Year 8 brave Blaenavon

As part of their Learn Smart programme, year 8 spent the day at Big Pit learning about life in our industrial past.

Daniel Schoen:

In the lamp room we were given a helmet with a torch on and a belt which included a battery for the headlight and a ventilator which was like a portable gas mask. We then stepped into the lift shaft and began our dark decent. Our guide told us that we were going down 90 metres and at one part we were going at 1 metre per second. I thought that this was fast until our guide said that we were going 3 times slower than full pace. This made me feel nervous..

Big Pit

Maia Chappell

‘the lift was really claustrophobic and when we got to the bottom a shock went through my body, it was damp, cold and miserable.’

Big Pit

Ben Crook:

I had an very eventful day and learned loads about Big Pit and the mining industry. I liked the day very much and would do it again!’

Big PitBig Pit

French Pen Pals for year 8!

lettersOne of our former French A Level students Charlotte Smith is currently out on her year out working in a french school as an assistant. We have made contact to organise a penpal exchange with our Year 8 pupils studying French. Year 8 understandably are very excited to receive news from a real Frenchie in the near future!!!

It will be great to talk to them about the region and it’s culture. Year 12 are also asking to be involved. When the letters arrive via snail mail I’ll be distributing them amongst the year group. There will be a club to help the weaker students with their letters.

Cross Country

Several boys from Y Pant travelled to Trelai Park on Tuesday to take part in the South Wales Schools’ Cross Country Championships. A muddy course greeted the boys and stiff competition from across the region. The performance of the day came from Baily Owen in Year 7 seven who was competing in the Year 8 race. Baily finished 18th in a field of 264 runners. He will now represent the region at Championships in both  Builth Wells and Birmingham.


Y Pant U14 Girl’s football team beat Cwm Rhymni 3-0 on penalties in the first stages of the Welsh Cup. Congratulations to the whole team on a fantastic game of football.   Good luck in the next round girls.

Y Pant U13 Girl’s football team beat Tonypandy  6-0 in the first round stage of the Welsh Cup. Congratulations to the whole team on a fantastic game of football. Goal scorers were Carys Wooward (2), Niamh Coates (2) and Millie Jones (2).

Team List

Lowri Smith, Kassandra Moroney, Molly Rees, Flic Bancroft, Sophia
Yilmaz, Millie Jones, Carys Woodward, Charlotte Monk, Stephanie Battista,
Olivia Enoch, Catrin jones, Ellie Buffey, Chloe Jones and Niamh Coates.

Hatty Keane plays for Y Pant Students

Hatty KeaneOn Tuesday 9th October the school were fortunate enough to have a visit from up and coming pop star Hatty Keane. Since her signing to BGM and Future Music in February 2011, Hatty Keane has been taking the Pop World by Storm!

Within the space of 12 months and at the tender age of 17, she has clocked up over 100 shows supporting the likes of Labrinth, Pixie Lott, Angel, Chipmunk, Ed Sheeran, Pitbull, Wretch 32, Lemar, Tinchy Stryder, Katie B, Olly Murs, and Wiley.

Over the course of the summer Hatty has been all over the UK as part of her “Earthshakes” tour, stopping at OsFest, Dagenham Town Festival, Manchester Pride, Sundown Festival and The White Nights Festival in Russia supporting Pitbull. To cap an exciting year on the 22nd October her debut single, ‘No One Loves You’, will be released.

Hatty KeaneHatty arrived in school at lunchtime and started with a question and answer session with our BTEC Music students who asked all sorts of questions about what it is like to be signed to a record label and some of the practicalities of being a pop star. She then went over to the gym and treated year nine to a concert where she performed 7 songs, including her new single, and then did a signing session. The students really enjoyed the experience and the atmosphere in the gym was one of high excitement with hundreds of them leaving with a signed photograph as a reminder of the day when a pop star came to Y Pant.

One of the aims of the newly formed Performing Arts Department here at Y Pant is to demonstrate that a career in acting, singing or dancing is a viable option. We were incredibly grateful to Hatty for coming in and showing us where a combination of raw talent, dedication and hard work can take you.

Hatty may be making a return visit to the school later in the year. She set a competition on the day with the prize being an extra gig for the school who gives her the most likes on Facebook of a group photograph taken on the day. At the moment Y Pant are top of the charts, and we hope that in the next few weeks that is where Hatty finds herself as well!

