Y Pant Student is a Kayaking Champ!

Congratulations to Sian Taylor in Year 8 who is currently ranked first in Division 3 at Womens K1 slalom in the UK.  Hopefully, if she gains enough points in her next race at Llandysul (Ceredigion) on the River Teifi she will be promoted to Division 2.  The pictures below show Sian competing at Matlock (Derbyshire) on the River Derwent and on the River Tryweryn (Bala).  In addition to competing in K1 slalom, Sian has achieved The British Canoe Union Paddlesport Award at ‘2 Star’ Level and a ‘3 Star Level for White Water’.  Congratulations Sian on such an excellent achievement. Well done!


New Netball Dresses

On Thursday 12th of May the girls who play netball in year 7, 8 and 9 modelled the new netball dresses. The dresses are  navy blue  with a light blue colour down the side and have the school logo at the bottom. On the right hand side at the back of the dresses is the e3 logo (e3 actually bought the dresses for us.)  The dresses are very nice and all the girls will look very smart when they play against other teams. The dresses are really comfortable and are a good fit.

netball kit

Elysia Humphreys said: “I love the dresses and I can’t wait for our next match so I can wear it!”

We all want to thank e3 very much for buying the dresses for us and we hope they can watch us play soon in our new kit that will look very smart! 

netball kit

Y Pant School achieves International Green Flag Award

green flag

Over the last three years Y Pant School has worked hard to achieve Bronze and Silver Awards for working towards promoting sustainable development, this hard work was celebrated further on the 5th May 2011 when a team of assessors visited the school to meet with the Y Pant Eco-Committee and as a result of this meeting awarded the school an International Green Flag for outstanding work towards sustainable development.

recyclingThe Eco-Committee worked hard in preparation for the assessment day with year 9 Key Skills pupils presenting one of their excellent assemblies on litter and a group of year 9 pupils providing the assessors with a tour of the school to show them the excellent work they have been involved in .  The group also collected a range of work to show the assessors, which they were very impressed with!

Thanks to Megan Prewett, Chloe Booth-Jones, Charlotte Hamm all year 7 and Bronwen Rees, Amy Knight, Kathryn Davies, Natasha Vincent, Emily Peacock, Georgia Goody and Alex Cheung all year 9 for their involvement on the day!

The Eco-Committee has been working on ways to improve Recycling, Litter and Energy use across the school.  The group made up of pupils from year 7-13 meet at least every half term and over the last three years have met regularly to discuss progress/areas for development.  Some of the excellent work they have been involved in includes:

  • eco-sgolionReviewing the whole school for sustainable issues
  • Litter Pick projects
  • Litter Monitoring
  • Recycling
  • Art Projects
  • Transition Projects
  • Water Monitoring
  • Go Green Days
  • Whole School Signs
  • Developing our Eco-Code
  • Producing the whole school Sustainable Development Policy
  • Sustainability Innovation Groups run by Mr Swallow

A number of curriculum areas and departments helped the School achieve the International Green Flag Award, by showing excellent work in areas such as; Transport, Biodiversity, Recycling, Litter, Water.  A big thank you must also go out to:

  • Learn Smart – for excellent litter project in year 7
  • All COPE pupils for their project work about their local community along with the wide variety of projects they have participated in with ‘Keep Wales Tidy’
  • The MAAT – ‘Enviro-vision’ project initiated and led by Mrs Lloyd-Davies
  • Art Dept – for all the fantastic recycled/Multi Cultural themed masks
  • ICT department for the excellent transition project.
  • All departments involved in the auditing

The assessors were very impressed by the school’s engagement with Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship, and the level of staff and pupil involvement with environmental issues.

The assessors noted:

‘the willingness of the whole school to work on making sustainable changes was demonstrated with an excellent curriculum audit of sustainable development supported by a range of good recycling initiatives’

recycle walesWhat must also be celebrated is the schools grading for litter.  The school was awarded a grade ‘B’ – i.e. mostly litter-free with some small items found in overgrown areas and borders.  This is a good outcome for a large site like ours but remember more can be done.  In two years time when we are next reviewed we will be aiming for the ‘A’ grade of litter-free!

Keep up the good Work!

If you would like to join the Eco-Committee see Mr Stephens or Mr Swallow for more information.

So what does the future hold?

  • The group hope to collect more data on Water usage, Litter and Electricity to establish baseline figures and analyse these over time to drive further action and improvement.  The group hope to show more achievements in sustainable development.
  • Further promotion of the Eco-Schools programme to make it more visible.

