The Writing’s on the Wall for the Cope Group!

CoPE GraffitiThe yr10 CoPE Group have been learning about the consequences of anti-social behaviours such as arson, substance abuse and car crime. They worked with a member of the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service Youth Team who delivered a series of interactive lessons covering thought provoking and relevant topics. One of the objectives of the scheme was for the participants to find an original way of making their peers aware of potential problems in their communities. They chose graffiti art as a medium for communication and after deciding on appropriate slogans worked with a graffiti artist to produce the boards seen in the photographs. Can you read their messages?

CoPE Graffiti

Paris Trip 2010

Mon séjour à Paris

(for those of you less than fluent in French – please see Zoe Morgan’s article at the bottom of the page!)

Le 27 janvier, je suis allé à Paris. Je suis allé avec mon école. On a pris l’autocar et on a voyagé et l’Eurotunnel. On est resté dans un Hôtel ( le Holiday Inn) à Roissy près de l’aéroport de Charles de Gaulle. L’hôtel était tr ès confortable, mais notre professeur Mme Davies s’inquiétait parce qu’ il y avait un mini bar dans la chambre !

Pendant la visite nous sommes allés à Disneyland et on est montés Space Mountain cinq fois avec mes amis, c’était super parc que c’était vraiment vite.

J’ai déjeuné à Videopolis avec Martha et nous avons vu un film fantastique. Après nous nous sommes retrouvés avec le groupe et on est allés à Paris pour passer le soir. On a mangé dans un self près de l’Arc de Triomphe au nom de Monte Carlo. Ensuit on a fait un petit tour de Paris et on a vu le Ritz et aussi le Pont d’Alma où La Princesse Diana est morte. On a pris les Bateaux Mouches sur la seine, malheureusement il faisait très froid mais il ne pleuvait pas.

Le vendredi, on a visité La Tour Eiffel – c’était très grande ! On est montés au deuxième étage parce que le troisième étage était fermé à cause des travaux.

Ensuite j’ai visité le musée d’Orsay et j’ai vu des tableaux de Renoir, de Van Gogh et de Monet, c’était très impressionnant parce que j’adore le dessin.

Après avoir déjeuné à McDonalds, on a visité Le Louvre, on a fait le Tour de Da Vinci Code et j’ai vu la Joconde, j’ai perdu la professeur et elle n’ était pas de tout contente !

Le soir on a dîné dans un restaurant célèbre au nom de Chartiers, j’ai mangé du poulet et des frites, comme dessert j’ai pris un sorbet de poire et j’ai bu du Pepsi.

Le dernier jour on a visité Versailles, j’ai vu le marché couvert et aussi le palais bien sûr! On est rentrés encore en car et en Eurotunnel, c’était très confortable mais malheureusement Hannah a vomi et Carmen a perdu son passeport. Finalement on est arrivés au collège à 22h30 on s’est bien amusés mais complètement fatigués.

Mon séjour à Paris était génial je voudrais y retourner l’année prochaine.

French Trip January 2010 (by Zoe Morgan)

Recently Y Pant’s French department went on a visit to Paris the city of love. We left school on January 27 th and returned on the 30 th. We left school at the early hour of six in the morning, it was difficult to even get many of us to answer with one word for the register at that time in the morning but we soon and left and made the journey to Paris, to keep away the inevitable boredom Madame Davies and Madame Rose had come up with fun including the well loved ‘Lotto!’ and educational French quizzes, all the points were counted each day and at the end of the trip the win team were awarded with a special prize. We travelled on the Euro tunnel which thankfully didn’t break down and arrived at Paris about 6pm. We had a quick tour of the main sites in Paris and then had a delicious meal at the beautiful Monte Carlo restaurant, a two minute walk from the iconic Arc de Triumphe. After more sites and a full evening we arrived at the hotel at 10pm, where we all unpacked and said goodnight for the day.

On Thursday we woke early and ate a lovely classic style French breakfast with croissants and pain au chocolat. We travelled to Disneyland, we threw ourselves into the true spirit of Disney, lots of junk food and tons of fast rides what a perfect mix NOT! With some of Europe’s fastest roller coasters situated all in one theme park there were plenty of thrills and spills, Space Mountain, Indiana Jones, Thunder Mountain and many more. After a fun filled day we left Disney and travelled back to the splendid Monte Carlo restaurant. For a relaxing and interesting end to the day we went on peaceful cruise on the River Seine which flows straight through the centre of Paris. We sat and enjoyed the beautiful architecture of the Parisian buildings while listening to all the facts and the gentle lapping of the water against the edge of the boat.

On Friday again another early morning to fit in all the exciting tours, we visited Eiffel Tower and went to level 2 which was high enough, the wind was rocking the tower which came as an unwelcome shock to many of us. From there we travelled to the Lovre and stood by the famous Da Vinci Pyramid, we saw the famous Mona Lisa and several other well known classics. From here we travelled to the Arc de Truimphe again but this time we made the trek up the 960 steps. The views were spectacular, we could see for miles around in all directions. We made a quick visit to the Notre Dame where we witnessed a service and listened to the choir singing a beautiful hymn. The towers looked so striking in the moonlight. We then ate at the delicious Chartiers, where the waiters all dress like Manuel. We then travelled past the Moulin Rouge to the breath taking Montmartre and had a group photo in front of the famous steps. After a crazy day of climbing steps and taking pictures of all the well known landmarks we headed back to the hotel for some well earned rest or not in some cases.

