Deputy Head’s Blog

What a week!  The sun shone (a bit) on Tuesday which meant that Sports Day could run unhindered from beginning to end.  There were many outstanding performances by young athletes from all houses and in all competitions with Gawanaf emerging as worthy winners.  Well done to everybody involved!

Still on the theme of sport I’d like to wish Rebecca Evans the best of luck in the Schools International Athletics Championship this weekend.  I look forward to hearing how she got on.

Then to the Muni on Tuesday evening for the annual Envirovision Song Quest.  Y Pant’s victory last year was a proud moment for the school indeed.  Dare we dream a second successive victory?  Competition was tough and Tonypandy in particular performed an outstanding piece of music which showcased some exceptional talents.  Y Pant performed last and, clad in bin liners playing only on acoustic instruments, they took to the stage…a few bars into the song and all doubt was blown away.  What a song!  What a performance!  Well done to all the pupils involved and their music teachers.  Da iawn!  Winners for the second year in a row.  

Today (Friday) is Pupil Review Day.  It’s a crucial day in the school calendar because it gives pupils the chance to reflect upon their performance throughout the year and to set targets for themselves in the new academic year.  It is also a day when pupils get involved in many different activities around the school.

We also have our termly Achievement Assemblies taking place from Thursday this week to next Monday.  These are occasions that Mr Tucker and I really enjoy because it gives us a chance to reward pupils for their efforts and achievements in many different fields.  The range and diversity of areas in which our young people excel always amazes me.  Perhaps as a nation we should be more forthcoming in celebrating and publicising our successes.  We’re certainly aiming to do so as a school.

Last week of the school year next year but there’s still plenty going on so it’s important that pupils attend up to the very end of term.

Have a great weekend everyone.

More Able and Talented Geography Students create a new declaration of rights

On Tuesday 5th July, twenty-two year eight students took part in a MAaT Day organised by the Geography Department. The students were engaged in a variety of tasks surrounding the United Nations and specifically the topic of ‘Children’s Rights’. This topic fitted well within the ‘Healthy mind, body and World’ MAaT focus for the academic year.


The group started the day by investigating the role of the UN and the work it does around the globe. The group then moved on to consider what they believed constituted human rights and which rights in particular were most important to us as individuals.



The pupils were then split into groups of three and assigned a country to represent for the rest of the day. Countries represented in the General Assembly were; Germany, Iran, Mexico, South Africa, Sri Lanka, USA and China. Each country then spent a brief period research basic information on their adopted country.




The second half of the day, pupils negotiated and debated with the aim of compiling their own Declaration on the Rights of the Child (this can be seen below). The year eight pupils displayed excellent knowledge, whilst also engaging in vibrant and articulate discussion surrounding some very important issues.

The day was a great success and really enjoyed by all involved. Well done year eight!

MAaT Declaration on the Rights of the Child

  • The right to choose our own sexuality and not be discriminated because of it.
  • Right of free speech.
  • Right to extra protection in war zones for under 18s.
  • Right to benefits for disabled children.
  • Right to protection from slavery, trafficking and prostitution.
  • Right to free health care for children up to 18, OAPs and pregnant women.
  • Right to government support for the poor e.g free water wells.
  • Right to independent choice with regards to religion and not being discriminated for it.
  • Right to free education up to the age of 18 but children have the right to leave at 16.
  • Right to free economy e.g water filters, clean habitat, shelters and mosquito nets.

More Able and Talented Home Economics Challenge Event

On Friday 8th July eleven pupils from Years 7,8, and 9 took part in the MAAT Home Economics challenge. The pupils who participated were: Yr 7 Harri Lewis, Toby Nye, Jade Evans, Chloe Booth-Jones. Yr 8 Bryce Marshall, Megan Brown, Lewis Robson, Eleanor Dunn. Yr 9 Zoe Fullbrook, Lewys Gwyther, Dominic Grossett.

This year’s theme was Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy World. Pupil’s were given the following situation and brief:


The preparations for the 2012 London Olympic Games are well under way and all over the U.K. there are various arrangements taking place to host athletes from all over the world. However the Olympic Games are not just about sport, they provide the opportunity for Britain to foster international relationships with many other cultures.


To welcome visitors and athletes. You have been asked to contribute to the cultural exchange by providing refreshments at a number of sporting events. Develop a range of healthy multicultural, high energy food and drinks inspired by recipes from different countries.

The pupils were allocated twelve different countries and investigated and chose from a wide selection of traditional recipes. The menus were as follows:

YR7-France, Mexico, India, Ireland

year 7

FRENCH MENUFrench Onion Soup with Gruyer Croutons, Chicken Basquaise Crème Brulee -chosen by Toby.

french menu

MEXICAN  MENUChilli con Carne with Rice, Biscochitas-chosen by Jade

INDIAN MENUBalti Butter Chicken with Spiced Lemon Rice, Caramel Pudding, Badam Milk Shake.-chosen by Harri.

indian menu

IRISH MENU-Irish Bacon and Cabbage Soup, Strawberry Bread and Blueberry Sauce-chosen by Chloe.

irish menu

YR8-Italy, Jamaica, U.S.A.,U.K.

year 8

ITALIAN MENU-Tomato Soup, Dolchellate Chicken with Linguini, Tiramisu, Mixed Fruit Cocktail.-chosen by Bryce.

italian menu

JAMAICAN MENU-Jerk Chicken with Sweet Potato Wedges, Pineapple Up-side down Cake. Passion Fruit and Mango Smoothie- chosen by Megan.

jamaican menu

AMERICAN MENUStuffed Potato Skins, Pork Fajitas, Banana and Walnut Bread, American Fruit Smoothie-Lewis

BRITISH MENUScottish Shortbread, Welsh Leek and Cheese Soup, Cornish Cream Tea.- chosen by Ellie

YR9-Spain, Turkey, Greece, China

year 9

SPANISH MENU-Prawns with Romesco Sauce, Spanish Tortilla.-chosen by Lewys

spanish menu

TURKISH MENUChicken Shish Kebab, Tiramisu Bowl, Almond Cookies. Chosen by-Domonic

CHINESE MENUChilli Fish with Rice, Szechuan Chicken, Chow Mein. Plain Fried Rice.-chosen by Zoë.