Y Pant Comenius Visit to the Netherlands

From 18th to 20th May,  Jordan Sheehy, Natasha Vincent and myself visited a school in Bergen-op-Zoom in the Netherlands.  Whilst there we went to the Deltaworks at Neeltje Jans, and saw the huge storms surge barriers.  The following day we had a boat trip around the Port of Rotterdam, serving 350 million consumers in Europe and a trip up the 185m tall Euromast.

Natasha and Jordan stayed with families in the town whilst all the teachers stayed in a hotel and exchanged pedagogy ideas.

Here are some of our photos.

Deputy Head’s Blog

We said farewell (briefly!) to Year 11 this week.  For some pupils in this year group Wednesday was their last day in school; for others (hopefully as many as possible) we will be seeing them again in the sixth form.  I would like to wish them all the very best of luck in their examinations and in their future lives.  The leavers’ assembly on Wednesday morning was a fit and appropriate send off where pupils were awarded their Progress Files and , for many, their Compact certificates.  Particular congratulations go to Matthew Ingram for being awarded the Compact cup for his contribution to school life and to Oliver Smyth, Ed Jones, Cerys Blanch and Holly Miller for the tremendous achievement of 100% attendance over their 5 years in the school.  Well done all!

On Thursday we held our annual Eisteddfod for Years 7&8.  The quality of performances on stage on the day as well as competition entries throughout the week was of the highest order.  Congratulations to Juliette Johns for being awarded the bardic chair for her excellent Welsh language poetry.  Many thanks to all who participated and to those teachers who put so much work into the organisation of the event, particularly Mr Mitchell whose four and a half hours bilingual compering was quite a feat!

I hope everyone has an excellent weekend and that it starts with a convincing victory for Cardiff City!

Deputy Head’s Blog

Welcome back to everyone after an extended Easter break.  I hope that everyone had a relaxing time and that those pupils who attended the Easter revision sessions found them beneficial.

This week we have been formally notified of our successful application for the NACE Challenge Award.  This prestigious award is given to schools that provide an excellent standard of education for more able and talented pupils and which develop pupils in ways other than the purely academic.  Y Pant is only the 2nd secondary school out of 223 in Wales to receive this award.   It is a proud week for the school and testimony to the hard work of our teachers and pupils.

Also this week the school applied for the Eco-Schools Green Flag Award.  Official notification of whether or not we’ve been successful will follow in a week or two but, it’s fair to say, there may already have been a leak or two!

In the coming weeks there will be external examinations for pupils in every year group from Years 10-13.  Study leave arrangements for Years 11, 12 and 13 will be issued separately but it is worth noting the following for Year 10:

  • pupils are allowed study leave on the day before an external exam (apart from exams which take place on a Monday)
  • pupils are allowed study leave on the morning before an afternoon exam
  • pupils must return to normal timetabled lessons after a morning exam

I hope this clarifies the situation.

I look forward to seeing as many parents of Year 8 pupils as possible next Monday.  Parents Evenings are important dates in the school calender which allow an excellent opportunity for parents to discuss their child’s progress.

Finally, welcome back to Mr Sykes after his working holiday in Uganda.  I look forward to reading a report on his experiences.

Have a great weekend.

Mr Powell’s Blog

One of the longest Spring Terms in recent years has finally come to a close.  I am pleased to be able to report that the school has finished the term with a bang in the shape of our Annual Presentation Evening.  It was wonderful to see so many of our students – past and present – in attendance on the night to receive due recognition for their achievements.  The musical and oral presentations by pupils were excellent as was our guest speaker, Mrs Andrea Meyrick.  Andrea has been a good friend of the school for many years now in her role with the Education Business Partnership and we wish her well in her new job with Techniquest.

If any of you get the chance to visit The Model House in Lantrisant you will get the opportunity to view the superb work produced by our Key Stage 3 pupils as part of The Smack of Jellyfish project.  I haven’t been there myself yet but I’m told that the quality of work is absolutely superb!  As, indeed, must have been the quality of work produced by  Morgan Rees, Sam Jarvis, Josh Jones, Liam Upright and Matt Naden in winning £500 for the school in the Stock Exchange Challenge.  Then, of course, there are our young chefs  – Amy Ellis, Ellie Havard, Sean Chick and Dominic Hindle – who did so well in coming runners-up in the All Wales Youth Cooking Event.  Well done to all of these young people.

I’d like to remind everyone in Years 11, 12 and 13 about the Easter Revision Sessions; these may help make the difference between one grade and another so please attend!

Finally, I recently came across a few lines of poetry which I shared with those who attended the Presentation Evening and, since then, Years 7 & 9.  I think they are worth sharing with everyone who reads this blog because say so much about achievement and hard work:

Use what talents you possess

The woods would be quite silent

If no bird sang but those that sang best.

