Y Pant Sweeps the Board at Youth Speaks

Last Thursday, our students won all three categories in the Youthspeaks competition. Our Year 11 team – Isobel Bannister, Amy Bridges and Rhiannon Falshaw-Skelly – were overall team winners and will go forward to the regional round of the competition in the new year.

The year 11 team with Mr Howells.
The year 11 team with Mr Howells

Our Year 10 team – Matthew Ingram, Eloise Peacock and Martha Reed – ran them very close, with an outstanding display.

The year 10 team with Miss Norton
The year 10 team with Miss Norton

The individual awards on the night also went to Y Pant. Rhiannon Falshaw-Skelly was named Best Speaker and Matthew Ingram named Best Chairperson.

Rhiannon Falshaw-Skelly - Best Speaker
Rhiannon Falshaw-Skelly - Best Speaker
Matthew Ingram - Best Chairperson
Matthew Ingram - Best Chairperson

DiDA Showcase

The work below is just a small fraction of the enormous volume of material submitted by year 11 pupils for their DiDA (Diploma in Digital Applications) last summer. These are all digital stories created in Flash. Pupils had to write a script for their interactive story then source and create all the assets themselves. Many of these stories were created with younger age groups in mind and all contain sound – so make sure the volume is turned up. The quality of work this year was incredible and we are proud to say that many of these pupils gained a DiDA at Distinction level (equivalent to 4 A* at GCSE).

Steven Chen
Gaby Worgan
Daniel Fish

Ieuan Davies Jake Pittard Jessica Childs

Jessica Williams
Jonny Thomas
Josh Jonathan

Lewis Hessey
Matthew Southcombe
Matthew Troote

Sam Crooks Robin Goldsworthy

CoPE Group Keep Wales Tidy!

CoPE Group litter pickMembers of the Yr10 CoPE group were recently involved in 2 voluntary environmental activities for the Keep Wales Tidy Group who work with schools all over the country. The group involved themselves in 2 organised litter clearing activities, one in Cwmclydach Countryside Park and one in and around the school area. Dressed in practical plastic tabards and tooled up with the latest design in pickers, the group managed to collect 15 bin-liners full at both venues but it was noticeably the school area where there seemed to be an abundance of discarded litter! Ben Williams, RCT’s Keep Wales Tidy Group representative was impressed with the perseverance and positive nature of the group who at one venue had to battle with typically wet Welsh weather whilst getting on with their task. Miss Purcell was proud of the way the group worked together to tackle this less-than-glamorous activity. Well done everyone! The group were pleased to have had the opportunity to make a difference’ to their local areas.

CoPE Group Cuffed!

CoPEYr 10 and Yr 11 CoPE Group members attended a Careers Fair held at Llantrisant Leisure centre on Friday 2nd October. The event was organized by Careers Wales and included a variety of activities from the practical to the informative including gardening, construction, car body work, art, cookery, music and hairdressing. Stands from the service industries included South Wales Police force, the Fire service and the Army. Pupils were encouraged to participate in activities at each stand as well as acquiring information from local colleges and employers. The Police force stand was very popular due to the ‘hands on’ activities provided by the officers!cope_cuffed2

Fabulous reviews for Mr Thomas’s new play

Owen Thomas, the Head of Drama here at Y Pant, has been writing plays in his spare time for the best part of a decade. Last month saw the first national tour of one of his plays, ‘Richard Parker’. The play is a dark comedy about fate and coincidence concerning two men who meet by chance on a boat. The play was performed to audiences in London, Cardiff, Swansea, Pontardawe and Milford Haven and garnered lots of positive comments. If you missed the chance to come and see the play it will be touring again in Spring 2010 prior to a run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival next Summer.

Richard Parker
"A genuinely stand-out work" - www.theatre-wales.co.uk

Sur le pont d’Avignon

As part of the guided studies portion of their A Level French course, year 13 students earlier this year visited Avignon, in the region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (the south of France, for us geographically inept). Strictly an educational trip, students were obliged to roam the streets of the city, and at the mercy of the street performers advertising events in the Festival D’Avignon (the annual theatre festival that takes place in the city) were encouraged to converse in French with total strangers. Students were lucky enough to be in the country for the most important date in the French calendar, Bastille Day, which commemorates the storming of the Bastille fortress-prison – a symbol of the French Revolution, which took place more than two centuries ago. Celebrated in Avignon with a spectacular fireworks display over the river Rhône and live music in the heart of the city, the festival afforded our school ambassadors a taste of French nightlife. Visits to the Palais du Papes and the Roman amphitheatre in nearby Arles satisfied historical interest, while a dramatic performance of Albert Camus’ L’Étranger served as the trip’s cultural nutrition. However, it wasn’t all fun and games, and Year 13 were eager to get back to damp, soggy Bristol, decidedly sick of the thirty-seven degree sunshine.

