Y Pant celebrate poster exhibition at Royal Glamorgan Hospital

Earlier this year a group of More Able and Talented pupils from the Art Department were involved in the design and production of a health campaign poster promoting the safe use of medicines. The project involving a number of schools in the RCT area was run by ‘Art is Community’ and sponsored by the Welsh Government. The eye catching designs were praised by the chief hospital pharmacist as a huge success at the official celebration on Wednesday 6th May. The exhibition of posters can be seen at the Hospital.


Year 10 Business students win Stock Market Challenge


Congratulations to year 10 students Jared Upright, Lewis Roberts, Lloyd Evans, Shaun Grainger and Brandon Webb who last week won the South Wales Stock Market Challenge at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Working in teams, their task was to manage a fund of shares and foreign currency by interpreting information and investing in the markets.  The team with the highest total fund at the closing bell of the competition were the winners.

You can read more about the event on the Cardiff Met website and on the website for the Stock Market Challenge.

Thanks to Cardiff Met for the picture and hosting the day.

National Reading and Numeracy Test Arrangements

As part of the Welsh Government’s drive to improve standards in literacy and numeracy, all students from Years 7 to 9 are required to sit National Reading and Numeracy Tests.

No extra revision will be required for these tests. However, over the next few days some lessons will have time allocated to working through sample materials in order to familiarise students with the process.

Any student absent for the scheduled test date will have the opportunity to sit the tests before the test window ends on Tuesday 12th May. Rest assured that all necessary provisions will be made for any students with additional learning needs. Results will be available to parents/carers by the end of the summer term.

More information can be found about the tests on the Literacy and Numeracy Support website or at www.learning.wales.gov.uk

The timetable for the tests is as follows.

Reading Tests and Numerical Procedures Tests

These tests will both be sat in the Sports Hall in a 2 hour block.  The Reading Test is 1 hour and the Numerical Procedures test is 30 minutes.   Students should go to their timetabled lessons to register as normal, before being directed to the Sports Hall to sit the tests.

Day/Time Year Group
Thursday 7th May 8.35am. 9
Thursday 7th May 11.15 am. 8
Friday 8th May 11.15am 7

Numerical Reasoning Tests

This additional test involves the presentation of stimulus material via PowerPoint. It is therefore necessary to split students into smaller groups. Again, students should go to timetabled lessons to register as normal, before being directed to the tests as follows:




Wednesday 6th May

Period 1 9X1 Main Hall
9X2 Room 68
Period 2 9X3 Main Hall
9X4 Room 68
Period 3 9Y1 Main Hall
9Y2 Room 68
Period 4 9Y3 Main Hall
9YS and 9Y4 Room 68

Thursday 7th May

Period 1 7A2 Main Hall
7A1 Room 68
Period 2 7A3 Main Hall
7A4 Room 17
Period 3 7B2 Main Hall
7B3 Room 68
Period 4 7C1 Main Hall
7C2 and 7C3 Room 68
Period 5 7B1 Room 68

Friday 8th May

Period 1 8Y1 Main Hall
8Y2 Room 68
Period 2 8X1 Main Hall
8X2 Room 68
Period 3 8Y4 and YS Main Hall
8Y3 Room 68
Period 4 8X4 Main Hall
8X3 Room 68



Are you / would you be ready? On the 20th November 2014, the Presiding Officer for the National Assembly for Wales, Dame Rosemary Butler, launched a national consultation aimed at young people to ask them for their views on lowering the voting age.


The closing date for the consultation is fast approaching – 2 JUNE 2015 – but you can still have your say by completing the short online survy – link below:-


Welsh link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/?sm=vqzriaH2BsyJh3qXt6KXsn1nWGbRLx7HQk8SyvYG%2f08%3d

English link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/?sm=lB2qXFtCq8R0WLwbeNbYD5itZDfnDZsQ1a4elhwHA48%3d

Comenius – A Reflection on Norway

Last week 3 year nine pupils represented Y Pant at the Comenius Conference in Norway.  They joined 5 other European countries in the last meeting of the project, My 21st Century.  Here Riya Kale (RK) and Megan Rees (MR) discuss their visit.

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Why were you selected to go to Norway?

MR: We won a competition and the prize was to go to Norway.  We visited a town called Sandnes.

RK: Our entries were presentations about Architecture and Society.  We used the brief (a Winston Churchill quote) and interpreted it in our own way.  Therefore we focused on our family backgrounds and compared and looked at the differences to our lives in Wales especially as we are from India, Nepal and Ireland.

Can you explain the project?

RK: The project is called My 21st Century.  We presented our PowerPoint on Architecture and Society as well as our stop-motion film and our line poster about how we interpret buildings in the future.  It’s a fun, confidence building experience where you can make a bunch of new friends of all different cultures.

MR: It’s a chance to build friendships with lots of different people whilst being part of a fun and interesting project.  The other schools in the project presented work about how houses will be adapted in the future to be more eco-friendly, about how town planning will evolve and the Dutch school made videos representing how they will live in 50 years’ time.

Where did you stay?

MR: We stayed with a Norwegian host family.  Their house was different to the houses here in Wales.  It was wooden and had 3 floors.

