  Thursday 19th December 2013.  Welsh Government Guidelines state  that pupils will no longer be able to take ‘study leave’. Therefore all pupils must attend their normal lessons when they are not timetabled for an examination.

Year 11 & 13

A/S, A2 and GCSE Modular examinations January 8th – January 29th 2014. Welsh Government Guidelines state  that pupils will no longer be able to take ‘study leave’. Therefore all pupils must attend their normal lessons when they are not timetabled for an examination.

 Cars on School Premises

In the interest of pupil safety, parents should not transport pupils onto the premises during the course of the school day or park in the bus bay or road system.  In exceptional circumstances e.g. medical condition, a pass will be issued by Mrs. Carter, the Headteacher’s P.A.


Once again thank you to all parents who have supported pupils in their fundraising efforts. The following sums were raised:

£2094.18 was donated to Children in Need

£2014.17 was raised for the school fund via the Sponsored Walk.

End of Term

On Friday 20th December school will be closing at 12.30 p.m. for the Christmas holiday period.  No lunch will be provided on this day but the canteens will be open for an extended mid morning break.

Spring Term 2014

School commences on Monday 6th January 2014 and, as per the PLK,  we return on a Week 2.

On behalf of the staff and students I extend to you all best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Mr. M. Powell


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Autumn Term 2013 Parent Newsletter

We welcome to school the following new colleagues:

      Mr. Wayne Draper Head of Design Technology
      Mrs. Donna Graves Head of Religious Education
      Mrs. Samantha Dowling Teacher of Science
      Miss Rhian Jones Teacher of English
      Miss Natalie Powell Teacher of English & Drama
      Mrs. Karine Dubois-Jones


Teacher of French (p/time)


Internal staff change:

Miss Lisa Umbleja


Head of Media Studies


Head of Progress and Assistant Head of Progress – Staff Members

Year 7

Mrs. Johns assisted by Mr Browne

Year 8

Miss Owen assisted by Dr Jones

Year 9

Mrs Arnold assisted by Mrs Davey

Year 10

Mrs Mortimer assisted by Mrs Lloyd

Year 11

Mrs Burnell assisted by Mr Pelaez Heras

6th Form

Mr Sykes assisted by Mr Muscat and Mrs Davies

School Term Holiday Dates for 2013/14

These can be found here.

Important Dates for your Diary

26th September Year 6 Open Evening
24th October Year 7 Parent Information Evening
14th November Year 11 Parents Evening
5th December Year 12/13 Parents Evening
16th January Year 9 Parents Evening
30th January Year 9 Options Information Evening
6th February Year 7 Parents Evening
6th March Year 10 Parents Evening
13th March Year 11 Options Information Evening
1st May Year 8 Parents Evening

Outstanding External Examination Results

Many congratulations to the A Level Class of 2013!  This summer, we were privileged to be able to issue an excellent set of examination results to a fine cohort of students.  In overall terms, our A Level results were amongst the best in the school’s history and were substantially above national averages.  The key figures are:

A*                   -           8%

A-A*               -           29%

A*-C               -           78%

A*  – E            -           99%

An amazing 14 students attained 3 A grades or better which is an outstanding achievement.  Natalie Hughes actually recorded 3 A* grades while Sophie Vellam, Martha Reed and James Watt all secured places at Oxford University.

I am also pleased to be able to announce another record year of Key Stage 4 results for the school.  87% of our pupils achieved A*-C in 5 or more subjects, the highest in the school’s history.  At least 67% of pupils attained the Level 2 threshold including English and Maths and not a single pupil left school without a recognised qualification. 19 pupils achieved 10 A grades or better with 15 of those attaining 6 A* grades or better; amazing achievements.

Congratulations to all those students who achieved their academic goals this summer.  I look forward to working with those who will be returning to the sixth form to study with us and I extend my best wishes to those students setting out on college courses or into the world of work. Good luck to all!

 Open Evening – Thursday 26th September

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you and your child to Y Pant School’s Open Evening on September 26th.  This is intended mainly for parents and guardians of Year 6 pupils who are considering Y Pant as the school of choice for their children.  It is, however, also an opportunity for parents of younger children to attend if they wish.  You are all welcome.

The evening will begin at 6.00 p.m with a presentation given by myself in our Sports Hall.  From 6.20 p.m onwards there will be guided tours of the school for small groups where you will have the chance to visit subject areas, meet with teachers and see part of the wealth of learning activities that we provide for our pupils.

We are extremely proud of the teaching and learning that takes place in our school and of the examination results that our young people produce at all levels.  I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible on the 26th and, hopefully, in the years to come.

 Sponsored Walk – Years 07 to 10

The Sponsored Walk this year is scheduled to take place on Thursday 26th September, lessons 4&5, (weather permitting).  I would like to thank you, in advance, for your support. The money raised will be added to the school fund from which all pupils benefit via subsidised activities.

