Year 10 Catering Class Take Afternoon Tea at Llanerch Vineyard

The Year 10 Catering class have recently started their first piece of controlled assessment work. Their brief is on Afternoon Tea, as they are becoming very popular in the UK and are an excellent way for chefs to demonstrate their skills at producing baked products. Year 10 have to prepare, cook and serve four items that could be offered as part of an Afternoon Tea menu. This is an exciting and challenging task they have ahead of them. On Tuesday 23rd February, eleven Catering students visited Llanerch Vineyard to experience Afternoon Tea for themselves and get an idea of what types of products they would have to produce. Here are some quotes from the day.


We really enjoyed the trip to Llanerch Vineyard. The wide selection of beverages is an impressive display of how creative people can be to keep their customers interested, teas provided included: Earl Grey, Green Tea and Iron Goddess of Mercy oolong Tea. All the teas were served with a sand timer so that brewing time was accurate.

Thomas Meek and Cameron Bargery


The table set up looked very professional and slightly posher than I expected! We were seated and given hard cased menus so that we could choose from a selection of teas, coffee and soft drinks. We were also give jugs of ice water for the tables. I enjoyed the Afternoon Tea and I think it will influence my ideas for my coursework.

Jasmine Jones


The food was served on a three tier cake stand, with savoury items on the bottom. For savoury they served sandwiches such as ham and mustard, salmon, cheese and pickle, cucumber and egg mayo. My favourite was the ham! On the middle tier there were a selection of scones and Welsh cakes, served with clotted cream and strawberry jam. The scones were really crumbly; however, they were not dry! On the top tier there were quartered strawberries for presentation served with lemon cake, profiteroles, hazelnut brownies and macarons. The trip has given me some good ideas for presentation.

Melissa Cayford


I enjoyed the trip; my favourite was the macarons and the scones. For me this trip was very helpful for my coursework. They showed me how I can serve the food and I have a better understanding of what Afternoon tea is.

Wanessa Sikorska


On the whole I enjoyed the food and I liked how they had timers for your tea. The whole experience for Afternoon Tea at Llanerch Vineyard was lovely and has inspired me with ideas when I do my own Afternoon Tea.

Tyla Smith


‘Citizenship’ in the Sherman Theatre

Congratulations to our very talented year 12 pupils, Rhys Owen, Rhys James and Evan Doyle who performed superbly in the play ‘Citizenship’ in the Sherman Theatre, Cardiff. ‘Citizenship’ shows how a young boy battles with his sexuality alongside the normal pressures of being a teenager. We are so proud of Rhys, Rhys and Evan who have demonstrated such professionalism, dedication and maturity to such a hard hitting play. Well done boys!
‘Citizenship’ is also being performed tonight (26th February) and tomorrow night (27th February) at 7:30pm. Tickets can be purchased from the Sherman box office.  
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Language Ambassadors – City Hall, Cardiff

It’s been a busy time in the French department. On Friday 5th February five Year 9 pupils, Mason, Shani, Lauren, Cordelia and Lydia took part in Pupil Language Ambassador training organised by Route into Languages Cymru. Here are just some quotes from the day.

Last Friday we went to City Hall in Cardiff. We took part in a Language Ambassador training day. It was a very fun day learning more about languages in a variety of quizzes. We watched videos which showed us how important it is to take a language and how there is a shortage of people opting for a language in the UK. We were given leaflets and information booklets and learnt only a quarter of the world’s population speak English. We also talked about what we were going to do as language ambassadors to try and encourage more pupils to take a language. It was a great experience to go on a trip like this and I have learnt much more about languages.

Lydia Morgan

Routes into Languages event which took place in City Hall in Cardiff © WALES NEWS SERVICE
Routes into Languages event which took place in City Hall in Cardiff
Routes into Languages event which took place in City Hall in Cardiff © WALES NEWS SERVICE
Routes into Languages event which took place in City Hall in Cardiff


I was really pleased that I was chosen to become a Language Ambassador for Y Pant. I thoroughly enjoyed the day learning about France and the French culture. I met pupils from other schools and worked with them doing activities. We learnt about how a language ambassador will support their school by arranging activities and events. We were introduced to students from universities that study French, telling us about their travels and experiences from taking French at GCSE and A levels. I am looking forward to representing my school as a language ambassador.

Cordelia Margetson

I think that the Language Ambassador training day was really interesting. I especially enjoyed the part where we learnt about French culture. We also completed a quiz which was fun, as we got to work with our school to answer the questions. I believe that the training day helped me and other pupils enhance our language skills and soon we will be encouraging other students to learn and take languages for their GCSEs.

Shani Williams


Rhodri’s Amazing Trip to Borneo

Last summer I travelled over to Borneo to work for 4 weeks in a team building company and out door adventure centre. First I was involved in a team building exercise which I helped run. It involved 350 participants, who were professors from a university in Singapore. They had to take part in activities and assemble bicycles, with the help of me and some of my co-leaders. After the event I helped to deliver the bikes to four orphanages in the area, where we donated them, which was an incredible, eye-opening experience.