Daniel Halford


Paris Trip 2008

This year, from January 30th to 3rd February, a group of students who study French travelled to Paris to practise speaking French and to get a taste of the French culture. The trip was organised by Mrs Davies and Mrs Rose who were both awesome!

We travelled to Paris by coach and Euro tunnel; firstly we had a five hour coach trip from the school to Folkestone, where we boarded the Euro tunnel. It felt really weird knowing we were hundreds of metres under the sea! We were in the Euro tunnel for about 45 minutes. When we arrived in Calais, we began another five hour journey to our hotel in Paris.


During our trip, we stayed in the Hotel Ibis; it was an amazing building with a mirrored exterior. We were all spread out over 3 of the 15 floors with three people sharing a room. The rooms were really nice with an ensuite and a TV. Best of all was the view; you could see the Eiffel Tower from many of the rooms which was spectacular at night. Breakfast was provided by the hotel and it was fantastic! We got to eat French bread, croissants & pancakes EVERY DAY!

Euro Disney

On our second day in Paris, we went to Euro Disney! It wasn’t all fun though as we ran into some trouble when we had to order our food in French! It was really fun when we got talking to a shop assistant called Pierre in one of the shops, we were practising our French on him and he was practising his English on us! Euro Disney was definitely one of the highlights of the trip!

French Tourism Conference

On our third day in Paris, we attended a conference in the centre of Paris which was ALL in French! It was all really interesting as it explored tourism in France. As it was all in French, it improved our listening skills immensely! The best speaker of that day was a representative of Thierry Mugler- creator of Angel fragrance, the tester that they passed around smelt really nice!

Landmarks of Paris

During our stay, we also managed to see most of the landmarks of Paris. We went on The Seine river cruise and we saw landmarks such as Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower. The cruise had a commentary as well, so we also learned about the history of the landmarks.

Another place we visited was the Louvre which is a really famous museum in Paris. We saw the Mona Lisa and The Venus De Milo. Many of us went up the Eiffel tower where the views were amazing! We could see everything, but it was very cold! We also saw the Sacré Coeur which is a very pretty church with fantastic views.

Innocent Little Things (and more)

We attended another conference on day 4, this time it was in English with 3 different speakers covering different topics. Firstly was a really intriguing presentation on World War 1 which tied in with our GCSE History course. Another presentation covered the topic of Global Warming. Our favourite speaker by far was a guy from Innocent Smoothies who gave an excellent presentation on his business and how little things make a big difference. There was also a lady who explained career opportunities abroad which helped us think about our future career prospects.

It’s not all frog’s legs…

Some people find trying new things to eat a bit scary but it is well worth it. The first two nights involved either pizza or burgers and steak and chips in “Buffalo Grill”. The following two nights were a bit more adventurous. People tried snails, onion soup and goat’s cheese salad.

The best restaurant was a small restaurant called Maison Verlain in the Latin Quarter. The food was very good and the desserts were even better! We even had entertainment from a singing guitarist who made everyone join in with “Sweet Chariot”. Heather set a napkin on fire (by accident) so Tom and Robin stamped it out. The staff were really nice about it so we gave them a BIG tip, although they weren’t so nice when a lady set fire to a towel and threw it downstairs into the kitchen!

The overall standard of the food and restaurants were very good!

When we finally had to travel back, we took the same route via the Sacré Coeur and with only a few delays made it back to school at 10:30 pm.

Overall the majority of us year 10’s favourite day was Disneyland but we also found conference 2 really fun and informative.

We had loads of fun, especially on the river cruise and REALLY want to go back next year!!

Despite a few incidents, the trip was absolutely AMAZING!

by Carys Spencer, Heather Chick, Alice Roebuck, Rebecca Davis, Liz Parker & Anwen Hamer (14/03/2008).