Free School Meals

It is my understanding that we have pupils in our school who have not registered their entitlement to free school meals.  If you receive any of these benefits then you are entitled to free school meals:

  • Child Tax Credit (where total annual income is less than £16,190
  • Income Support
  • Income Based Job Seekers Allowance
  • Support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
  • Guarantee element of State Pension Credit
  • Employment Support Allowance

It is worth knowing that free school meals can save you about £500 per child per year.  Once registered for free school meals your child will also qualify for financial support towards their school uniform.  Our cashless canteen system in Y Pant guarantees anonymity for pupils on free school meals as the money is automatically added to each pupil’s account.

To apply for free school meals or to find out more please call 01443 681081 or log on to www.rctcbc.gov.uk/whyforkout.

Holiday Requests

Holidays taken during term time should be avoided at all costs. The negative impact upon a child’s learning is always substantial.  A form requesting authorisation is available from the school office or Head of Progress. Authorisation is at the full discretion of myself as Headteacher and factors such as attendance rates and truancy are taken into consideration.

School Uniform

School Uniform will be available to buy from the “Uniform Shop” which is open every Thursday from 3.30pm – 6pm. Please note, uniform will not routinely be available outside of these hours.

Impromptu School Closure

Around this time of year there is always the possibility that the school might have to be closed at very short notice.  This might be as the result of inclement weather or perhaps a failure in one of the major utilities.  In the event of this happening it is important that all pupils, particularly younger pupils, understand the arrangements you have made for them.

The decision to close the school at short notice will not be taken lightly.  However, there may be times when to remain open would put at risk the health and safety of both students and staff at the school.  We will, of course, endeavour to ensure that no pupil is left in an unsafe situation.  Please check the school website, Facebook page and Twitter feed for updated information.


The school rules allow girls to wear a stud earring in each lower lobe. However, on health and safety grounds these MUST BE removed for the duration of each P.E. lesson.  Putting a plaster over a recently pierced ear is not acceptable.

Pupils, whether boys or girls, will not be allowed to attend school with a plaster covering a recent piercing.  If you must allow your child to be pierced in any way then it is important that this takes place at the beginning of a long school holiday period.  This will allow the necessary healing to take place prior to his/her return to school and thus allow your child to comply with the school rules regarding  jewellery.

Entry onto School Premises

In the interest of pupil safety parents must not transport pupils onto school premises.  In exceptional circumstances e.g. medical condition a pass will be issued by Mrs. Carter, the Headteacher’s P.A.

Privacy Notice

Please refer to this page for full information relating to our ‘Privacy Notice’.

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A Level Results

Many congratulations to the A Level Class of 2013!  Yesterday, we were privileged to be able to issue an excellent set of examination results to a fine cohort of students.  In overall terms, our A Level results were amongst the best in the school’s history and were substantially above national averages.  The key figures are:

A*  -   8%

A-A*  -  29%

A*-C  -  78%

A*  – E  -  99%

An amazing 14 students attained 3 A grades or better!  An outstanding achievement.  These students were:

Ahmed Abou-Koura

Jack Evans

Alice Floyd

Sion Greaves

Jenny Grey

Elizabeth Hinton

Natalie Hughes

Matthew Ingram

Martha Reed

Sophie Vellam

Abbie Taylor

Helen Needs

Lauren Richards

Rebecca Rose


Natalie actually recorded 3 A* grades!  Sophie and Martha have both secured places at Oxford to study English.

I would like, once again, to congratulate all the students for their successes and I wish them all the very best for the future.

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Important Dates for August / September 2013

Hope you’re all enjoying the summer holidays!

Term Start Dates

Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd September are INSET days.

Wednesday 4th September

  • year 7 pupils start at 8:30 am
  • year 12 pupils start at 9:30 am

Thursday 5th September – all pupils start at 8:30 am

School Uniform Shop

Wednesday & Thursday 28th & 29th August 4.30 p.m.to 8.00 p.m.

The Uniform Shop will also be open in Room 28, on Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th September between 3.30 p.m. and 6.00 p.m.



Whitsun Half-Term Revision Programme

Further to our recent published timetable, I have some extra information on the Whitsun revision sessions running over the coming holidays.

Sessions will begin at 10am and conclude at 2pm, unless otherwise notified by individual class teachers. Please ask you son/daughter to report to the Head of Department’s office.

Geography; Year Eleven:
10am – 12pm: Core Paper: Higher and Foundation Tier (DS and RF to deliver)
1pm – 3pm: Options Paper: Higher and Foundation Tier (DS and RF to deliver)

English; Year 13:

English Language; Year Ten and Eleven

Geography; Year 13
This session will un from 10am to 1pm and is for those who are resitting G3 paper.

