The walkers with part of their support crew.

55 miles walked in 21 hours 10 minutes!

Congratulations to Mr Pearsall, Mr Jones and Mr Mortimer who finished the epic Taff Trail walk this weekend!  They walked the entire 55 miles, from Brecon to Cardiff Bay, non-stop, in 21 hours and 10 minutes.  The trio were ably assisted by Mr Muscat, Miss Purcell and Mr Thomas who walked large parts of the distance with them.  Mr Battle, Mr Abdo, Mr Duggan and Mr Davies met the walkers at various points to provide essential refreshments.

The walkers are raising money for the Rhian Griffiths Velindre Rose Tribute Fund. If you would like to donate please visit:

…click on Rhian Griffiths Memorial Walk 2014 and make your required donation.
The walkers with part of their support crew.
The walkers with part of their support crew.
The 6 starters in at the beginning of the Taff Trail in Brecon.
The 6 starters in at the beginning of the Taff Trail in Brecon.
At the end of the Taff Trail in Cardiff Bay on Sunday morning.
At the end of the Taff Trail in Cardiff Bay on Sunday morning.

Staff walking 55 MILES on the Taff Trail this weekend in Aid of Rhian Griffiths Velindre Rose Tribute Fund

This weekend some of the Y Pant will be attempting to walk the 55 mile Taff Trail (or parts thereof) from Brecon to Cardiff Bay in less than 24 hours. This will be a rather extreme and challenging walk and will be a real team effort with support drivers and walkers to enable the main effort.
We will be aiming to raise money for the Rhian Griffiths Velindre Rose Tribute Fund which is a charity that is very close to our school community’s heart. There is the opportunity to donate online at:-
…click on Rhian Griffiths Memorial Walk 2014 and make your required donation.
We shall be leaving Brecon at 12 Midday on Saturday and aiming to get into Cardiff Bay by 10 am on Sunday morning. All are aiming to get personal bests for distances walked and will be a little tender on the feet on the Monday morning.
Fair trade

Banana Farmers from Colombia – Update

Fair trade


Dear Fairtrade friend,

It’s been 2 months since I visited the UK to represent and spread the word about the Fairtrade Foundation’s campaign to make bananas fair. I am thrilled that the petition has over 70,000 signatures and the campaign has the support of 56 MPs. It amazes me now, just as it did when I visited you, how supporters of Fairtrade push the movement forward with so much power. These actions have a huge impact for me and other banana producers. My biggest reflection from my visit is how you received me like a member of your own family, and how passionate you all were about Fairtrade. However, Fairtrade Fortnight was only the beginning of the journey to make bananas fair. The price wars that continue to rage between retailers in the UK are damaging the livelihoods of thousands of farmers like me. I’ve heard that the UK’s Secretary of State for Business, Vince Cable, supports Fairtrade’s work broadly but believes the market is currently working for consumers who get cheap bananas. My message to him is simple: what about us, the farmers and workers who grow bananas?  I want to stress the importance of protecting producers: we work incredibly hard all year round to grow the UK’s favourite fruit. We deserve a fair price for our bananas. My friends at the Fairtrade Foundation handed in the petition to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills a couple of weeks ago, you can watch the short video of the hand-in below.

Please continue to support me, and thousands like me, by asking for and buying Fairtrade bananas. We’ll be in touch soon with how you can go further to make bananas fair. All the best,

fair trade 3


Watching the Nao robot being put through its paces

Teen Tech: Year 8 find out about careers in Science, Technology and Engineering

Last week 10 year 8 pupils took part in the Teen Tech activities day at the Liberty Stadium in Swansea.  Hosted by Maggie Philbin (presenter of BBC’s Bang Goes the Theory – and for the parents, Tomorrow’s World) the day was intended to show pupils the wide variety of exciting careers they could have in the science, technology and engineering sector.

We started the day with the students being challenged to design an app, after having been shown the variety of sensors on smartphones that professional app designers have at their disposal.

