School Uniform

All pupils are expected to wear full school uniform and details are given below.  Where the Y Pant logo is required on the uniform, these items can only be purchased from the uniform shop.

Pupils will sometimes try to effect changes themselves so be suspicious of such phrases as: “Oh! They don’t mind if …” “Yes, it’s quite all right to wear …” “Everybody wears it …”

Limits have been set within which there is some freedom of choice. However, no extension of these limits will be accepted.

Please be aware that some stores will label items as school-wear which do not meet our standard.


Years 7 – 11

  • Black, full length, smart trousers. No jeans, chinos, leggings, jeggings or combat style. No skin tight trousers.
  • Black, knee length skirt.
  • Royal blue Y Pant jumper only.
  • Light blue Y Pant polo shirt or white shirt/blouse with school tie. No visible under garments.
  • Black leather (or leather effect) shoes. No canvas shoes, trainers or boots.  No branded shoes. (e.g. Vanns or Converse etc.)
  • Outer garments: Coats or Y Pant hoodies only. No denim, leather or leather-look. No other hoodies or tracksuit tops.
  • No make-up or nail varnish.
  • No jewellery other than a watch and/or one pair of plain studs in the lower ear-lobe.
  • No fashion accessories.
  • Only natural looking hair colour and sensible hairstyles. No patterns in hair or eyebrows.
  • No facial hair or tattoos.

Variation for Sixth Form:

  • Navy blue Y Pant polo shirts or white shirt/blouse with 6th Form tie. Navy Y Pant jumper.
  • No denim outer garments.
  • One pair of plain studs.
  • Plain nude-colour nail varnish. No false nails.
  • Minimal and discreet make-up. No false eyelashes.
  • Neatly kept and well-groomed facial hair.


Should a point of clarification be needed, the Deputy Headteacher will make the final decision upon what is and is not acceptable.


If something is not listed above then it is not school uniform.

Y PANT SCHOOL UNIFORM is available from the school shop only.


10 thoughts on “School Uniform”

  1. Hi. Could someone please enlighten me as to why my question (sent last week) re. the wearing of school jumpers at all times appears to have been removed from the site?

    1. Comments are moderated before being published for safeguarding purposes. Moderation is not done daily. If you have a specific query regarding your child then you should address that to the Head of Progress for that year group.

  2. I attended the school uniform shop in July to pick up uniform for my son who start in Y Pant in September. I asked for royal blue V neck jumpers for wearing in classroom over the blue polo shirt. I was advised that the v neck jumper is a girls item and that the boys wear the fleece on top of their polo shirt in classroom instead.

    Reviewing the website it indicates that the fleece is an outer garment only. Have I been advised incorrectly? Do I need to exchange the fleeces for v neck jumpers?

    1. The fleeces are coats only. The hoodies are also outerwear only. We have v-neck sweatshirts and knit jumpers – both are part of the uniform and for wearing over the polo shirts. It’s personal preference which is worn. I thought the knit jumpers also came in a boys fit but you’ll have to check with the uniform shop about that.

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