I then went on to work in the outdoor adventure centre for a week, which is located on the river Tuaran, on the border of the jungle. This was my residential for my gold DofE award. I worked on the high ropes agility course, rock climbing wall, abseiling tower, archery and on a zip line, in which I assisted and instructed clients on  how to safely use these facilities.
I was also involved in a jungle refurbishment project, where I was involved in the planning and production of the new jungle camp. This included the creation of a toilet and kitchen area, produced mainly out of bamboo. I used many practical skills such as using machetes, digging toilets and building fences from bamboo. I also stayed in the jungle over night where I slept in a hammock and cooked my food over an open fire. I also saw and heard a lot of new wildlife in the jungle, which was a new experience for me.
I then went on to do my PADI open water diving course, which was a great experience. It was a four day course, which included a theory and briefing day, a practice day, 2 open water dives to below 17 feet and an exam on the last day. By passing this I can now dive anywhere in the world.
Rhodri Poacher – year 13

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Little Shop of Horrors – photos from the school show

Well it’s finally over.  Ten months of hard work by the pupils and staff from Performing Arts and Little Shop of Horrors played its final show to a packed audience at the Muni last night.

Cast List

Seymour Krelborn – Brandon Blackman Audrey – Maria Rowley Mr Mushnik – Dylan Bellis
LittleShopOfHorrors1 LittleShopOfHorrors5 LittleShopOfHorrors7
Orin Scrivello/Patrick Martin – Jack Bourton Audrey II (Voice) – Rhys Winterburn Audrey II (Puppeteer) – Rhys James
LittleShopOfHorrors8 LittleShopOfHorrors14 LittleShopOfHorrors2
Crystal – Jade Evans Ronette – Sarah Pugh Chiffon – Cheyenne Rose Lewis
LittleShopOfHorrors16 LittleShopOfHorrors12 LittleShopOfHorrors4
Customer – Natalie Johns Announcer – Mali Rhys-Thomas Wino #1 – Robert Billingham
LittleShopOfHorrors6 LittleShopOfHorrors3 LittleShopofHorrors17
Wino #2 – Emily Prewett Bernstein – Harry Foster Mrs Luce – Caitlin Huckridge
LittleShopOfHorrors13 LittleShopOfHorrors9 LittleShopOfHorrors18
Journalist #1 – Ffion Tynan Journalist #2 – Samantha Shipman
LittleShopOfHorrors11 LittleShopOfHorrors10

More Photos from the Show

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Pancakes SOLD OUT Raising Over £120

On Shrove Tuesday (9/2/16), the year 10 Ethics and Philosophy class, along with Mrs. Graves, Mrs. Burnell and a few other students, sold pancakes to raise money for a charity. The charity we were raising money and awareness for was the Salvation Army. The class chose this charity as we think the work they accomplish  is remarkable, and we wanted to help people who are less privileged than us. We have been studying Christian teachings on wealth and poverty and developing our understanding of the injustice of poverty.  The Salvation Army is one of the charities we have studied.

The turn out to the event was very successful and all of the pancakes were sold quickly. The total amount raised was just over £120. Thank you to everyone who purchased a pancake, we are extremely grateful.

Also thank you to Mrs Graves for holding the event and to Mrs Burnell and the students that helped on the day. Tim Keys, Abbie Way, Alice Smith, Lucy Challinor, Aimee Llewelyn, Rhianon Cummings, Lucy Enoch, Anais Rowlands, Seren Rowley, Caitlin Knowles, Kirstie Price,  Sabrina Cadwallider, Callum Watts and Rosie Babbage.

IMG_20160209_134821 IMG_20160209_133256 IMG_20160209_133213
IMG_20160209_132607 IMG_20160209_132435 IMG_20160209_132234 IMG_20160209_132152

Year 10 – Maths and Numeracy

The following letter was sent by Mr Fisher – Head of Maths to all parents and carers of year 10 students this week.

Dear Parent

Many of you will know that GCSE Maths is changing in Wales. Our current year 10 cohort are following the new GCSE Maths specifications in which pupils sit two Maths GCSEs. These are entitled ‘GCSE Numeracy’ and ‘GCSE Maths’. GCSE Maths is similar to the current exam in many ways but GCSE Numeracy is quite different. It is essentially a test of numerical reasoning in which pupils are presented with a range of information and need to extract and use the relevant data. Pupils in year 10 have already had considerable practice in this area (using the RUCSAC technique).This exam will test the resilience of pupils as well as their mathematical knowledge and techniques.

As GCSE Numeracy is a new exam we intend to enter the entire cohort for these papers next November in order to give them an early exposure to this new exam. All pupils will then sit the other GCSE Maths exams the following summer. At that time they will also have the opportunity to retake GCSE Numeracy in order to improve their grade. Each exam will have three tiers. Higher tier will cover grades A*-C, Intermediate tier grades B-E and foundation tier grades D-G (with a C grade available for exceptional performance). There will be 2 papers in each GCSE one of which will be a non-calculator paper.

Further details will be available from your child’s subject teacher in the year 10 parents evening on February 25th. Should you have any further queries about these exams please feel free to contact me at the school, on extension 241.

Yours Sincerely

Ray Fisher  (Head of Mathematics)