Year 7 Football Success!

The year 7 boys’ football team have had a terrific season so far:

Y Pant 6-1 win against Hawthorn (Friendly)

Man of the Match: Callum Ponting.

Y Pant 5-2 win against Aberdare (Glamorgan Valleys Cup Q-F) Boys

Man of the Match: Dafydd Jones.

Y Pant 2-2 win on penalties against Cwm Rhymni

Man of the Match: Calum Ponting.

Y Pant 3-1 win against St Johns (Glamorgan Valleys Champions)

Man of the Match: Jordan Lawrence.

Next game 1st Round of the Welsh Cup against Olchfa (Swansea) Feb 1st Talbot Park 2.30pm K.O.

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Deputy Head’s Blog

After the debacle of last week’s sporting predictions (0/3!) I’ll stick to school matters from now on!

The Year 7 boys’ football team followed the success of the Year 9 girls with a cup final win of their own this week.  They now qualify for the national championship.  Well done and good luck to them.

I’d like to wish Matthew Ingram luck in his dramatic endeavours next week: his pantomime version of Jack and the Beanstalk is being performed in Garth Olwg theatre next Wednesday.  Knowing Matthew, it’s sure to be a highly inventive and funny extravaganza.  I hope it goes well.

Well done also to the sixth form students who completed their Duke of Edinburgh silver award.  This is a challenging award to achieve and their success is testament to their determination and hard work.  The crucial support of Miss Purcell should not be ignored, either.

It has been my privilege this week to have visited lessons delivered by every teacher in the school.  I have been really impressed with the attitude and behaviour of all the pupils I observed and with the high quality of the teaching: such a variety of styles and activities!  It has confirmed my belief that we have so many things to be proud of in our school.

Looking forward to the opening of the new changing rooms and the completion of a canopy over the yard to keep the rain off…

Debt – as a computer game?

There’s a lot of “stuff” out there on the internet.  ICT students should know that we generally catagorise this as information.  That is, data within a context.

Every week or so, I intend to post a link to something I’ve found on the web which presents ideas or information in a different way.  This video is brilliant. Called Debtris the maker is using data about government debt and presenting it in the form of a Tetris game.

If you have any sites you’ve come across that you’d like to share – let me know.


Trials for Volleyball Wales Junior Squads

volleyballWe have had the following information from Volleyball Wales regarding trials for the National Youth Squads:

Volleyball Wales will be holding trials for the Girls U16s and U14s Squads and the Boys U17s and U15s Squads on Saturday, 29 January 2011 in the Welsh Institute for Sports (WIS), Sophia Gardens, Cardiff, in the Jubilee Hall.

Girls U14s:                10.00 to 12.00

Girls U16s:                12.00 to 14.00

Boys U15s:                14.00 to 16.00

Boys U17s:                16.00 to 18.00

To fulfill the age criteria players will have to be below the relevant age group on the 1st of September 2010.

Players of all levels are welcome for the trial. Being able to play Volleyball will not be the deciding criteria for selection.

Click here to download the original letter from Volleyball Wales.


Congratulations yr13 – Silver at last!

After 12mths of commitment to completing the Duke of Edinburgh’s award, a select group of yr13 pupils have finally achieved their goal. The dirty dozen (ask them about their expedition !) are Tom Grother, Rebecca Davies, Lauren Mcarthy, Shaun Clay, Andrew Griffin, Saffi Rikh, Dan Fish, Shirley Lau, Bethan Harrison, Catrin Rees, Harriet Costello and Carys Spencer. An official RCT Award ceremony will be held later in the year at a local venue tbc.

A special mention also to the following students who have gained certification in 3 out of 4 areas of the Award – Laura Brown, Lucy Davies and Kim Hawkes. Letters of confirmation, log books and Award badges can be collected from Miss Purcell. Well done to all!

Jack and the Beanstalk

Pantomime Is Coming To Y Pant!!!

If think the panto season is over – think again! On the 25th and 26th January you will have the chance to see our own unique version of the classic fairytale Jack And The Beanstalk.

The piece has been in work since December last year, and, over the course of the year, Year 11 pupil Matthew Ingram has set to work writing, producing, directing (and practising his lines for the part of the cow!) in the first ever show to be entirely produced by pupils. Even the music has been composed by fellow Year 11 student Martha Reed.

With the support of Head of Drama, Mr O. Thomas, and Teacher of Music, Mr T Breeze, the group have had to source funding for the project by pitching to several organisations, they have had to cast the piece, find a venue, design sets, find props, rehearse the music and the play itself – a large task I’m sure you will agree!