Have a lovely Easter.

Y Pant Presents – A Smack of Jellyfish

The collaborative project between English, Media Studies and Art has now been completed and last night, Y Pant School and E3 were proud to attend an exhibition of all the pupils’ work at The Model House in Llantrisant. Parents, pupils and staff had the opportunity to see the incredible artistry and wordplay on offer and view a video of the pupils creating their collective nouns.

The commitment from pupils and staff in creating these amazing pieces of work has been considerable. Every Monday evening for ten weeks, our more able and talented pupils from English and Art have collaborated and created new collective nouns for a series of animals. They have worked with professional artists and poets to create 3D pieces of art and accompanying poetry.

The exhibition will be up in The Model House in Llantrisant for another month, so if you have the chance to go and see it please do, you will be amazed at the work which has been produced.

Y Pant Year 8 Spring 2011 Achievement Assembly

The year 8 Achievement Assembly this term was held to celebrate the success of year 8 pupils in a variety of areas.

Sporting Achievements:

School representation at Football:

RCT Cup Semi-Finalists

y pant year 8 acheivements spring 2011

Huw Jones, Jamie Worthington, Josh Jones, Josh Teague, Lewis Robson, Adam Baker, Joe Vellam, Jamie Wheeler, Tom Naden,  Oliver Wheeler (Capt),  Jake May, James Bull, Jack Taylor, Rhodri Poacher (CF), Gethyn Chadwick, Andrew Chau

School representation at Rugby:

Urdd & Rosslyn Park 7’s

y pant year 8 acheivements spring 2011

Nathan Johnson, Bryce Marshall, Iwan Evans, Gethin Chadwick, Bob Davies, Jack Smyth, Declan Patrick, Jamie Wheeler, Rhodri Poacher, Ieuan Evans, Matthew Johnson, Hywel Thomas, Kyle Barnett, Kane Lowery, Kieran Williams, Jack Taylor

School representation at Netball:

y pant year 8 acheivements spring 2011

Katie Williams, Emily Roberts, Jess Collins, Katie Crook, Anna Robinson, Lauren Jeffrey, Eleanor Dunn

Sporting Achievements (Miscellaneous);

y pant year 8 acheivements spring 2011



year 8 spring 2011 achievement assembly

year 8 spring 2011 achievement assembly

year 8 spring 2011 achievement assembly

year 8 spring 2011 achievement assembly

Jack Smyth- (U13 Blues Rugby squad)

Bob Davies- (U13 Blues Rugby squad)

Rhodri Poacher- (U13 Blues Rugby squad)

Gethyn Chadwick- (Won Tenby Judo County Competition)

James Bull-(U13 Blues Rugby squad) and also selected for Mid Glamorgan Cricket team

Georgia Guildford- 1st in Ice skating pairs and singles

Kieran Williams- County honours in Judo.

Katie Williams- Competed in U13 County Netball Tournament and came 1st in a Show-jumping competition

Kyle Foster- White belt in Taekwando

Louise Williams- 1st in the Pencoed horse jumping competition

Andrew Chau- Gold medal in a local badminton competition

Ellie Matthews- Gained 2 golds, 3 silvers & 2 bronze in the Millfield Open (Swimming)

Anna Robinson- 1st place in a Cheer-leading competition

Alix Garley- Passed Level 5 in Ice Skating

Chloe Mo- Gold medal in County Badminton doubles

Katie Porter- Competed in E3 Badminton competition

Performing Arts Achievements:

A Smack of Jellyfish

year 8 spring 2011 achievement assembly

Juliet Johns, Megan Brady, Kimberley Jenkins, Jess Collins

Street dance competition

year 8 spring 2011 achievement assembly

Erin Jenkins, Jamie-Lee Edwards, Kirsten Collins (Welsh Finalist in Howard Street Dance Studio competition.)


year 8 spring 2011 achievement assembly

year 8 spring 2011

year 8 spring 2011

year 8 spring 2011

Zoe Morgan- Achieved Grade 4 in the Flute

Kinglsey Dunstan-Jones- Represented the school in the Senior Music course.

Paige Jones- Performed for the Mayor in a Charity play

Jessica Picton- Achieved Grade 1 in piano

Sam Chessell- Achieved Grade 4 (Saxophone) & Played for RCT Music service.

