Y Pant 6th Form Visit to Provence

The Year 13 French group returned in July from a very successful trip to Avignon in Provence. Whilst there, the group researched the area as part of their Oral presentation for the A level exam with the visiting examiner.


During July Avignon is buzzing with its annual Theatre Festival, and the streets are alive with street entertainers and actors advertising their shows. We opted to see a classic French comedy by Molière-‘La maladie imaginaire’ and the entire group enjoyed the atmosphere of the theatre and the show.


The group also enjoyed the palatial splendour of the Palais des Papes which is an impressive landmark on the Avignon skyline. Not forgetting the famous bridge –le pont d’Avignon which is a definite must see.


On Wednesday we travelled to Arles and its Roman Amphitheatre and Arena. We were lucky enough to see some gladiator fighting in the bullring which added to the atmosphere. Van Gogh also spent time in Arles and we took a stroll to the café named after him which has been renovated to that era.


The weather on the whole was very hot but the presence of the Mistral wind made the sightseeing more pleasant. Our Bastille festivities were slightly spoilt by the cancellation of the fireworks due to the strong wind, but the party atmosphere in town made up for the change of plans.


Our hotel on the outskirts of Avignon boasted a superb restaurant and all the students were encouraged to try the varied dishes of rabbit, duck, sea snails and aubergines. We all enjoyed the leisurely meals on the restaurant’s ‘terrasse’ soaking up the French atmosphere. Leisure time was spent recharging our batteries at the pool, with the more energetic of the group frolicking in the pool.


Mrs Davies and Mrs Rose were thrilled with the company of the students, and their positive attitude in discovering the region in preparation for their Year 13 work.

A very successful trip with some fantastic memories.

Language Focus of the Month (September 2011)

language focusIt’s important to use English correctly when writing.  It ensures that the meaning of your work is perfectly clear.  Each month we have a language focus in school to help everyone use English correctly whenever they are writing.  If there is something you would like us to focus on in the upcoming months – leave a comment here.

This month our focus is:

Your – You’re

This is a commonly mistaken word.

Your means “belonging to you” – as in:

“Your bag is on the chair.”

You’re is a shortened form of you are.  The apostrophe replaces the ‘a’.  In use this is:

“You’re doing really well in English now”.


Y Pant E3 Council

The e3+ council is where you as young people can have YOUR say on what you would like to see on the e3+ programme.  It’s your chance to improve the project by making suggestions and helping out on the project.  E3+ should not just be a place for young people to participate but also to shape the project for their school community.

Currently we have 3 members on the e3+ council, Louis Lyon, Sarah Watts and Shannon Billett.  These guys helped out last year with designing feedback forms for young people to fill in, which then helped make the Autumn programme.

We are looking to have reps from ALL years, if you are interested in becoming a member on the e3+ council, please speak to Richard in the e3+ office.

Y Pant Sponsored Walk

sponsored walkThe annual Year 7 and 8 sponsored walk takes place this year on Friday 23rd September.

All year 7 and 8 pupils have taken sponsor forms home.  The proceeds will go towards school funds to enable us to pay for more activities and equipment.

You can download a letter and sponsor form here.

Year 7 and 8 pupils can wear non-school uniform to school on the day but for this priviledge they are expected to bring in some sponsor money.

The walk will take place during lessons 3 and 4 providing the weather is OK.  Pupils will need to bring in their books for all 5 lessons just in case (they won’t need to carry their bags on the walk).  The walk is 4 laps of the school drive although many do more than this.

The sponsored walk is a fun couple of hours and a chance to have a chat to friends whilst walking!

Accessing your school work from home

If you need to access your school work on the Y Pant computer network you can use Reach.

Login using your username and password as you would in school.  You can then download files to your home computer and upload files to the school network.  If the file already exists in school it’s best to upload it with a new filename.

Some file extensions might be blocked.  If you have a problem with this please let your ICT teacher know as soon as possible and we will let you know if it can be unblocked.

Don’t upload loads of music to listen to in school though – we have limited space on our student server!

Deputy Head’s Blog

A slightly belated welcome back to all pupils and colleagues!  I hope that you’ve all had a great summer and are refreshed for the new school year.  Even though no teaching took place during the summer holidays the school was, nonetheless, a hive of activity.  We have several new classrooms, a new lab, an improved school library and a new ICT suite.  Parts of the school have been spruced up by our hard working caretaking staff, so many thanks to them.

Pupils returning to school will also have met the following new teachers:  Miss Williams (Maths); Miss Warlowe (English); Mr Muscat (ICT); Miss Buckwell (Science); Miss Smith (Science); Miss Pursey (Literacy Support) and Miss Price (History).   Welcome to all of them.  Two familiar faces have now got unfamiliar names: Miss Miller became Mrs Davey and Miss Probert became Mrs Butler in the summer.  Congratulations to both newly-weds!

It was, of course, a record year for examination results in the summer.  Hopefully, you’ll all have had the chance to see details of our results on our website and in the local press.  We are extremely proud of the hard work and commitment demonstrated by our pupils and their teachers.  Many thanks also to all the parents who have supported their children and the school over the past years.

Today (Tuesday 13th September) we host a visit from a team of educationalists from Denmark who are visiting our school to see for themselves the work that we do with our more able and talented youngsters.  Y Pant’s reputation for excellence is not simply limited to the local area; it extends beyond the shores of the UK as well!

I hope that everyone has a good week, that the weather improves and that Wales get a little bit more luck in their World Cup matches!