GREEK MENULamb Moussaka, Baklava

greek menu

All pupils who took part worked brilliantly, all the dishes were of very high quality. The member’s staff that were lucky enough to taste their efforts were very impressed and complimentary. Mr Tucker has asked me to pass on his congratulations to the all pupils concerned. – Mrs J. Griffiths.

Y Pant Staff Pedal for Chelsea

On Friday 8th July we held a non-uniform day at Y Pant School.  Pupils paid £1 each to wear their own clothes to school and the proceeds, in part will go towards raising money to buy a specially adapted exercise bike for Chelsea Callaghan in year 7.

Chelsea, age 12 and in year 7 lives in Talbot Green.  She suffers from a rare skin condition called Epidermolysis Bullosa which stops her from doing some everyday things.

Recently she visited the Disability Sports Wales day in Cardiff with her class and tried out a number of different activities.  She especially enjoyed riding the bike which she has wanted to do for a long time.  If we raise enough money it will give her the pleasure of going outdoors and exercising her legs as this isnt available to her at the moment.

In the words of her Learning Support Assistant Mrs Button: “The sheer look of delight and enjoyment on her face whilst trying out the bike is a true testament to how much this equipment would enrich her life”.

As well as the non-uniform day, a group of staff also undertook a sponsored cycle-ride of 30km after school on Friday.  Chelsea started the group off from school at 3:15 and the group cycled the local area including the Church Village Community Route – some of them even made it to the top of the Garth.

Mr “Stats” Mitchell tells us the following:

Total Distance 29.41km
Total Time 2Hrs46Mns
Max. Speed 54.9 km/hr
Av. Moving Speed 18.10 km/hr
Elevation Gain 587 m (a bit less for the sane ones!)

Deputy Head’s Blog

It was great to welcome parents of prospective Year 7 pupils to the school on Wednesday night.  This annual event gives us the opportunity to allay some worries as well as giving lots of useful advice.  I look forward to working with this new cohort of pupils and to building excellent working relationships with all new members of the Y Pant community.   Many thanks must also go to the Friends of Y Pant and their tremendous work with the school uniforms.

The word of the week is ‘contented’ and how appropriate it is, then, that I’m writing this immediately after enjoying the delights of food from all around the world produced in our Home Economics department by our most talented pupil chefs.  Well done and thanks to everyone involved; the food really was amazing as Mrs Tucker’s 4th plateful testified!

We’ve had a non-uniform day today to raise money for the school fund and to help pay for a specially-adapted bike for Chelsea Callaghan in Year 7.  To add to this latter fund, a group of Y Pant teachers are heading out on their very own version of the Tour de France this afternoon.  If you see them give them a cheer and/or a couple of pound!

There’s a lot going on next week: Sports Day on Tuesday (pray for sun), Envirovision in the Muni on Tuesday night (try to get there and cheer our group on.  It was a great night last year and, to cap it all, we won!) and Pupil Review Day next Friday.

I hope everyone has a ‘contented’ weekend.

Y Pant Achieves Phase 2 of the Healthy Schools Award

 Wales Network of Healthy Schools Y Pant School has achieved phase 2 of the Healthy Schools Award and will receive a Healthy Schools Plaque from the Welsh Assembly Government Public Health 

Change for LifeThe Healthy Schools Scheme is a partnership between Health and Education that adopts a holistic approach to health promotion in a school setting.  This academic year the Healthy Schools focus has been on the PSE provision at Y Pant.

Three areas of action were identified:-

To audit the current PSE provision at Y Pant School

A working party comprised of both staff and pupils at Y Pant has been established and regular discussions are being held during student council meetings to identify where in the curriculum health promotion is being taught.  Areas of strength and areas that could be further developed were identified within the current PSE provision.

To update the current PSE provision by developing new resources for use in Key Stages 3 and 4Health Challenge Wales

New resources have been developed for each year group on a vast range of health promotion modules.  Workbooks, Power Points, music and videos have all been used to support delivery and learning.

To plan a series of outside providers to deliver part of the PSE provision

A series of outside providers has been organised and included on a PSE yearly planner to offer their expertise on a number of health promotion modules. The School Nurse and the School Police Officer take regular sessions with pupils in order to support delivery and learning along with other outside agencies such as TEDS and the theatre company ‘IS IT?’.  Members of staff have attended training and pupils are encouraged to evaluate lessons at the end of each PSE topic.

New targets will be set in the new academic year for Phase 3 of the Healthy Schools Scheme in order to continue to improve the social, physical and mental well being of the community at Y Pant.

For more information about Healthy Schools at Y Pant please see Mrs L. Mortimer.

Science and Languages Department Websites Live!

Behind the scenes there is a huge amount of work going on to create websites for every department in the school.  A great many teachers are learning new web design skills to provide useful and up to date information on what goes on in their department.

The two we are showcasing this week are Science and Modern Foreign Languages.

Mr Browne (Physics) and Miss O’Keefe, Mrs Hoare and Mrs Davies (MFL) have been learning WordPress, image editing and even a bit of HTML over the last few weeks.  Department websites and information are available from the Departments link above.

More department websites will be coming over the next few weeks.

Science and MFLNew department websites – use the menu to find your way around.