Jack and the Beanstalk

This project is being run in conjunction with the E3+ scheme at the school, and E3+ Co-ordinator Richard Eynon, has been overseeing the whole production. The aim of this production is to raise enough money to be able to fund another show – The Magpie’s Fluke – which has been written by Year 11 student Ariane Brumwell. The profits from this pantomime will run into that production, and the profits from that production will run into the next and so forth, in order to support not only new performance talent, but new writing talent, new directing talent and new production talent – as the Youth Theatre group will only perform shows that have been written by people within the school.

You are promised a show with plenty of laughs and catchy songs, as Jack And The Beanstalk is performed at Gartholwg Lifelong Learning Centre on the 25th AND 26th January 2011. Tickets are £5 each, with no concessions. Performances will start at 6:30pm.

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Deputy Head’s Blog

After the snow, the rain… everybody in school loves a wet lunchtime and we’ve had a few this week.  Fingers crossed for dry days next week.

We are all delighted with the success of our Year 9 girls’ football team who won their semi-final match this week, 6-2 in torrential rain.  I’d like to wish the team the very best of luck in the final.

Rehearsals for the school production of Peter Pan continue apace.  I think we have a few pupils who have rather too comfortably slipped into the roles of pirates!  My colleagues in the Drama and Music departments tell me they have high hopes that this will be a real spectacle.  If it’s as good as previous productions and performances it’ll be superb; imagine if it’s even better!

It gave me real pleasure last night to be able to attend what it is hoped will be the final meeting of SOS Y Pant.  The group of people who have been active in this campaign have performed a great service for the school and their efforts have helped to preserve sixth form teaching in Y Pant for,  hopefully, the foreseeable future.  Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the campaign.

Sporting predictions: Scarlets to win narrowly; Ospreys to win handsomely; Kenny Dalgleish to be sacked by Monday…

Girls' Football

U14 Girls Football – Y Pant Beat Rhymni!

Y Pant U14 Girl’s football team beat Rhymni 6-2 Wednesday afternoon to reach the finals of the Glamorgan Valleys competition.  Congratulations to the whole team who played a fantastic game of football in very poor weather conditions.  Goal scorers were Lucie-Anne Davies, Georgia John and Sophie Gibbon.  Good luck in the Welsh Cup girls.

The Team

Georgia John, Sophie Gibbon, Katherine Davies, Bronwen Rees, Lucie-Anne Davies, Sophia Tarling, Shannon Richards, Paige Sutton, Niamh Tinman, Kayleigh Powell, Maria Rowley and Leah Butler.

Girls' Football
The triumphant girls' under-14 football team - not letting the rain spoil their moment!
royal art competition

Look and Learn Art Competition

royal art competitionIn celebration of Her Majesty the Queen’s 85th birthday, Look and Learn is holding an international children’s competition to paint her portrait.

All entries will be included on a digital photo frame to be presented to The Queen, as well as appearing in Look and Learn’s online children’s art gallery. Every child entering will receive a personalised digital participation certificate and his or her own online gallery space.

The competition is open to all children (maximum age 18) and entries will be judged in three age categories. The 24 winners will receive cash prizes totalling over £1,000, commemorative mugs, printed certificates, and individual press releases announcing their success.

 The competition will close on 14 March 2011 so we would like all entries handed into the Art Department by Thursday 10th of March so that we have time to photograph and submit.


•The Queen may be depicted as at any age (i.e. not just as she looks now).

•Pictures may be created at any size and proportion, but the uploaded scan/photo needs to meet our standard requirements (detailed on the upload page).

•For inspiration, take a look at the entries they have received to date at 

Good Luck!

Art Department

blood donation

6th Form Blood Donation

Kristian Marshall rolls up his sleeves to give blood

On Thursday 16th December, several 6th Form Students went to the Welsh Blood Service to donate blood. The group were able to donate over half a gallon of blood which will could now be used in transfusions to save lives.

Why Give Blood?

Throughout medical history it has been proven that blood and its by-products have played a vital role in saving lives. The blood collected is not just used for emergency operations or accident victims. So many patients could not survive without blood transfusions, such as anyone having a kidney, liver or an organ transplant; leukaemia and cancer patients; patients having cardiac operations and many premature babies just cannot survive without blood transfusions.  For example, one single donation can save up to 8 premature babies’ lives.

The Welsh blood service need to supply 400 donations a day, and blood only has a certain ‘shelf life’, for example platelets and white blood cells which are a part of blood can only be stored for 5 days, therefore blood is constantly needed.

We, as a 6th Form are looking to give blood on a regular basis. Anyone aged between 17 and 66, who weighs over 7st 12lbs (50kg), who is healthy and not subject to certain medical exclusions can volunteer to become a blood donor. When we went along to give blood, we were really surprised that it didn’t hurt as much as the rumours said it did, and it felt really good after we had donated, knowing that we had helped to save lives.

If you would be interested in giving blood and saving lives, then either pop a message below, or add your name to the list on the notice board in the study room.

blood donation
6th form students enjoy mince pies to get their energy levels back after giving blood