Pupils then saw a variety of different stands in the Insight Zone, learning about how chemists make mirrors from clear chemicals and what sort of activities you do if you are doing a PhD in Chemistry, how to control robots and the different sensors modern anthropomorphic robots have and the timeline of development in audio visual technology.  After lunch we had half an hour with Sony in their mocked up TV studio with pupils taking on different roles to delivery the news.  Charlotte and Ryan had to get to grips with reading from an autocue whilst Megan monitored their reading speed and adjusted the autocue accordingly.  Yasmin, as the weather presenter had to be ready to leap into shot at the correct time and deliver her forecast.  Emilia, Zara, Jevan and Joel did a great job using the professional broadcast cameras whilst Hassan was responsible for ensuring the correct image was presented on top of the green screen.  Thankfully with Liam directing, the whole thing went very smoothly!

Our final event was with the graduate trainees from Airbus in Bristol who used a variety of hands-on equipment to demonstrate aerodynamics and the hydraulic technology used with the landing gear.

This was a superbly organised event, thanks to Teen Tech and Technocamps!

Yasmin Howells

During the day there were many activities that I participated in. Out of these there were many that I enjoyed and became interested in.  These include: being able the play a role in a trial TV studio with Sony; I got to play a weather girls and had to stand in front of a green screen. It was a great experience!  I also enjoyed our session with Airbus ( a company that designs aircraft).  We got to drive and fly a model plane to learn about aerodynamics. It was really interesting and provided lots of information for a future career.

Jevan Tiffin

I enjoyed looking at all the different stalls in the Insight Area.  We started off with chemistry and we learned how to make a mirror.  We learned about robots and how evolved they are getting.  I want to become an engineer when I am older and the one thing that helped me was going to see Airbus.  They taught us about all the electronics and hydraulics in the wheels of an aeroplane.  Teen Tech really helped me with wanting to be an engineer.

Emilia Bolton

Last week, when I visited the Liberty Stadium to attend the Teen Tech trip, I had never really considered a career in Physics or engineering.  However when I left the trip I realised that careers in those departments are a lot more interesting than I had ever thought.  My favorite part of the day was when we had to build a small robot and then program it to move.  I thoroughly enjoyed the day and I think its a great opportunity for anybody.

Megan Griffiths

I think that it was really good.  It made me think more about what kind of job opportunities there are.  I enjoyed getting to know about the different companies.

Hassan Hafid

I enjoyed the variety of activities at Teen Tech and there were lots of different people that did different jobs.  We found out a few things.  I found out that there were more jobs available than I thought there were.  It made me think of different jobs in technology I can do and think towards.  I want to go to university before I get a job because I think it will get me further in the future.

Liam Mo

I enjoyed the Teen Tech activities because there was a lot of variety.  We learned lots of new skills.  The day was full of excitement.  It helped me to learn all the different skills and jobs for me so I have experience in jobs and it wont be that hard for me to find a job in technology.  I want to go to university to show off my skills that I learned when I was 12 from Teen Tech.]

Charlotte Powell

I really enjoyed the Teen Tech trip because it helped me find out more about what kinds of jobs are available to me when I finish university.  I found out about a variety of different subjects to take.



Comenius Wales 2014

Comenius Visit to Wales

The week before half term Y Pant successfully hosted 21 exchange pupils for its Comenius Project. This was the second conference held for the project and students arrived from various European countries; Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway and Spain.

The conference lasted three days and during this time all schools presented the work that they had worked on in their own countries, linked to using social media, education and being an entrepreneur. Y Pant pupils researched famous British entrepreneurs, created a video about educational apps and presented the results of an online survey. In groups, students made coins in the art department (inspired from our proximity to the Royal Mint and the online currency Bitcoin) and within mixed nationality groups, students took part in a “Dragons’ Den” styled activity in which they had to create and develop an educational app before pitching it to Mr Powell! (The winning app was called MyMusik and it helped people learn how to sing!) On the last day of the conference the students went on a cultural trip to Cardiff Castle.

Y Pant thoroughly enjoyed hosting our European Guests and we are working hard ready for the third conference in the Netherlands.

Comenius Coin


The coin commemorates the Comenius visit here at Y Pant.

The statue at the centre of the village of Llantrisant is in the centre of the coin.

Llantrisant is the location of the Royal Mint, the site where all coins here in the UK are made.

The Netherlands

Our coin is representing the typical Dutch things like the windmill and the typical old Dutch shoes. And, of course the flag of our country!


We discussed ideas for the coin. We decided that a dragon would be a good representation of Wales. We also wanted to have an object that symbolised our country so we drew a Shamrock as well. We then decided to draw a daffodil to represent Wales.


