Easter and Whitsun Revision Sessions

Once again a number of colleagues are putting on revision sessions prior to upcoming exams during the Easter and Whitsun holidays. I have attached the schedule and the details of the times. Students should contact the name linked to the revision session if they have any queries. The sessions will take place in the normal teaching rooms of the staff listed. I hope you will take full advantage of this opportunity as part of your revision programme. Best of luck.
Andy Hurley, Deputy Headteacher
Please click on the image to download the timetable as a PDF document.
Update 27/03/15 – the History session on Friday 10th is now full.
The Physics sessions with Mr Browne on Thursday 9th April are for 11Y2, 11X2 and 11X3.  Mr Browne will NOT be covering material of use to students taking separate sciences.

Easter Revision


Whitsun Revision


Y Pant pupils see the eclipse up close!

A minibus full of Year 8 pupils had the opportunity to view today’s partial eclipse through a powerful telescope in Tesco car park. We were blessed with a bright and clear sunny day so got to see the whole show.

Pupils told us that,

“it’s so awesome and it seems so close!”

“I loved the red colour when it started and there were flames coming off it.”

“It’s amazing sciency stuff and it looks like the moon but it’s really the sun!”

Thanks to Katie Jarman for the amazing money shot! And Mrs Wool  for organising.  The event was jointly organised by Rhondda Cynon Taff CBC and Dark Sky Wales.

Y Pant Students Featuring on Local News Sites

Y Pant students must be a very photogenic lot!  Two recent events have seen our students appear on other local news websites.

Firstly, following their attendance at the Keeping it Equal careers event in the Celtic Manor last week, two year 7 students were snapped talking to ITV weather presenter and former Y Pant student, Kate Lewis.  We’re delighted that Kate is coming to present the awards at the presentation evening next Thursday.  You can read the full article online on the ITV website.

ITV Cymru Wales Weather Presenter Kate Lewis helps students try out the forecast Photo: Kyle Westwood/ITV Cymru Wales

Secondly, during the partial solar eclipse this morning, some year 8 students were lucky enough to take part in the joint RCT / Tesco / Dark Skys Wales event at Tesco Talbot Green and have been featured on the Wales Online gallery!  You can see all the brilliant pictures from around Wales on their website.

We’ll have more photos of this event plus a write-up from the students next week.

Picture from Wales Online
Picture from Wales Online

The rest of us kept our eyesight safe and stayed at school watching the BBC Stargazing Live livestream of the eclipse via the internet.

Summer Exam Timetable 2015

External exams are fast approaching.  Students will all be given a personalised exam timetable but for reference a copy of our full exam timetable for GCSE and A-level is attached.

Two versions are available.  The Excel version contains filters so you can select just the information you need.  The PDF version shows all exams and can be opened even if you don’t have Excel (this version will work better on mobile devices.


Mr Pearsall with the Army in Bosnia and Herzegovina

As an Army Reservist Mr Pearsall has been deployed on a military exercise with NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) in Bosnia and Herzegovina. As part of the Military Stabilisation Support Group element of the newly formed 77 Brigade he has been taking part in Exercise Civil Bridge based out of Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina (BiH).

It is an exercise in support of UK Defence Engagement by elements of 77 Brigade.In assisting the BiH Government to develop their contingency plans for natural disasters at both strategic and operational levels, Exercise Civil Bridge will contribute to the long term international effort to stabilise BiH ethnic groups and authorities.

Mr Pearsall last served in Bosnia and Herzegovina on peace keeping operations in 1998. After serving with the Military Stabilisation Support Group on operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and on exercises in Nepal, Belize and Uganda this will be Mr Pearsall’s last activity with the Group. Although a little sad about leaving he is now looking forward to being commissioned as a Captain and transferring to the Education and Training Services branch of the Adjutant General Corps where he will take up his role as a Learning Development Officer.

Her Majesty’s Armed Forces and Mr Pearsall would like to thank Y Pant School Board of Governors, Headteacher Mr Powell and Rhondda Cynon Taff Local Education Authority for their continued support of the Army Reserves.

