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We’ve come to the end of half term (remember not to come to school next week!) and the end of Year 13’s time in school.  We bade farewell to this group of students this morning in a final assembly culminating in Mr Owen’s traditional slide show of embarrassing photographs!  I wish all those students the very best of luck in the exams to come and look forward to seeing them on results day in August with -I hope – smiling faces.

More and more interviews this week….On Tuesday we appointed Miss Sarah Madden and Mrs Kelly-Ann Munday to the posts of teachers of English.  We look forward to welcoming them into the school in September.  On Thursday, Mr Joseph Kuck was appointed to the post of Head of English and Miss Sian Mundy to the post of Head of Media Studies.  Congratulations to all of these colleagues; I’m sure they’ll do an outstanding job here in Y Pant.

Have a great half-term everyone (I expect a lot of you will be revising frantically though)….

FREE Robotics Summer Camp

Technocamps are offering a FREE summer camp during the summer holidays in Robotics at the University of Glamorgan for year 8 pupils.  All those attending will have the opportunity to gain an OCN qualification in Robotics as part of this course.

The course will introduce you to the Lego NXT Mindstorm robots and programming. By the end of the course you will be able to design and programme a racer to meet a specification. You will be using sensors including sound, light motion and ultrasonic sensors in their designs. You will also use gears and learn about gear ratios and rotational speed. The work will be carried out in teams meaning you will also have the opportunity to develop your team working and communication skills.

Technocamps, in association with Dark Sky Wales  will be running the course during the week of 6th August. Pupils must commit to the full week (5 days 9am-3.30pm) to receive the OCN. This will take place at the University of Glamorgan Treforest campus and is totally free of charge.

If you are currently in year 8 and would like to attend this course please see Miss Bunce in room 1 to register your interest.

Technocamps is a £6 million project led by Swansea University in Partnership with the Universities of Bangor, Aberystwyth and Glamorgan that inspires young people aged 11-19 to attend workshops on a range of exciting computing-based topics such as robotics, game development, animation, digital forensics and much more. Our long term goal is to encourage young people to pursue careers in an area that will drive economic growth in Wales.

Learn Smart Olympic Sport Celebration

Year 7 students have come up with a new event for the school sports day!

The theme of this project was based on the 2012 London Olympic Games. Pupils were encouraged to work in pairs to devise an Olympic sport event/game and promote it to their class and finally year group. The aims of the project were to;

  • Understand more about the Olympic games
  • To have the opportunity to work pairs
  • To be able to plan a sports event
  • To be able to find solutions to problems
  • To be creative thinker
  • Present findings to the whole year group in the form of a presentational stall.

How did they begin?

Pupils viewed promotional Olympic games film footage and looked at the wide range of events being taken place held in the 2012 London Olympics. They need to think about what events were missing and start making a plan. It was important for pupils to think creatively and they were encouraged to invent a sports game which could be realistically achieved.

How to begin planning the event?

Through a variety of Thinking Skills activities, pupils had to consider:

  • Health and Safety issues
  • Rules/ Criteria
  • Name
  • Resources.

They needed to refine their ideas by planning and designing a presentation to promote the event. Each team had to deliver their idea to the class and the best team were voted through to the final Celebration in the Main Hall.

 The Main Hall Celebration:

Each group had a stall which they were in charge of during the celebration. To promote their idea groups used; display boards, promotional cards, provided actual sporting equipment for people to try out, demonstrated games, showed power point and film footage.

Every stall was fantastic and it was clear the ideas and the presentation were very well designed. They were;

7B – Bungee Run 7M – Zubbering 7A – Restriction
7A – Egg and spoon race 7C – Trick Skip 7L – Obstacle Course
7G – Real Life Angry Birds 7T – Rurdles 7E – Circumferences

All Year 7 pupils were able to vote for the best stall after they viewed all the work and 7G’s Real Life Angry Birds was voted both the Best Sporting idea and the Best Display!

Year 12 School Return Date

There will be a welcome back meeting in the Main Hall for all year 12 students who intend to continue their studies into year 13. The meeting will take place on Monday 11th June at 10am. The only students who should not attend are those who have a lesson period 2. This takes priority and these students should see Mr Sykes at 10.30.