We made this coin, and it represents our project. We have ‘The Gecko, ‘The Love Maze’, models we have made back in Norway in our Art class, and the Sandnes symbol – The Gauk. We wanted it to stand out and therefore used a lot of colours.


Our coin represents the union between all the countries that have taken part in this project and the collaboration is represented as a tree. We were thinking we wanted to represent the union of our countries.


Our coin represents our good experiences we have made here in Wales. Wales is symbolised by the Red Dragon and the pint of beer stands for Germany. The Dragon wraps around the glass symbolising us coming together. The background looks like the flag of Wales.


Emma looks forward to a summer of top Welsh swimming

Emma Williams (Year 12) is looking forward to competing in the Summer Nationals at the National Pool in Swansea in August. Emma has been swimming with Llantrisant Sharks for 9 years.  This year she has been invited to swim in four events because she is currently ranked in the top 8 in Wales in her age group for the 50m Free, 50m Butterfly and 100m Breastroke (6th)  and 50m Breaststroke (3rd).

In August 2012 and 2013 Emma won the Silver Medal in the 50m Breastroke and on both occasions she achieved a British Time qualifying for the British Nationals.

Here Emma is on the podium having received her Silver medal for the 50m Breastroke in 2013.

EmmaWilliamsSwimThanks to Helen Williams for photo and text.


school logo

Whitsun Half-Term Revision Sessions

The following revision sessions will be running for year 11 and year 13 students at half-term.

Date AM session details PM session details
Monday 26th May
Tuesday 27th May Year 11 History (for those resitting German module) 9.30am – 2pm Year 13 Media Studies (Miss Umbleja) 9am – 1pmYear 13 Psychology (Miss Phillips) 10am – 2pm

Year 13 Welsh (Miss Preene)

Year 11 (Miss Preene’s groups only) 1pm – 3pm
Wednesday 28th May Year 11 Media Studies (Miss Umbleja) 9am – 1pmYear 13 English Literature (Mr Kuck) 9am – 1 pm
Thursday 29th May
Friday 30th May Year 11 Maths (focus group only)(Miss Owen) 10am – 12
school logo

School Uniform – Important Information – Summer 2014

Mr Powell has issued the following to parents and carers regarding school uniform:

As we come to the latter half of the summer term I would be grateful for your continued support in ensuring that your son/daughter attends school wearing the correct school uniform and with the correct equipment. I would particularly like to call to your attention the requirements regarding school trousers, especially for girls, as this is the element of the school uniform which is most commonly breached. These requirements are outlined below:

  • No drainpipe or drainpipe style trousers.
  • No leggings or legging style trousers.
  • No trousers which are tight around the ankles.
  • No trousers which we deem to be too tight.
  • No low waistlines.
  • No denim
  • Low heel, school-style shoes or ankle-high boots in plain dark brown, black or mid grey.
  • No trainers are permitted.

We will be conducting rigorous uniform checks immediately after the half-term holiday.

The Purchase of School Uniform

Uniform may be purchased from the uniform classroom, which is room 28, (not the Gymnasium) on the following dates:

  • Monday 14th July – 5pm-8pm
  • Tuesday 15th July – 5pm -8pm
  • Wednesday 16th July – 5pm -8pm
  • Thursday 17th July  - 5pm – 8pm

The uniform shop will also be open certain dates late August and an extra night during the first week in September. These dates will be relayed via Parent Mail and the website shortly.

Uniform prices and measurements can be found here.

The full uniform list is:


  • Black school style trousers or knees length skirts.
  • Black shoes (low heels) or ankle boots. No trainers.
  • Royal blue ‘V’ neck sweatshirt with Y Pant logo.
  • Light blue polo shirt with Y Pant logo OR white/light blue school shirt with school tie. No visible undergarments.
  • Royal blue Y Pant fleece or Y Pant hoodie – used as outer garment.
  • Overcoat with no oversized or inappropriate logos. No denim, leather or leather look.
  • Sixth formers may wear navy blue ‘V’ neck sweatshirt with school logo.
  • No make up or nail varnish.
  • No jewelery except a watch. Girls may wear one small pair of stud earrings.
  • No fashion accessories.
  • Only natural looking hair colour and sensible hairstyles. No patterns in eyebrows, facial hair or tattoos.