Anna Robinson- Achieved Grade 4 in the flute

Anna Robinson- Played in the RCT senior concert

Peter Pan

year 8 spring 2011

year 8 spring 2011

Rachael Sinclair, Kirsty White, Kate Porter, Megan Brown, Caitlin Bridges, Juliet Johns, Daniel Havard, William Llewellyn, Amelia Green, Alicia Archer, Ffion Stallworthy, Verity Rhys-Donoghue, Johanna Little, Lucy Humphrey, Hywel Thomas


year 8 spring 2011

Sam Maybank- Became a 2nd class Cadet.

Sponsored walk for the Macmillian Cancer Relief

year 8 spring 2011Laila Hafid, Vicky Martinsen, Megan Brady and Mia Fogerty

Contribution to the school website

year 8 spring 2011Sam Chessell (Techiquest trip), Juliet Johns (Bristol trip)

Academic Subjects


year 8 spring 2011

year 8 spring 2011

Harry Gerrard, Nyomi Bufton, Chloe Wesley, Erin Jenkins, Benedict-Walters-Evans, Lucy McCarthy, Jessica Collins, Juliet Johns, Jade Cooper, Alex Samuel, Emma Saunders, Grace Jenkins, Jeremy Thomas, Georgia Guildford, Serene Davies, Joshua Davies, Sophie Lee- Lewis, Nathan Hallet, Joshua Edmunds

Success Maker

year 8 spring 2011

Josh Watts, Nathan Hallett, Connor Morris


year 8 spring 2011

Molly Robson, Eleanor Matthews, Kingsley Dunstan-Jones, Lucy McCarthy, Sam Chessell


year 8 spring 2011

year 8 spring 2011

Jessica Collins, Katie Crook, Megan Brown, Shannon Giles, Emily Deaves-Small, James Wheeler, Jamie White, Toni Russell, Verity Rhys-Donoghue, Matthew Davies, Rhianne Jones, Jessica Thomas, Daniel Emberlain, Kingsley Dunstan-Jones, Sam Chessell


year 8 spring 2011

year 8 spring 2011

Kingsley Dunstan-Jones, Rhys Williams, Rachael Sinclair, Emily Roberts, Lucy McCarthy, Stephanie Coles, Morgan Waters, Jack Smyth, Jacob May, Juliet Johns, Kimberley Jenkins, Cerys Haines, Katie Crook, Jessica Collins, Megan Brown

Learn Smart

year 8 spring 2011

year 8 spring 2011

Kiera White, Ben Walters, Lucy Humphrey, Bob Davies, Megan Brown, Serene Davies, Cerys Haines, Sam Maybank, Juliet Johns, Rhianne Jones, Shannon Billet, Paige Jones, Kingsley Dunstan-Jones, Kieran Everitt, Ellie Matthews, Jack Taylor, Oliver Wheeler, Jessica Collins, Jack Jones, Kyle Foster

Home Economics

year 8 spring 2011

Megan Brown, Katie Crook, Juliet Johns, Abigail Rees, Molly Robson, Harry Gerrard, Connor Morris, Erin Jenkins, Zoe Morgan, Laila Hafid

Art & Design

year 8 spring 2011

year 8 spring 2011

Sophie Lee-Lewis, Jade Cooper, Johanna Little, Anna Robinson, Joseph Vellam, Zoe Morgan, Emma Saunders, Mason Llewellyn, Chloe Wesley, Caitlin Rodd, Lewis Robson, Sarah Watts, Lauren Paskell, Soloman Bolton, Eithane Moss, Bethany Riley

100% Attendance

Happily, too many students in year 8 achieved 100% attendance to list them all by name.  Congratulations to all of you on this critical accompliment for your success in school!

year 8 spring 2011

year 8 spring 2011

year 8 spring 2011

year 8 spring 2011

year 8 spring 2011

year 8 spring 2011

year 8 spring 2011

year 8 spring 2011

Y Pant Business Studies Students Visit Perkin Elmer

Year 13 Business Studies group recently visited local business PerkinElmer in preparation for their final examination. The research theme the students are investigating is ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’. Perkin Elmer are a global company with a factory located in Llantrisant Business Park, they manufacture scientific equipment – see www.perkinelmer.co.uk for more information about the business.
Y Pant has enjoyed strong links with the business for many years and visit on a regular basis. Jackie and Grant (Human Resources PerkinElmer) produced a presentation for year 13 students in relation to ‘CSR’ at PerkinElmer. Recent CSR developments by the business include working towards minimising waste, offering help to Japan with the recover from the recent Tsunami and investing in employee development.
Students found the presentation informative, interesting and relevant to their individual studies. Students were given the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the presentation – an opportunity that both Tom Grother and Matthew Bartlett took full advantage of!

y pant business studies

y pant business studies