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Year 9 are inspired by the engineering, technology and architecture of Italy

On the 26th of April, 25 pupils and 3 teachers left, for what would turn out to be a great trip to Italy. Before we set off on our travels, we visited somewhere closer to home.  We spent the morning at Renishaw, an engineering company, specialising in many aspects of engineering such as measurement probes and 3D printing machines.  We had a tour of the facility, followed by some light refreshments, before taking part in a challenging coding activity. It got everyone thinking about apprenticeships and the opportunities available to us and how exciting engineering could be as a career.


We then headed for the airport and after some confusion regarding liquid allowance, we finally took off.

After several hours, we reached the hotel.  Everyone was really tired and quickly fell asleep. In the morning we had a lovely breakfast to get us ready for the day ahead. First we went on a tour of the Ducati factory, followed by the museum and shop. Everyone found it really interesting to find out how they make the motorbikes and that all of the bikes were already sold.


Next we went on a walking tour of Florence, guided by our fantastic tour guide, Mario.  We learnt so many new things about the city and the culture that we didn’t know before.  It is an amazing city with so many beautiful buildings and statues to see and amazing ice cream!


That evening we went for food at a restaurant in the city.  Although the food and service wasn’t the best, we all had a good time and enjoyed the rest of the evening in Florence.


On Thursday we started with a tour of the Pagani factory.  We were amazed by the detail put into the handmade cars, and the time spent ensuring all of the carbon fibre patterns matched up.  The basic model costs over £1,000,000 and any extras are very expensive!


After lunch we went on a bus tour of the huge Ferrari factory complex and visited the museum.  The museum was amazing and we could have spent all day there as there was so much to see.  They even had the worlds most expensive car on show which is A 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO racer that has been sold for $52,000,000!


A few people even went on the simulator! We spent a lot of money in the shop before leaving to go for food at the hard rock café. The food was delicious with some excellent background music, we had a great evening and bought some great merchandise to take home from our travels.


All too soon it was time for us to leave, there was some sickness on the plane but overall it was a smooth flight. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the whole trip and would definitely go again, we learned so much about manufacturing and design and saw some amazing things.  Everybody on the trip was really friendly and got on really well, but we were all glad to get home and sleep in our own beds.


By Natalie Johns,  Emma Long and Abbie Tsim.

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Girls find out about STEM careers at Sony

On Wednesday 26th November 15 of our Year 9 girls had the privilege of visiting the local SONY plant.  The purpose of the visit was to show the girls the opportunities that exist for them in the Technology and Engineering sectors.

The girls had a great time and got to experiment with lots of amazing new technology.  They were able to have their photographs taken with celebrities and present the weather thanks to green screen technology.  They also got to see how SONY were involved with goal line technology in the football world cup and watch the latest Raspberry Pi’s being made.

This trip was a really eye opening experience for the girls.  They met several female engineers who all spoke of their positive experience of working in Technology and Engineering.

This trip coincides with a recent announcement from Nicky Morgan (Education Secretary for England).

Speaking at the launch of the “Your Life” campaign she said,

“Too many young people are making subject choices at the age of 15 that are holding them back for the rest of their lives”.

She went on to explain,

“A decade ago students took maths and sciences if they knew they wanted to be a doctor, a pharmacist or an engineer. But if you wanted to do something different, or even if you didn’t know what you wanted to do, and let’s be honest it takes a pretty confident 16-year-old to have their whole life mapped out ahead of them, then the arts and humanities were what you chose. Because they were useful for all kinds of jobs.  Of course now we know that couldn’t be further from the truth, that the subjects that keep young people’s options open and unlock doors to all sorts of careers are the Stem subjects.”

STEM subjects are Science, Design & Technology, Engineering and Maths.

We have a careers board in the Design & Technology department that has lots of current vacancies for technical jobs both locally and nationally.  I urge all students to have a good look at this board.  Many students so far have been surprised by the range of jobs that studying D&T can lead to and the impressive salaries attached.

If you have any questions about any of our subjects on offer please pop in and see Mr. Draper or have a look at our web site.

Girls into Science, Engineering and Technology (GETSET)

On Wednesday 14th November Y Pant school was invited to take part in the girls into Science, Engineering and Technology challenge 2007. The event was held at Llantrisant leisure centre. Three teams of four were entered along with twenty other teams from across the county.

The day had been organised by the Education Business Partnership who had gathered a number of employers from across South Wales. Employers set the groups a number of tasks to complete throughout the day. These tasks included building a bridge that had to hold a 14 stone person, building a Go Kart, a ping pong ball thrower, a programmable buggy and a pneumatically operated rocket. Each group had to select three tasks whose work was then evaluated by the employers.

The winning group was Year 09 girls from Y Pant consisting of Alisha Huish, Vicky Trott, Emma Gentle and Clare Phillips. Judges remarked that the team had worked well as a group to solve these difficult tasks within a very tight time limit.

Y Pant received the inaugural shield and each team member was awarded an individual prize of a socket set and a certificate.

Design Technology Year 6 Transition Project


The Design & Technology Department at Y Pant has been taking part in a Transition Project with ESIS, UWIC and over 60 year 6 pupils from two local primary schools. The project was centred on Christmas and allowed pupils to experience computerised manufacturing processes.

Why it happened?

With the Technology curriculum changing, a greater emphasis has been placed on Computer Aided Design & Computer Aided Manufacture. Mr Stephens was asked to meet with ESIS Advisors and UWIC University tutors to plan a project that would link work in primary schools and secondary schools. As a result of this two local primary schools were given Robo-Craft plotters via ESIS and UWIC to allow them to show up to date Design and Technology within their schools.

What pupils did?

Year 6 pupils were asked to design and make a prototype for an interlocking Christmas decoration. All of this work was completed in their primary schools. Once completed, all finished work was sent to Y Pant and UWIC where it was cut out using a Laser Cutter. This allowed pupils to understand how work like this may be completed in industry.

The Result

The project was a complete success with over 60 pieces of work being produced. Year 6 pupils are currently visiting Y Pant to see how this process was carried out.