Year 8 pupils create an electronic orchestra

On March 5th and 6th, two groups of year 8 students spent the day creating an electronic orchestra.  Working with musicians Gaz Williams and Alex Rees (who worked with Y Pant before on Envirovision) the pupils learned to use various technical gadgets to create music.


The pupils had to work together to ensure their gadgets were all working harmoniously.  At the end of the day, their tracks were recorded – and you can listen to them below!

Girls Keep it Equal at the Celtic Manor

Last Friday 19 girls from years 7, 8, 9 and 10 attended a special all-female careers event at the Celtic Manor resort.  The Keeping It Equal careers event, organised by Full Circle Education aims to promote non-stereotypical careers to girls.


We started in one of the huge convention halls with talks from some incredibly inspiring speakers including Philippa Tuttiett (Welsh International rugby player, TV presenter and owner of all-female building company FBI(Female Builders and Interiors).  We also heard from Dame Rosemary Butler AM, Presiding Officer, National Assembly for Wales who explained how her political career got started when she campaigned for a bench for mothers to sit on at her local playground.


The girls then had the opportunity to visit all the careers stands available where they found out about roles in the Armed Forces, forensics and the building industry and met former Y Pant pupil and ITV weather presenter, Kate Lewis.

At the end of the day we had more inspiring talks from Abi Carter, about her career in archaeological forensics and Helen Walbey of Recycle Scooters who has faced homelessness twice and now runs her own successful business.


The girls enjoyed the opportunity to find out about the different career options open to them.  They were also amazed by the scale and grandeur of the Celtic Manor resort.

Fairtrade Fortnight 2015

Fair trade

We are a Fairtrade Achiever school. We have celebrated Fairtrade Fortnight by thinking about the issues faced by the producers who supply our food and other goods made from things that don’t grow in this country.

This year we have been thinking about…chocolate!


Form time Thought for the Week as been centred on a series of films showcasing a British school girl’s trip to the Dominican Republic in search of a chocolate adventure. The films are available from the Fairtrade Foundation website. http://schools.fairtrade.org.uk/

Assemblies this week have been delivered by members of the Environment and Community Cabinets whereby they have role-played a news desk report highlighting the tough times that cocoa farmers have to produce our chocolate and yet have never tasted chocolate themselves!

The Parliament cabinets have embarked upon some Fairtrade activities such as the infamous banana speed eating, which was won this year by Sam Boyd in Y8 in 30 seconds.  They also took a blind chocolate taste test to see if they could identify the Fairtrade bar and which one they preferred. The Fairtrade bar was successfully identified but 8 / 10 pupils preferred the Tesco’s own milk chocolate (I suppose that Rainforest Alliance is better than nothing “)

There has been a display in reception around which our pupils served Fairtrade Tea, coffee and hot chocolate at parents evening:

Obviously some teachers just came and helped themselves “)

They also asked parents to undertake a short Fairtrade survey and here are some of the results:

  • 91% said that they recognised the Fairtrade logo
  • 91% agreed that, ‘International trade is mostly undemocratic and controlled by large multinationals. FT spread power and enables more people to have control over their lives.’
  • 62% ranked this statement as most important: ‘Fairtrade is one of the most practical actions that consumers can take against exploitation by multinationals.’ (24% of respondents did not rank the statements)

The school canteen got on board with Fairtrade bananas and Ali’s awesome banana cake and the Co-op once again sponsored our staff Fairtrade coffee morning. The helpers this year were Scott, Cam and Nat who did a sterling job and thanks also has to go to Mr Mitchell and Miss Knight for their amazing cakes!


Diolch yn fawr iawn

Miss Richmond and the Community and Environment Cabinets

Year 9 say ¡hola! to their Spanish pen pals

Last week the Spanish Department received Penpal letters from Valencia. 9×1, 9×2 and 9y1 were lucky enough to receive a letter from their new Valencian friends. This week the Year 9 pupils have been working hard drafting and creating their reply letters and are extremely excited to see their work being sent off to Spain. Mrs Fernandez and Miss O’Keefe have already been nagged about when pupils will receive their next letter!