French Spelling Bee

Calling All Year 7

  • Are you a top speller in French?
  • Do new words fascinate you?
  • Do you dare face the word challenge?

The French department are holding a Year 7 Spelling Bee

Monday 2nd & Tuesday 3rd July (Qualifying Round)

Final on Monday 9th July
Sign up & collect a word list from Madame Rose

Y Pant Olympics!

Summer is here (ish!) and here at Y Pant we like to celebrate everything in style, so forget London 2012, it’s all about the Y Pant Olympics!

On 27th June we’ll be having our pupils from Years 7-10 competing in their houses for the Sports Day Cup, with activities ranging from the more traditional athletic events to events such as Angry Birds (winner of the Year 7 LearnSmart competition to find a new Olympic event) and everybody’s new favourite – the water race!

All staff and students are getting extra-competitive to win this title in the Olympic year – check out our YouTube video to see just how excited we all are!

Deputy Head’s Blog

Midsummer and School Sports Day is upon us and the weather is, predictably, more akin to late October.   However, we refuse to be daunted!  Next Wednesday for the first time ever our Sports Day will be transformed into the Y Pant Olympics complete with an opening ceremony which will put London to shame!  This event has always been a crucial day in the Y Pant calendar and we are looking forward to cheering on the competitors representing their houses.  Everybody has a part to play, though, and even if you are not competing remember to turn out and encourage your friends and peers in their endeavours.  Will we see any school records broken this year?  Which house will triumph?  Will it stay dry?  I, for one, am looking forward to finding out.

Great news from Hollywood (and how often do you read that on a school website?)…Mr Owen Thomas’s play has opened in Los Angeles (Mr Thomas now calls it ‘LA’ we assume)  to rave reviews.  What an experience and what an achievement.  Look out for ‘Richard  Parker’ when next performed in a theatre near you; it really is special.  We are all incredibly proud of our colleague and look forward to welcoming him back to school (and down to earth!) next week.

Next Friday we welcome Year 6 pupils into the school for their pre-September visit and to attend the E3+ Launch Day.  This is always another exciting day in the school year and I look forward to seeing our soon-to-be-new pupils.  Most of these pupils are currently in Morfa Bay on a residential outdoor pursuits course getting to know each other through exciting bonding and team-building activities…great opportunity, shame about the weather but I’m sure they’ll have a fantastic time.

I’m going to tempt fate and make a few sporting predictions: Wales to defeat Australia by a single score; England to beat Italy on penalties.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Y Pant Olympics – 27th June 2012

The Y Pant Olympics (i.e. sports day) takes place (weather permitting) on 27th June this year. The various houses have chosen a song to be played during the event – and at “medal ceremonies”.

Athletes are to wear P.E kit on the day. Non athletes are to wear their school uniform but they must wear an item of clothing that shows off their house colour. E.g a hat, a scarf, a badge etc.

Caerau – I Predict an Earthquake – Blue

Gwanaf – Down with the Trumpets – Yellow

Maelwg – We Will Rock You – Green

Trecastell – The Rocky Theme – Red

Arfau – Beat It – Orange

Llanerch – The Final Countdown – Purple

Efail – Eye of the Tiger – Grey

Brofiscin – We Are The Champions – PinkShieldLogo

The 2nd Y Pant School Debating Competition

Wednesday 4th July

Great prizes to be won

See Mr Howells for details on entering


1st Round:

This house would ban abortions

2nd Round:

This house would stop gay pride marches in areas where there is likely to be a violent backlash

3rd Round:

This house would allow the use of sports enhancement drugs


This house believes Britain would be better placed for the 21st Century as a Republic

Reserve motion:

This house would make prisoners pay for their sentences

Hollywood Fringe Festival Success for Mr Thomas!

Fringe PosterHead of Drama, Mr Thomas, is currently in Los Angeles where he is putting on his play Richard Parker at the Los Angeles Fringe Festival.

The play has had some fantastic reviews including a coveted Go recommendation from the blog LA Weekly.

More details about the play and the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

Review from the Bitter Lemons website.

Lots of other reviews are collated on the Theatre Wales website.


Deputy Head’s Blog

We’ve come to the end of half term (remember not to come to school next week!) and the end of Year 13’s time in school.  We bade farewell to this group of students this morning in a final assembly culminating in Mr Owen’s traditional slide show of embarrassing photographs!  I wish all those students the very best of luck in the exams to come and look forward to seeing them on results day in August with -I hope – smiling faces.

More and more interviews this week….On Tuesday we appointed Miss Sarah Madden and Mrs Kelly-Ann Munday to the posts of teachers of English.  We look forward to welcoming them into the school in September.  On Thursday, Mr Joseph Kuck was appointed to the post of Head of English and Miss Sian Mundy to the post of Head of Media Studies.  Congratulations to all of these colleagues; I’m sure they’ll do an outstanding job here in Y Pant.

Have a great half-term everyone (I expect a lot of you will be revising frantically though)….