On our last day in the striking Paris took us to the street market in Versailles, where we were set a challenge to buy the tackiest present possible with 5 Euros, year 11 won in style with a cocktail stick holder. We then visited the giant and magnificent palace of Versailles, the gold gates and ceilings covered in paintings were truly beautiful, and we saw the bedrooms of Mary Antoinette and King George. We again had photos outside the palace and then headed home. We played more fun games and eventually after a final win to throw them into the lead year 9 won the overall prise which was a singing teddy bear picked by the quiz masters. We arrived home at 11.30pm after a thoroughly enjoyable trip which was fun for all years and the teachers. Thanks to everyone who made the trip so enjoyable for all.

Christmas Carol Concert 2009

The carol concert was held on Wednesday 9th December at the Bethel Baptist Church in Pontyclun. It was a superb event held for the first time in collaboration with the Llantrisant Community Wind Band and Y Pant School. The Y Pant Orchestra and Y Pant Young Singers gave rousing performances – showing off weeks of hard work. Everyone who took part put on a fantastic show. Well done!

Video of preparations for the Christmas Concert

Carol Concert

Senior Citizens’ Christmas Party 2009

On 11th December we held our annual Christmas Party for local senior citizens. The party was organised by 6th form students in collaboration with Dr Lianne Jones, our charity co-ordinator and Mrs Caroline Wool who runs E3+ and all other community links within the school.

The guests were treated to a tea including sherry, served by 6th formers, staff and members of the year 10 COPE group. They also had a game of bingo – Tom Grother in year 12 made an excellent bingo caller – a raffle, performances from some of our talented young musicians and a visit from Father Christmas!


Christmas Party

Gwaith Ardderchog Alice!

Congratulations to Alice Thompson who left Y Pant at the end of year 13 last summer. Not only did she get fantastic A-Level results, she also acheived the highest mark in Welsh (2nd language) A-level in all of Wales. She was presented with her certificate by Mrs. Sian Llywellyn-Jones of the WJEC exam board at Y Pant on 17th December 2009.

Alice Thompson
Alice Thompson receiving her certificate from Mrs. Sian Llywellyn-Jones of the WJEC exam board
Alice Thompson
Alice with Y Pant Welsh teachers Mr Ian Mitchell, Mrs Karin James and Mrs Claire Arnold

Swans Take Up Residence at Y Pant!

Early November was, as usual, a wet period in South Wales. Surprisingly though, a pair of swans have decided to take up residence on the rugby pitch. We were informed by the RSPB that they’d leave when the pitch dried out – which could have been any time up until about May judging by previous years!

We decided to have a “name the swans” competition to raise money for Children in Need, but the swans decided to fly off before Children in Need day. However it did raise a great deal of interest with students setting up a Facebook group called “Y Pant Swans” which had over 250 members!

It made a change to turn the playing fields into a nature reserve for a while, but on the whole, the PE department are pleased to have the pitch back without having to worry about hurting the swans with stray balls.

Our temporarily resident swans on the yard

Y Pant Sweeps the Board at Youth Speaks

Last Thursday, our students won all three categories in the Youthspeaks competition. Our Year 11 team – Isobel Bannister, Amy Bridges and Rhiannon Falshaw-Skelly – were overall team winners and will go forward to the regional round of the competition in the new year.

The year 11 team with Mr Howells.
The year 11 team with Mr Howells

Our Year 10 team – Matthew Ingram, Eloise Peacock and Martha Reed – ran them very close, with an outstanding display.

The year 10 team with Miss Norton
The year 10 team with Miss Norton

The individual awards on the night also went to Y Pant. Rhiannon Falshaw-Skelly was named Best Speaker and Matthew Ingram named Best Chairperson.

Rhiannon Falshaw-Skelly - Best Speaker
Rhiannon Falshaw-Skelly - Best Speaker
Matthew Ingram - Best Chairperson
Matthew Ingram - Best Chairperson

DiDA Showcase

The work below is just a small fraction of the enormous volume of material submitted by year 11 pupils for their DiDA (Diploma in Digital Applications) last summer. These are all digital stories created in Flash. Pupils had to write a script for their interactive story then source and create all the assets themselves. Many of these stories were created with younger age groups in mind and all contain sound – so make sure the volume is turned up. The quality of work this year was incredible and we are proud to say that many of these pupils gained a DiDA at Distinction level (equivalent to 4 A* at GCSE).

Steven Chen
Gaby Worgan
Daniel Fish

Ieuan Davies Jake Pittard Jessica Childs

Jessica Williams
Jonny Thomas
Josh Jonathan

Lewis Hessey
Matthew Southcombe
Matthew Troote

Sam Crooks Robin Goldsworthy

CoPE Group Keep Wales Tidy!

CoPE Group litter pickMembers of the Yr10 CoPE group were recently involved in 2 voluntary environmental activities for the Keep Wales Tidy Group who work with schools all over the country. The group involved themselves in 2 organised litter clearing activities, one in Cwmclydach Countryside Park and one in and around the school area. Dressed in practical plastic tabards and tooled up with the latest design in pickers, the group managed to collect 15 bin-liners full at both venues but it was noticeably the school area where there seemed to be an abundance of discarded litter! Ben Williams, RCT’s Keep Wales Tidy Group representative was impressed with the perseverance and positive nature of the group who at one venue had to battle with typically wet Welsh weather whilst getting on with their task. Miss Purcell was proud of the way the group worked together to tackle this less-than-glamorous activity. Well done everyone! The group were pleased to have had the opportunity to make a difference’ to their local areas.