Year 11 Mock Exam Timetable

Mock exams start next week.  Pupils have been given a copy of the timetable already.

Mock exam timetable

  • There is no study leave for the duration of the mock exams. Lessons will run as normal.
  • Pupils should attend their timetabled exams and then return to their timetabled lesson when complete.
  • Pupils note that Session 3 exams begin at 1.30pm and might run over after school. You may have to make alternative transport arrangements to get home.
  • All exams in the Sports Hall except for:
    • Science Practical – Rooms 20, 21 & 49 .
    • Art – Rooms 29 & 30
    • Music Practical – Room 59 & 62
    • DT Practical Element – Rooms 36 & 38
    • French Reading & Listening – Rooms 64, 65, 67 & 68

GCSE Music Practical Performance Timetable

These take place on Friday 11th December in room 59.

Michael Chau (solo and ensemble) 9.00

Toby Lloyd (solo and ensemble) 9.15

Jason Whitehead (solo) 9.30

Kallum Beach (solo) 9.40

Ethan Beades (solo) 9.45

Kallum and Ethan (ensemble) 9.50

Abigail Wise (solo and ensemble) 10.00

Nancy Utting (solo) 10.15

Megan Roberts (solo) 10.25

Alicia Moyle (solo) 10.35

Sophie Prosser (solo) 10.40

Tyler Olds (solo and ensemble) 11.10

Naomi Reid (solo) 11.30

Megan Davies (solo) 11.40

Maia Chappell (solo) 11.50

Molly Davies (solo) 12.00

Sarah Pugh (solo) 12.10

Maia and Molly (ensemble) 12.20

Megan Davies (ensemble) 12.35 – but can be lunchtime if you want.

Nancy Utting and Sarah Pugh (ensemble) 1.50

Naomi Reid (ensemble) 2.05

Sophie Prosser (ensemble) 2.20

Maia and Megan R. (ensemble) 2.30

Please ensure you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your performance to warm up etc.

Job Vacancy – casual weekend caretaker

The Governing Body are seeking to appoint a casual weekend caretaker to supervise the operation of the impressive new facilities shortly to be opened at the school. Initially these consist of a 3G Artificial Turf Sports Pitch and a Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA).

In addition to a number of traditional caretaker duties the postholder will be expected to exercise high level customer care skills to provide a welcoming and helpful experience for community groups hiring the facilities.

It is important to note that the appointment is on a casual basis with hours to match bookings made by the community groups, to this extent it is anticipated that these will be influenced by the seasons of the year with more hours anticipated in the autumn/winter than the Spring/Summer.

Pay – £7.50 per hour

Closing Date: 7th December 2015

Please download a full job description and application form here.

Caretaker job description.

Application form – Casual Weekend Caretaker


New Building Progress November 2015

It’s been a bit noisy in the new block today as Morgan Sindall and their subcontractors Jordan Civils have been busy laying the foundations for our new building.

At one point we had two concrete mixers with a long conveyor belt pouring concrete in.  Some of the steel frame has arrived on site (you can see in the background of these pictures) and soon we should be starting to see it take shape.

All very exciting!

PB200034 PB200036 PB200037


Ethics Conference by Peter Vardy

The R.E.P. GCSE Hereford trip was highly worthy and a great idea for anyone thinking of taking GCSE R.E.P. or even further A-Level. The lecture given was of university standard and was both informative, interesting and was also a useful way to learn more and develop our knowledge from the classroom. We considered a range of ethical issues, including euthanasia, if war could ever be justified, genetic engineering, relationships and ethics relating to the environment.

The whole day carried an enjoyable atmosphere and it was a good way to experience advanced ways of teaching/learning for the future. Myself and others would strongly recommend the trip to anyone thinking of pursuing a career, involving ether a religious, ethical or philosophical range of skills.

Overall it was a fun day out, and we look forward to the next!


Abbie Vosper Year 11

The GCSE Religion, Ethics and Philosophy trip to Hereford Cathedral was a very enjoyable and interesting day as it provided us with further knowledge especially for people who have an interest in taking R.E.P. as a GCSE or even extending the course to A-level. During the day we experienced an advanced lecture which broadened our knowledge. Although the lecture was delivered at a very high standard, it was very enjoyable to listen to. It not only developed our level of understanding, it enabled us to think about situations from different perspectives. Throughout the day there was an encouraging and positive atmosphere which made the day extremely enjoyable. I thought the day was a great opportunity to develop my skills which I can now use in the classroom and I would strongly advise this trip to those who are interested in a carer involving religious understanding. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I am very encouraged to participate in trips in the near future.

Ellie Rogers Year 11

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Y Pant Sixth Form Committee

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Children in Need took place on Friday and as always the Sixth Form took part in their annual fancy dress. This year, myself and another student decided to attend as bags of Jelly Beans, which gained a lot of praise on the day so I believe it was a success. Children in Need is one of the best times for the Sixth Form to get together and really contribute to the fundraising done by Y Pant every year. When I started in the Sixth Form last year, a Sixth Form Committee was set up in order to build a team that was engaged in school events and also wanted to have a strong role in the fundraising for the Year 13 Prom. The committee, for the second year, has enjoyed being a part of Children in Need and we are amazed by the incredible £2500 that Y Pant raised this year! We were overwhelmed by the response to the tuck shop this year and once again, it proved successful at both break and lunch. Additionally, the Sixth Form were involved with the running of the activities at lunch including face painting, basketball and helping out with the photo booth; all of which proved to be a lot of fun!

The Sixth Form Committee aims to organise events for the younger years of Y Pant as we have all gone through starting at comprehensive and we know that there is not a great deal of entertainment in our locality. Recently we organised a Halloween Disco for Year 7 and 8, which was held at the drama studio at the school. This was great fun and the response we had was very positive and I know that many of the students would like there to be more. Therefore, I am hoping to use the school website as a way to communicate the new events organised by the Sixth Form Committee, so keep a look out!