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Technocamps Robotics Competition 2013

Y Pant students have been taking part in the Technocamps Robotics Competition this term. Several students have been coming regularly to the E3 robotics club on Mondays after school, run by Miss Bunce.

We received a Lego Mindstorm robot on loan from Technocamps and the students have been building a robot to start with a clap and follow a line along the floor to guide hospital visitors. It also uses the ultrasonic sensor to stop if it senses an obstruction.

The final of the competition was held at the University of South Wales in Treforest. Teams had to demonstrate their robot’s capabilities and then take part in a 1.5 hour challenge to reprogram their robot to dance to a sequence of Gangnam Style.

The competition was judged on their original robot, the dancing challenge, a video of the club’s work and a poster. The Y Pant team didn’t win but David King was singled out by the judges for his excellent programming and team leadership.

All enjoyed themselves – and we hope to run another Robotics club next term!

Technocamps Robotics Competition 2013Technocamps Robotics Competition 2013Technocamps Robotics Competition 2013Technocamps Robotics Competition 2013Technocamps Robotics Competition 2013Technocamps Robotics Competition 2013
Technocamps Robotics Competition 2013Technocamps Robotics Competition 2013

The Y Pant robot dancing

The club in action

Y Pant E3+ Bus Timetable

The bus will have support workers supervising the pupils. Please note that they will be unable to wait for parents to collect their children from the bus stops.

Drop off and pick up points

Pick up

Drop off


The Flower Pot

Ivor Arms

Bryn Terrace


Llanhari Shops

Park Bryn Derwen

The Square, Llanharan

Forest Hills

Talbot Bus Stop

Leisure Centre


Cross Inn

Ysgol Llantrisant


Miskin Crescent

Heol Miskin

Y Pant



































E3 Logo

Y Pant E3 Council

The e3+ council is where you as young people can have YOUR say on what you would like to see on the e3+ programme.  It’s your chance to improve the project by making suggestions and helping out on the project.  E3+ should not just be a place for young people to participate but also to shape the project for their school community.

Currently we have 3 members on the e3+ council, Louis Lyon, Sarah Watts and Shannon Billett.  These guys helped out last year with designing feedback forms for young people to fill in, which then helped make the Autumn programme.

We are looking to have reps from ALL years, if you are interested in becoming a member on the e3+ council, please speak to Richard in the e3+ office.

Year 6 on target to start at Y Pant in September

Over 200 year 6 students from our feeder primary schools visited Y Pant on 29th June.  They met their new form tutors, looked around the school and were registered on the fingerprint system for the canteen.  In the afternoon they had a chance to sample some exciting E3+ activities such as paintball, animation, sports and music.

New Netball Dresses

On Thursday 12th of May the girls who play netball in year 7, 8 and 9 modelled the new netball dresses. The dresses are  navy blue  with a light blue colour down the side and have the school logo at the bottom. On the right hand side at the back of the dresses is the e3 logo (e3 actually bought the dresses for us.)  The dresses are very nice and all the girls will look very smart when they play against other teams. The dresses are really comfortable and are a good fit.

netball kit

Elysia Humphreys said: “I love the dresses and I can’t wait for our next match so I can wear it!”

We all want to thank e3 very much for buying the dresses for us and we hope they can watch us play soon in our new kit that will look very smart! 

netball kit

Y Pant Presents – A Smack of Jellyfish

The collaborative project between English, Media Studies and Art has now been completed and last night, Y Pant School and E3 were proud to attend an exhibition of all the pupils’ work at The Model House in Llantrisant. Parents, pupils and staff had the opportunity to see the incredible artistry and wordplay on offer and view a video of the pupils creating their collective nouns.

The commitment from pupils and staff in creating these amazing pieces of work has been considerable. Every Monday evening for ten weeks, our more able and talented pupils from English and Art have collaborated and created new collective nouns for a series of animals. They have worked with professional artists and poets to create 3D pieces of art and accompanying poetry.

The exhibition will be up in The Model House in Llantrisant for another month, so if you have the chance to go and see it please do, you will be amazed at the work which has been produced.