D.Sykes, A.Purcell and G.Swallow

Deputy Head’s Blog

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and that you all enjoyed the sun and The Ospreys’ glorious victory against Leinster.  What with Chelsea winning the Champions League it has been a great few weeks of sport!

The global reach of Y Pant staff is very evident on our website this week.  The latest blogs from Miss Holt and Mr Pearsall from China and Afghanistan respectively make for fascinating reading with real insights into some of the cultural differences between those countries and our own.  We wish them all the very best.  Mr Owen Thomas is about to head to Los Angeles (Sunset Boulevard no less) to see the American opening of his play ‘Richard Parker’.  Having been lucky enough to see the play in Cardiff a few years ago I can confidently say that it is bound to be a hit with American audiences.  Good luck (break a leg?), Mr Thomas.

I would like to call attention to the fact that letters regarding school uniform will be issued to students and posted on the website this week.  Please look out for them.  I would also like to take a moment to thank the Friends of Y Pant for their unstinting hard work in this enterprise.

You will also see that there have been changes to our arrangements for Activities Day in the summer term.  Hopefully, everyone will be able to find activities which they will enjoy.

It was my great pleasure to be able to visit our Year 11 Art Exhibition last week.  As with previous years, the quality of the work and the talent on display made me extremely proud to be part of Y Pant.  Many thanks to my colleagues in the Art Department and, especially, congratulations to the pupils themselves.

Finally, a few words about some important personnel changes in the school brought about by the pending retirements of Mr Tucker, Mr Owen and Mrs Hoare.  I’ll say a few words about these esteemed colleagues in a later blog but here are the changes: before Easter it was my great honour to be appointed Headteacher; this week Mr Andy Hurley was appointed Deputy Headteacher to replace me; Ms Ceri Richmond, currently Head of Geography at Brynteg School, was appointed Assistant Headteacher (from a field of 107 applicants!); Ms Valle Fernandez was appointed to the post of teacher of Spanish.  All of these posts will commence from September 2012.  We will, of course, be very sad to say goodbye to our colleagues but we look forward to welcoming Ms Richmond and Ms Fernandez to Y Pant.

More changes to come, though, as this week we appoint new English teachers as well as a new Head of English.  I’ll keep you posted.

Envirovision 2012 – Y Pant’s Entry & Media Competition

The Music and Media Studies departments are running an exciting music video competition this term. We are challenging groups of pupils to take one of our original Envirovision songs and use the music and lyrics to create their very own music video.

The competition is open to pupils in all years and you will be able to use the recording and editing facilities in both the Music and Media Studies departments. All the videos produced will be judged by an expert panel and there will be a prize for the winning group.

If you want to get involved, simply pick which Envirovision song you want to create a video for (there are five to choose from) and submit your music video by Friday 29th June 2012

Y Pant has a brilliant track record at Envirovision, winning last year.  This year students have been hard at work again.  Their new song is called “Don’t Drop It, Just Stop It!”

We won in 2011 with this song, “Living in a Bubble”.  Read more…

 In 2010 Y Pant won with “Visual Pollution”.  Read more…

 And in 2008 our entry was Recycling is the New Direction.

Lastly – “Pick it Up”

Mr Thomas heads to the Hollywood Fringe Festival

For the first two weeks following the half term holiday I shall be in Los Angeles as my play ‘Richard Parker’ has been invited to appear at the Hollywood Fringe Festival on the back of a successful run at last years Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I am hugely grateful to Mr Tucker and the Governing Body for allowing me to do this. During the time I am away I shall be updating this blog to let you know how myself and the show are getting on and hopefully proving that I am not just on holiday!

The show previewed in Southampton last Saturday and went down really well. This weekend the show will be heading to York before a final farewell to Wales performance at the Atrium in Cardiff on Friday 1st June. The Cardiff performance is free and will be held at 6.00pm.

I have been having my work performed across the UK for the last 10 years, but this is the first time my work has been performed in the United States. I am rather excited about this!

Fringe Poster

Y Pant Activities Day 2012

Activities Day takes place this year on 17th July.  All students in years 7-10 have been given a menu of the activities both on and off-site.  They need to pick their top 3 activities by ordering them from 1 – 3 and hand their form into their form tutor ASAP.  Any students not picking an activity will be allocated one of the on-site activities running.

Students do not need to bring money in for activities at this stage.