Peter Pan – Peter, Tinkerbell and Hook

Captain Hook kidnaps the Lost Boys including Wendy, John and Michael.  Peter is left alone and Captain Hook leaves a bottle of poison for Peter to drink.  Peter wakes and is going to drink from the bottle thinking it is medicine but Tinkerbell arrives and drinks the poison instead to protect Peter.  Tinkerbell collapses, but after reassurances from the audience that yes – we do believe in fairies she recovers.  Later Peter ambushes the pirates on the Jolly Roger and after a bit of swashbuckling with Captain Hook – is victorious!

Peter Pan – The Pirates

An unruly bunch this, led by the menacing Captain Hook.

Cecco – Sami Bryant

Bill Jukes - Andrew Groves

Cookson - James Beeston

Starkey – Conor Brewer

Skylights – Hugh Ritchens

Mullins – Jack Evans

Noodler – Sean Chick

Andrew Davies

William Llewelyn

Jack Penberthy

Julian Ford

Tom Elford

Christian Brumwell

Iwan Evans

Daniel Havard

Matthew Ponting

The Times Spelling Bee Y Pant Super Spellers

Spelling Bee Logo
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On Thursday 31st of March, 4 amazing pupils Harri Lewis, me, Toby Nye, Menna Ward and Rhys Thomas went to Cine World Cinemas in Newport to compete against 10 other local schools in the Times Spelling Bee. Nervously the 4 of us got registered and went into screen 8. We sat down in the front row. 3 of us Rhys, me and Menna were called up by the team name the Beef Burgers as it brought good luck to Harri and Rhys through primary school  and it is still with them to this very day “or we wouldn’t have won” say Rhys and Harri.

At round 3 Menna was knocked out spelling impolite wrong, at round 5 I was knocked out spelling ecclesiastical wrong and finally at round 7 Rhys spelt Anaemia to win the first round for Y Pant  and the Collins Medal for being the last man standing!!!

Y Pant Spelling Bee super spellers

In round 2 Harri, Rhys and I played the quickfire round where we had to spell as many words correctly as possible  in 2 minutes. We had 11 tactical passes and two words spelt incorrectly, we spelt 16 words correctly out of the 29. It was a great experience for us all, we were really nervous but we managed to pull it off!!!

Y Pant Links with Uganda

Y Pant School has international links with Bulaago School near Mbale, Uganda. Mr Sykes will be visiting and working in Bulaago School during the Easter holidays. The link was made through an organisation known as PONT which stands for Partnerships Overseas Networking Trust. The concepts behind PONT go back as far as the Ethiopian famine of the 1980s where medics from the Pontypridd area worked in the refugee camps. The project seeks to link as many professionals and organisations in the Pontypridd area with their counterparts in Mbale as possible. Hence teachers, engineers, doctors, nurses, local authority managers and politicians visit and work with their colleagues in Uganda to improve the lives of the people in the Mbale region.  More information on this can be found on their website.

Mr Sykes will be taking some of the money raised from the selling “tuck” during breaktimes to buy material for Bulaago school. He would also like to take some gifts over for the children of Bulaago School. The children in Uganda particularly value football shirts so if you have any unwanted Man Utd, Arsenal, Chelsea or any other football shirts that you no longer use Mr Sykes would be very grateful for any contributions.

Mr Sykes will be taking money to buy supplies for the school but will also be taking a suitcase full of gifts for the children at the school.  They particularly like receiving football shirts.  If anyone has any new, or used but good quality football shirts please bring them into school for Mr Sykes to take with him.

You can read about Mr Sykes’s previous visit to Mbale on our website.

PONT logo

Peter Pan – The Indians

Tiger Lilly returns to her family and vows to help Peter.


Indian Chief – Rhydian John

Singing Bull – Martha Reed

Cunning Fox – Rebecca Davies

Bald Eagle – Karly James

Stalking Deer – Heather Chick

Grizzly Bear – Dominee Cocco

Running Dog – Ffion Stallworthy

Swooping Hawk – Holly Rhys-Donaghue

Hunting Crocodile – Emma Bann

Pouncing Jaguar – Genna Lavis-Cole

Sleeping Cat – Caitlin Rudge

Fighting Leopard – Lauren Brown

Chasing Horse – Sophie Green

Leah Collins

Peter Pan – On the Rocks

Peter and Wendy go out to look for mermaids.  They spy the pirates with Tiger Lilly as a prisoner.  Peter tricks the pirates into setting Tiger Lilly free.  Captain Hook arrives but is soon scared off by the crocodile!


Tiger Lilly – Lucy Ross


Alicia Archer

Emily Solman

Amelia Green

Kristin Bryce

Rachael Hutchings

Poppy Horsey

Peter Pan – The Lost Boys

Tinkerbell instructs the Lost Boys to shoot down the Wendy-bird.  They do, but Wendy recovers quickly and agrees to become their mother.

Later, Peter returns but Wendy, John and Michael decide to go home.  They persuade the rest of the Lost Boys to come with them, but Peter wants to remain in Neverland with Tinkerbell.


Tootles – Carys James

Nibs – Rhiannan Falshaw-Skelly

Curly – Ffion Humphries

Slightly – Johanna Little

The Twins – Ellie Chamberlain & Verity Rhys-Donaghue

Lauren Richards

Amy Knight

Juliet Johns

Katie Burnell

Kate Porter

Caitlin Bridges

Emma Griffiths

Kirsty White

Rachael Sinclair

Megan Brown

Peter Pan – The Darling Household

Mr Darling can’t tie his bowtie, Mrs Darling is trying to get the children in to bed.  Nana the canine nursemaid tries to keep the peace but Mr Darling is at the end of his tether.


Mr Darling – Sean James

Mrs Darling – Jess Horsey

Wendy – Lauren James

Michael – Hywel Thomas

John – Louie Lyons

Nana – Alice Pugh

Liza – Elizabeth Parker