Uniform Price List

From September 2011 Y Pant  became the sole supplier of badged school uniform. This provides parents/ guardians with a quality uniform at lower than current market prices.  Friends of Y Pant are responsible for this process and any profit is returned to the school for the benefit of all pupils.

The tender for supplying uniforms to the school will be reviewed every few years to ensure that parents/ guardians benefit from the most economical and quality supplier.

Children who are eligible for free school uniform will also obtain their uniform from the school – please contact Mr Andy Gowman for details.

Polo Shirts – £10.50

Knitted Jumper – £15.50

Sweatshirts – £13.50

Hoodies – £16.50

Rugby Shirts – £20.50

Sports socks –  £6 pair (one size)

Ties –  £5

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