Hatty Keane

Hatty Keane
Hatty signed autographs at the end of the concert
Hatty Keane
Students waiting for autographs
Hatty Keane
Students crowding round Hatty for autographs

Hatty KeaneHatty Keane

Hatty Keane
Hatty wit our photographer, Scott Russell

Hatty Keane

Hatty Keane
Hatty poses with the Performing Arts department

Fireworks for all at Year 6 Open Evening!

Many thanks to the parents and future pupils who came to visit us on the Year 6 Open Evening recently. The event gave a guide to the experiences pupils will be able to enjoy when they come to Y Pant. From creating fireworks in Science to paint prints in Art, pupils gained a brief glimpse into the lessons they will enjoy when they come to Y Pant. All departments showed their tremendous passion for learning and their creativity which had been identified in the Estyn Inspection last year.

Thanks to those parents and pupils who completed the feedback sheets. They will help us to refine the evening in years to come. The results of the feedback are shown below. I’d also like to thank you for the positive comments about the staff, sixth form prefects and the school in general. We look forward to teaching your children next year.

Parental responses

Which parts of the event were helpful in providing information?

Very helpful (no.) (%) Helpful (no.) % Unhelpful %
Headteacher’s Presentation







Sixth Form Prefects







Department Tours







Prospectus and forms








Range of subjects visited on the night.



Too many subjects



Right amount of subjects



Not enough subjects



Amount of time spent with departments



Too much time



Right amount of time



Not enough time




Some of your Comments

“Thanks for the friendly welcome and excellent positivity from all the staff after a long day in school! Diolch.”

“Really good idea, gave all a good insight to the school. Really impressed.”

“The evening was informative and enjoyable. A really good insight into your excellent school. Very well organised with enthusiastic staff and superb sixth formers”

“Fun, informative evening. Teachers very passionate.”

“Very informative – I want to go back 30 years!”

“I already feel confident that Y Pant is the right choice for my child.”

Pupil Feedback

Which parts of the evening did you enjoy?

Very enjoyable (no.) (%) Enjoyable (no.) % Not enjoyable %
Headteacher’s Presentation







Watching/speaking to other pupils







Activities in departments







Prospectus and forms








Amount of time spent with departments



Too much time



Right amount of time



Not enough time




Year 8 Trip to Château de la Baudonnière

At the beginning of the autumn term, 47 Year 8 Y Pant pupils went to the Château de la Baudonnière in Normandy, France to improve their French Language Skills and to have lots of fun doing new and exciting activities all through the medium of French.

Although Normandy is in the North of France, it took nearly eleven hours to get there! As soon as we arrived we were greeted by the French Animateurs and given instructions only in French! It was quite challenging as we were so tired! First of all we followed the Animateurs to our different dorms; they were mainly named after fruits: Les Oranges, les Pommes, Les Cerises, Les Ananas and Les Abeilles. We all wake up at 7.30 am and got dressed for the day ahead. Breakfast was at 8.15 am every morning and we listened as the Animateurs taught us how to say the food were eating in French as well as the utensils were using. We learned how to ask for more food and drink: “Je voudrais encore du pain s’il vous plait!” We were then told what activities we would be doing that day and what we would need to wear, all of this was done in French!

The activities we took part in throughout the week were L’escrime (fencing), L’orientation (orienteering), Parcours de santé (muddy obstacle course), Fabrication de pain (bread making), Les Exercices d’Initiative (team building), Le Français (French lessons), L’escalade (climbing wall), L’aéroballe and les petits boulots (little jobs such as feeding the pets).

We also had an activity every evening after dinner; these were a Campfire, a French version of Cobs and Robbers and a Treasure Hunt. On the last night we had a talent show with other schools and Y Pant’s own Sarah Pugh stole the show with a version of On my own from Les Misérables.

We also went out to a local market on Wednesday and then onto Le Mont Saint Michel. We had a fantastic week in France, we all had to speak lots of French and as a result our French has really improved. The food was different to what we eat at home, we even sampled snails! We would like to say thank you to our teachers Mrs Davies, Mrs Rose, Miss O’Keefe, Zoe and Matthew for an amazing experience and we’d all like to go again!

Seren Kane and Tamsin Penberthy (Year 8)