Maths; Year 11
This session is for the set three groups only

History; Year 10/11
This session is for the Year 10 group plus any Year 11 students resitting the Year 10 paper.

I hope this clarifies the arrangements; students should contact the Heads of Department if they have any queries.

The following subjects have kindly agreed to put on revision sessions during the Whitsun Holiday. There may be additional arrangements for Sixth form groups organised by class teachers.
Sessions will begin at 10am and conclude at 2pm, unless otherwise notifed by individual class teachers. Please ask you son/daughter to report to the Head of Department’s office.
Year group
Day 10 11 12 13



AM: Geography


PM: Geography










History History (for resit candidates)
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Easter Revision Sessions

With the crucial examination period fast approaching, a number of our staff are able to give up time in their holidays to offer some revision courses for students in Years 11, 12 and 13. We are hugely grateful to staff and highly recommend that your child takes advantage of these sessions if they are available.

Sessions will run from 10am to 2.00pm and will take place in the normal teaching room of the member of staff leading the session. Staff will inform individual groups if there are any changes to the times or locations. Food will not be available during the sessions.

Due to the very early timing of Easter this year, some subject leaders have indicated to me that they are going to run sessions in the Whitsun holiday period in time for the exams students face in the following weeks. I will write to you again outlining the details of the Whitsun revision programme.

Thanks for your continued support in providing the best possible opportunities for your students to fulfill their potential.


Date Year Group Subject/Level Contact Teacher
Monday 25th March 11


Child Development


Mrs Lloyd

Mr Kuck

Tuesday 26th March 11/13




Miss Bunce

Mrs Nowell-Hughes

Wednesday 27th March 11






Mrs Nowell-Hughes

Mr Kuck

Mrs Davey

Thursday 28th March 12/13




Mrs Rose

Mrs Arnold

Tuesday 2nd April 11




Mrs James

Miss Phillips

Wednesday 3rd April 12/13



Biology (GCSE Foundation Tier, only especially 11×3)

Mrs Fernandez

Mrs Mitchell

Thursday 4th April 11


Welsh Baccalaureate


Mr Pearsall

Mr Mitchell / Mrs James

Friday 5th April 11




Mrs Fernandez

Mrs Johns


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Headteacher’s Blog

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope that you all had a lovely Christmas break and that 2013 will be a great year for one and all.  I propose to stick to last year’s belated resolution not to make any sporting predictions; I think I’ve jinxed too many Welsh sports teams for too long!

As you will already know, Y Pant has been identified by the Welsh Government as being a Band 1 school.  This accolade is only accorded to 28 secondary schools out of the 219 in Wales so is an achievement of which we are extremely proud.  The banding is based on 2012′s Key Stage 4 results and measures school performance across 12 different indicators including GCSE points scores, performance in English & Maths and attendance.  It is worth noting that these indicators are highly volatile and can lead to significant fluctuations year on year (only 7 schools in Band 1 in 2011 were still there in 2012).  The challenge, therefore is to sustain this success into the future.  My colleagues and I will work tirelessly towards that goal.  Thank you and congratulations to everyone connected to the school, particularly the pupils and their teachers.   If you would like to see the figures for Y Pant and all Welsh schools in greater detail you will be able to find them online at this address: http://wales.gov.uk/topics/educationandskills/schoolshome/raisingstandards/schoolbanding/secondary/?lang=en

At the end of last term we said farewell to two esteemed colleagues, Mr Mike Stephens and Mrs Bev Cheetham.  Mr Stephens is taking on the role of Assistant Headteacher at Cynffig Comprehensive School in Bridgend whilst Mrs Cheetham has been appointed Deputy Headteacher at Porth County Community School in the Rhondda.  These are both highly deserved promotions and we wish them all the very best for the future.  Congratulations also must go to Mr Ian Dyson who has been appointed as Assistant Headteacher in place of Mrs Cheetham, quite a feat given that 102 people applied for the job!  A familiar face – Mr Jeff Owen – will be making a Sinatra-like comeback to look after Mr Stephens’s classes for the next few months.   Also at the end of last term Mrs Sarah Burnell and Mrs Claire Arnold were appointed to the permanent positions of Head of Progress.  Mrs Burnell will continue to lead Year 10 whilst Mrs Arnold will take over from Mr Dyson in Year 8.  Dr Liane Jones will fill the vacant position of Assistant Head of Progress in Year 7.  Congratulations to each of these colleagues.

On Wednesday 9th January Year 11 will have a revision day preparing them for their English Language exam the following day.  Attendance for the revision session is crucial and will certainly have a beneficial impact upon pupils’ chances of success in this important examination.  Good luck to all pupils involved.

Once again, all the very best for the new term and new year.