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Y Pant celebrate poster exhibition at Royal Glamorgan Hospital

Earlier this year a group of More Able and Talented pupils from the Art Department were involved in the design and production of a health campaign poster promoting the safe use of medicines. The project involving a number of schools in the RCT area was run by ‘Art is Community’ and sponsored by the Welsh Government. The eye catching designs were praised by the chief hospital pharmacist as a huge success at the official celebration on Wednesday 6th May. The exhibition of posters can be seen at the Hospital.


Art department win prestigious Wolfson Foundation grant

We are delighted that the Wolfson Foundation has awarded a grant of up to £25,000 toward the cost of IT equipment for the Art department to enable students studying GCSE and A Level Art to undertake projects as part of their studies.


The department will use digital cameras to record the local landscape and other stimuli which will be imported in to hand-held tablets for digital manipulation and painting using software applications. This project closely mirrors Hockney’s creative process which begins with the use of digital photography which is uploaded to a hand-held device. Using digital manipulation software, Hockney draws over the original image using various ‘brushwork’ techniques. The new media applications allow students the opportunity to apply traditional artistic techniques, such as line, tone, texture, shape and pattern, whilst using new digital media applications. The completed imagery is then either published in its digital form, or printed on a high quality printer to form a physical artefact. The use of the high definition cameras will also support students generally in their everyday art activities through recording and chronicling of the production of their practical work. The use of photography will afford students the opportunity to reflect on their work whilst producing personal and informed outcomes, another requirement of the course.


This project was inspired by a former student, Jack Penberthy, who chose this creative process independently during his A Level studies. The image above showcases Jack’s work.

The training and introduction of the project will take place in the coming terms and will be followed up with a second wave of use by our Media Studies department. Their use of the IT equipment would be multi-faceted. Initially the use of the digital photography, and the ability manipulate the image using Fresh Paint or other photo shop software, will give access to GCSE and A Level students to produce high quality artefacts such as specialist magazine front covers. This will widen the scope of the independent opportunities they can take.

In addition to using the software in operation with the Art project, we plan to purchase film editing software to allow students to produce and edit their own film as part of the Media coursework.

We are delighted with the news of this grant award – many thanks and congratulations to the Art Department, led by Mrs Gold and to the Media Studies department, led by Miss Umbleja for their hard work in preparing the details of the project and meeting the representative from the Wolfson Foundation.

GCSE and A-Level Art Exhibitions

The Art Department would like to invite you to their GCSE and A-Level exhibitions.

The GCSE Art Exhibition has now finished but the the A-Level Art Exhibition is on Monday 19th May 2014 (3:15pm – 5:15 pm) and the work will remain on show until 3pm on Thursday 22nd May.  Please come and have a look at the excellent work on display!


Tuesday 21st January.

GCSE and A Level Art students spent a productive day recording Art work in Bristol. They explored The Royal West of England, Academy of Art before taking part in a Banksy Street Art walking tour.

At the RWA, students viewed the 161st Annual Open Exhibition which included a range of works from Fine Art painted pieces to sculpture, through to print works and architectural models. Themes and subjects were varied. The event attracts leading artists from throughout the UK, and often includes work by previously un-shown exhibitors alongside well-known names. A selection panel assesses every entry with the final exhibition showing 561 works by 348 different artists.

The afternoon was spent on a Banksy Street Art walking tour. Students trekked around Bristol, taking in the various styles and well known Banksy works. The tour guide set the works in context and revealed hidden messages and techniques the street Artists employed.

Jack Evans – featured artist!

Jack Evans, (Year 13  pupil last year) has been selected as one of the featured artists in the September edition of the Specialist Crafts Catalogue Cover Competition.

Specialists, a major Arts and crafts supplier, said that they were really impressed by the high standard of the work and wanted to pass on their congratulations to Jack in coming so far.

His work will now be among the finalists for the Cover Competition in December.

You can view Jack and other Y Pant students work in the “Art Gallery” at www.speccrafts.co.uk

Good Luck Jack!

Jack Evans Specialist Crafts 1 Jack Evans Specialist Crafts 2

Year 7 Tea Towel

The Art Department want to celebrate the end of the Year 7 academic year by offering pupils the opportunity to buy a special tea towel with their designs on it. Year 7 pupils were asked to produce a small self-portrait which was then arranged for a tea towel.

This is a fundraising event for the department allowing us opportunities to purchase materials for all pupils to use throughout the year.

Letters have been sent home with pupils and will be available to download here shortly.  If you would like to purchase a tea towel please return the reply slip with a donation of £3.50.

Please order by Wednesday 17th July.  of July. Tea towels will be issued in the first week back in September 2013. You can order as many as you like!
year 7 tea towel design

Indian Cooking & Art Workshop for Activities Day

indian fabricVisit a local Indian Restaurant (Haveli) for the morning to sample delicious food and have a go at cooking it!

·        Find out about ingredients and spices

·        Be inspired by Colour and Pattern in afternoon Art workshop back at school

·        Exhibit your photos & Artwork at the restaurant
You must complete the off site form so please collect it on Friday or Monday from the Art Room and return in time for visit.

Haveli logo

Art More Able and Talented Day

As a school we strive to develop pupil’s abilities and confidence and one of our ways of doing this is to challenge pupils to expand their knowledge and improve on their existing skills.   We devised a MAaT Challenge day identifying various pupils that we felt were More Able and Talented within our subject area.

In Art we selected pupils from years 7, 8, and 9 and following the overall theme of ‘Tân Y Ddraig’/’Dragons Fire’, using animation, we explored and experimented with a variety of media to investigate how to represent the theme.

We produced flip books, creating studies that would move using pencil and paper.  We then transferred the images onto iPads using iStopMotion software to capture and create moving images.  Pupils were given opportunities to view work by other animators, such as ‘Fireman Sam’ and ‘Wallace and Gromit’ to gain inspiration for their own short films.  In pairs pupils explored and developed ideas through mind mapping and storyboards, they then used Plasticine, recycled card, computers, and various paints and materials to create their models and scenery for their animations.  Using the techniques that the pupils learned about stop motion animations pupils were able to create their own short movie animations based on their designs.

In pairs, pupils were provided with modelling tools and other materials as well as an iPad with iStopMotion and iMovie software.

The overall feedback that pupils made about the session was that the exercise was interesting, experimental and enjoyable.

Pupil comments on the day: 

A really fun session and I have learned a lot of new things.

Good use of technology, iPads and computers, really enjoyed this.

I thought today was very fun and would love to do it again.

Art MAaT 2013Art MAaT 2013Art MAaT 2013Art MAaT 2013