RK: The architecture was different.  It was rare to see a brick building.  All houses were made from wood.  My host’s house was very modern.

What did you do in Norway?

RK: Apart from representing Y Pant and presenting our work, we had a range of different activities: we went sight-seeing; we went to the beach; we participated in teambuilding activities such as Irish and Catalan dancing; we went bowling; we went hiking (even though the view of the town was blocked by fog!); we visited fun interactive museums.

What was the highlight of the trip?

MR: For me it was meeting new and different people.  I also enjoyed going to the beach.

RK: Making new friends and going on the hike because I really got to know people.

What did you learn?

MR: You can have a lot in common with someone who is from a completely different background.

RK: There’s no point in being shy!  Just talk to people because you only have a limited time.

Do you have any tips for future Comenius/Erasmus + travellers?

RK: Pack suitable clothing according to activities.

MR: Relax and be yourself.  Take a plug adaptor!

Would you participate in Comenius again?

RK: Yes!  I would do Comenius again, to make new friends in a different experience and also to have the chance to meet our new found friends again.

MR: Yes, to have the chance to learn even more about other cultures.

Mint to Mint Challenge; Teachers Aim to Cycle to Birmingham in a Day!

On June 13th six intrepid cyclists from Y Pant School (including Headteacher Mr Powell) will be joined by five colleagues from Newton Lifeguard Club (Porthcawl) to aim to complete the ‘Mint to Mint’ Charity Cycle Challenge’. The challenge is the brain-child of Mr Pearsall and is a cycle ride from the Royal Mint in Llantrisant to the old Birmingham Mint in the city’s Jewellery Quarter. The challenge is to complete the approximate 130 miles of the journey in a day!

mint to mint cyclists
Some of the riders from the first (and only!) training ride. Pictured are (l-r) Mr B. Jones, Mr Powell, Mr Pelaez-Heras, Mr Mortimer and Mr Battle.


The challenge is a natural successor to the Taff Trail walk from Brecon to Cardiff in a day endurance trial from 2014. The cycle ride is in support of the Rhian Griffiths Velindre Rose Tribute Fund which raises money for cervical cancer and other cancer research and care. If you would like to contribute to the fundraising there will sponsorship forms in school or you could visit the Just Giving site.

The challenge is in the spirit of the school’s Healthy Living ethos which advocates a healthy active lifestyle to assist with all round well-being and brain health to optimise educational success and lifelong learning. For further guidance on feeling good and living well, see the following videos:-


Pontypridd District Championship Finals

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On the 15th of April the Year Seven and Eight rugby teams went to the University of South Wales playing fields in Treforest to play their respective Pontypridd District Championship Finals. On a beautiful sunny day both teams came out as convincing and well deserved winners and champions.

The Year Sevens kicked off first against Garth Olwg which was a feast of running rugby by both sides. Garth Olwg’s rugby pedigree cannot be denied as they started strongly and ran the ball from deep but it was Y Pant who scored first with Conan Flower making a smart attack up a weakly defended blind side to put Iwan Jenkins into space and score first.  Another quick fire try from Y Pant appeared to show that Year Sevens were going to win comfortably but Garth Olwg’s flair and determination resulted in a stunning fight back to put them into the lead with the half time whistle fast approaching. However, Y Pant, who entered the final undefeated, then showed their resolve to claw back into the lead and start to turn the screw.

With great performances from Iwan Jenkins, Dafydd Price and man of the match, Ryan Wilkins, the flood gates began to open for Y Pant who began to score at will. With Seb Thomas and captain, Luke Bradwell, leading the charge in the forward pack Y Pant really opened up and finished the game as 43-24 winners and champions of the Pontypridd Schools District.

The Year Eight game against local rivals Bryn Celynnog followed ten minutes later. Similar to the Year Seven team the Year Eights were determined to run the ball, but this time with an emphasis on direct running at the Bryn Celynnog central defensive line. There were a number of boys from the Year Eight team who had toured Northern Ireland a few weeks previous and these boys picked up from where they left off at Ballynahinch RFC with a professional warm up, team run and attitude. Led by Number Eight Jamie Gill the Year Eights followed the game plan and earned the right to go wide. Rhys Jones and Sam Fletcher made good early yards for Y Pant as the early pressure started to mount and big carries eventually led to Ben Robinson scoring the first of his hat-trick. After Y Pant went three tries up a moment of madness set in for tight head prop Sam Fletcher who was rightly shown red for a strike with the foot to a Bryn player in a ruck. This lifted Bryn Celynnog’s spirit who began to assault the Y Pant line from the resulting penalty. However, Y Pant did not give up. Led by arguably the forward of the match, Kyle Harris, Y Pant turned over the ball and provided some relentless attacks. From this point the game never looked in doubt with strong attacks coming from Mitchell Jones, Griff Davies and man of the match, Dylan George, who bagged five tries altogether! With a few defensive mishaps Y Pant finished the game 59-26 winners. A deserving win for a team who were also undefeated in the regular league season.

Mr Mortimer, Mr Foley and Mr McConnell could not have had enough good words to say about the boys and their attitude and commitment throughout the day and season. They did themselves and the school proud.

Well done to all involved!