Peter Pan Y Pant - The Darling Household

Peter Pan – The Darling Household

Mr Darling can’t tie his bowtie, Mrs Darling is trying to get the children in to bed.  Nana the canine nursemaid tries to keep the peace but Mr Darling is at the end of his tether.


Mr Darling – Sean James

Mrs Darling – Jess Horsey

Wendy – Lauren James

Michael – Hywel Thomas

John – Louie Lyons

Nana – Alice Pugh

Liza – Elizabeth Parker

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Mr. Powell’s Y Pant Blog

As predicted the production of Peter Pan is proving to be a huge success.  I was privileged to be in the audience on the first night and was blown away by the quality of the acting, singing, dancing, musicianship, set, costume design and the all-round talent and commitment on display.   The young people involved, whether on stage or backstage, will remember the thrill of this experience for the rest of their lives.  Many thanks to everyone who has committed so much time and energy to making this work; it is difficult and sometimes wrong to pick people out but particular thanks must go to Mr Owen Thomas and Miss Nicola Miles (direction), Mr Marvin Thomas and Mr Tom Breeze (music), Mrs Gill Lee (costumes), Miss Jessica Scott and Mrs Sara Nowell-Hughes  and the caretaking staff (set design, build and transport).

Other success this week has included victory in the Regional Heats of The Times Spelling Bee for the Year 7 team of Toby Nye, Menna Ward, Rhys Thomas and Harri Lewis.  Apparently, they won with flying colours and will represent the region in the national semi-finals.  If you see them, give them a pat on the back and, maybe, ask them to spell a word you’re stuck on!

In terms of other cultural events, the English Department took a group of Year 12 & 13 students to see the critically-acclaimed RSC production of King Lear in Stratford on Thursday.  It was, by all accounts, a powerful and moving production and will, of course, provide those students with an understanding and appreciation of the play which goes beyond what they read on the page.

For the third time this year we will be going through the process next week of appointing a new teacher to the school.  This time it’s Maths and the field is looking as strong as some of the others we’ve worked with so far this year.  Good luck to all the candidates; I look forward to reporting back on the appointee next week.

Enjoy your weekend.

Y Pant Peter Pan

Peter Pan by Y Pant – add your reviews here!

Well done to the cast and crew of Peter Pan.  A superb production!  Reporters from “The Hollow” will be giving a full review later but if you’d like to add your comments here, please do!

Amy Bridges
Amy Bridges as Peter Pan
Sean James
Sean James gets into character as Captain Hook
Amy and Sean
Amy and Sean do battle

Lucy Ross
Lucy Ross as Tiger Lilly
Lucy and Amy
Tiger Lilly and Peter Pan
Hywel Thomas, Lauren James and Louis Lyons
Hywel Thomas, Lauren James and Louis Lyons as Michael, Wendy and John
Like most big sisters, Wendy despairs of her little brothers
Hook and Smee
The children suffer at the hands of Captain Hook and Mr Smee (played by Matthew Ingram)
Jess Horsey
Jess Horsey plays Mrs Darling
Peter Pan
L-R Jess Horsey, Hywel Thomas, Lucy Ross, Lauren James, Amy Bridges, Sean James, Lucy Humphrey (as Tinkerbell) Sean James, Matthew Ingram and Louie Lyons

@t bristol chemistry trip

As soon as we got to @t bristol you knew we’d have fun, with life size morphs and lots of scientific tricks we were ready to go. After a talk about the rules and the meeting point, we were taken up to the lab. We grabbed our lab coats and paired up. Dave and Alice taught us about the forensic sciences as we tried chromatography, hair inspection and fingerprint inspection. We had a short break and then we were given a crime to solve, but in 10 minutes we found the criminal, suspect 2.

When we came out the lab we were led through mysterious, dangling lights into the silver ball (planetarium) and were shown the wonders of the stars and their constellations with a light show. We all came out feeling a bit dizzy, but we had no time to rest because we had 40 minutes to visit the workshop floor, animate it and visit the giftshop. Once we had a brief look at the workshop we went up to the animate it studios and made our own films. After that we went to the gift shop and brought something to remember this modern scientific world by. One thing is for sure, we cant wait to return!

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Deputy Head’s Blog

I am delighted this week to report that our efforts for Comic Relief raised over £1700!  Many thanks to everybody associated with the school who made such a big effort before, during and after the day itself.

Congratulations are due to  Gean Sou Mo and Tsung Fong Mo for their outstanding success in badminton and Katie Clarke for her success on the rugby pitch.  Good luck for the future to each of these young sportspeople.

The countdown to Peter Pan is almost complete; last minute rehearsals, planning (not panicking!) continue apace in time for next Thursday’s opening night.  Hope to see as many of you there as possible over the two nights.  Good luck (or break a leg) to the entire cast and crew.  Messrs Thomas, Thomas and Breeze will, I’m sure, breathe more easily come curtain down on Friday!

What a pleasure it was, this week, to finally open the new changing rooms.  We now feel that we have got the right quality of facilities for our pupils after too long spent struggling in the old changing rooms.  Was that a smile on Mr Mortimer’s face?  Maybe not…

A reminder for everyone: now that the sun’s out doesn’t mean that school uniform rules have changed.  Pupils still have to wear their school jumpers and girls’ skirts must be a reasonable length.

Have a great weekend.


Brother & sister badminton champions!

Well done to Gean Sou Mo and Tsung Fong Mo who this weekend took part in the Junior Badminton Nationals in Cardiff.  The brother and sister team showed their badminton prowess finishing as U15 Mixed Doubles Champions.

Gean Sou also won the U13 Singles competition as well as the doubles tournament.

Congratulations to you both on a fantastic achievement!

Gean Sou & Tsung Fong


Katie is selected to play for Cardiff Blues!

Katie ClarkeCongratulations to Katie Clarke in year 10 who has been selected to play rugby for the Cardiff Blues.  Katie has come up against some tough opposition this season playing against the Dragons, the Ospreys and the Scarlets.  Katie also played for the Cardiff Blues in the Regional Championships where they finished as runners up to the Scarlets.  Da iawn Katie on a fantastic achievement!


Netball Tournament

The successful team

Year 7/8 girls entered a Year 8 tournament on Wednesday 9th of March and were very successful. We played 6 matches in total and overall came 2nd. We lost one match, drew one and then won 4. The last match was against Bryncelynnog which was the decider of what position we came overall. It was a tough match but we were all focused and determined, and by doing so we beat Bryncelynnog by a few goals. It was the same sort of story for all the other matches. The team that we lost to (by one point), were the overall winners of the tournament and were a really hard team to play against as we had to do everything that we could to keep in the game. One of the teams that we played were disqualified as the whole team were from year 9 so we automatically won but we still had to have a good result to pick up points; which we did.

We had strong centre passes throughout the matches and passed to each other quickly so the other teams had to act fast. The defenders defended well by getting the ball down the court quickly and putting pressure on the shooters. We attacked well and were coming forward for the ball and getting into space to create more opportunities. When we got the ball down the court the shooters delivered and were shooting from every angle efficiently.

Overall it was a very good result for the girls and they should be proud of themselves for doing so!