All Wales Youth Cooking Event

Four year 10 pupils came runners up in an All Wales Youth Cooking Event held in Newton, Powys on Sunday 10th April 2011.  Amy Ellis, Ellie Havard, Sean Chick and Dominic Hindle won the regional heats, competing against other schools and youth organisations, to represent RCTCBC (and Y Pant School) in this annual youth event.   They competed against eight other Counties and were commended by the judges for their presentation, healthy menu choice and excellent team work.  All four are looking forward to competing next year and bringing the winning trophy home for RCT.

All Wales Cooking Competition
(L-R) Sean Chick, Amy Ellis, Ellie Havard and Dominic Hindle

School Council Minutes 12th October

SchoolCouncilWelcome & Attendance


Mrs B Cheetham (Assistant Headteacher)

Mrs Caroline Wool (School Community Development Officer)

Mr A. Gowman (School Burser)

Mr Richard Eynon (E3+ Co-ordinator)

Year 13: Tom Grother, Harriett Costello

Year 12: Rhiannon Falshaw-Skelly

Year 11: Helen Needs, Matthew Ingram, Ben Hopkins

Year 10: Alysha Kettley, Aaron Parsons

Year 9: Sophie Gibbons, Leah Eyre, Alex Hickman, Callum Wareham

Year 8: Toni Russell

Year 7: Lauren Billet, Ioan Davies

BC welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced all new members.

Minutes from last meeting

No minutes from last meeting were discussed.  CW explained the role of the council and future committee skills training.  CW to arrange training.

BC explained the need for the council to set objectives for the year which identifies ways to move the school forward.

All representatives need to meet with class reps, HOY and speak during year assemblies to give feedback from meeting and establish agenda items for next meeting.


RE explained the success of the E3+ project over the last 3 years and highlighting the decrease in participation from KS4 onwards.  This could be as a result of academic workload or outside school commitments.  RE explained that the new funding criteria for the project, stipulates that we need to increase participation of KS 4 and 5.

RE requires a pilot group to look at the future planning needs of yr10+.  All council members from yr10+ to be part of this pilot group with 3 representatives form yr9.  Each member to nominate an additional 3 reps from yr 10-13.


As part of the school action plan, one of the targets is to look at how PSE is delivered and how it can be improved.

Mr Duggan, together with Mrs Cheetham, is developing a new structure for the delivery of PSE with yr 9+ receiving a qualification at the end of KS4.

A working group needs to be established to identify what should be included and how it can be delivered to have a more effective impact on students.

Members discussed the need for professionals to come and deliver such sessions as drug and alcohol, posters advertising services available within the school and the wider community, need for easier and more confidential access to services, and for sessions to be more hard hitting in its approach.

Agenda for next meeting.

Healthy Schools

The healthy school initiative is being led by Mrs Mortimer and last academic year the school achieved the first leaf of 6 needed to complete project and achieve healthy school status.

The council have been instrumental in developing the canteen healthy food menu, meeting the catering manger, Karen Morris to give student feedback on quality, cost etc of food being sold.  As from this Monday, a cashless system has been introduced.  The school will now be able to monitor what is being sold and parents will be able to request reports detailing pupil’s menu choices.

CW to arrange for Karen Morris to attend the next meeting.

Eco Schools

Previously it was suggested that the school council would become automatic members of the eco schools committee.  This is now not the case.  As from September, Mr Swallow, the newly appointed geography teacher, will be establishing an environment club which will feed into the eco schools committee.


Council has a £500 budget.  Members to look at options for spending the budget and feedback at next meeting.

Health & Safety

Council members can highlight health & safety issues in between meeting to the main office.  Issues highlighted at this meeting:-

  • Drainage problems throughout school.
  • Stair access to language block gets very slippery in wet weather.
  • Mats at the entrance of new block have disintegrated, AG to look at purchasing new mats for both of these areas.
  • Need to restrict access to the school during break and lunch time.  Agenda this for next meeting.

Any Other Business

AG distributed booklets for the proposed shelter areas from the new block and at the memorial bed adjacent to the lesser hall.  Council members to give feedback on preferred option.

School discipline to be placed on the agenda for the next meeting.

Members highlighted that visitors to the school do not where the school is.  Need to make signage more visible, proposed that this could be a project via the e3+ programme.

Date of Next Meeting

Thursday 18th November 2010 @ 9.30am in room 27.