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  1. Please PLEASE clarify whether tomorrow – Activities Day – is compulsory for all pupils. I have fought uphill to leave my year 9 daughter in no doubt that she IS required to attend only for teachers to be asking cohorts whether they will be attending school or not (very much giving the impression that attendance is optional!)

    1. Attendance is compulsory. Teachers may have been asking pupils whether they were in school or out on a school trip. Apologies for the delay in response. Please call reception for a faster response in future.

    1. No, the closure days are now 15th and 16th December. School will be open as normal on 1st and 2nd of December.

    1. I have scanned the website looking for information regarding a parent evening that should be due for year 8 pupils as we haven’t had one since they started and have just come across this email which tells me it is on 21st April. Could you please advise of times as we have had no information on this whatsoever .

  2. Hi. I can’t seem to open the calendar on my iPad. Can you confirm when year 11 parents evening is. Is it November 18th?
    Thanks. Sally.

  3. Could you please tell me who is going on the Norway visit in April in order for me to interview them for the school newspaper?
    Thank you

  4. Hi please can you confirm if there are any Xmas concerts for year 7? I can see the Bethel concert but am unsure who this applies to and I also see a concert for year 6 but no year 7.

    Many thanks

  5. When is school starting in september 2013, as this year it seems that we all start on the same day. In year 7, i started a day (with others in the year group) before the rest of the school. Year 12 also started early.
    What is the date in which year 9 pupils start in september 2013?

  6. Hi, Can you tell me the start date for year 7 please (my daughter is starting high schol in September)? Do they start on Monday 2 September and the other children go back to school on the 3 September.



    1. Year 7 start at 8:30 on Wednesday 4th, year 12 at 10am on the same day.
      The rest of the school start at 8:30am on Thursday 5th.

  7. Hi there

    Please could you advise what date this week Year 7 pupils will be advised of their sets for next term/year 8?

    Is it Thursday or Friday?

    Many Thanks

  8. Hi
    The calendar states that year 10 progress reports were issued on 24th may. We have not had anything yet. Can you please confirm when they are to be issued.

    1. We’re updating our system at the moment. Full reports for year 10 will be issued in a few weeks.

    2. Hi,
      We have still not received the year 10 reports. Are they due on the last day of term.

    3. Yes they are. Apologies if the calendar is incorrect. It’s our first year with this system.

  9. My son who is also in a nonfeeder school, is supposed to be attending morphia at trip but we have had no information e.g packing list, times etc

  10. I have been sending monthly cheques into school to pay for next years skiing trip but have received to notification that these payments have been received. Speaking to another parent they inform they have had responses back when payments have been made.

    Could you let me know who I need to contact to chase this up

    Many thanks

  11. I noticed on the calendar that there is a year 11 options evening on Thursday 24th February from 4-6pm. Could you please
    – confirm that it is still planned for that evening
    – advise me whether we need to be there for 4pm -6pm

    Also do you know yet which date in September year 12 are likely to start.

    I appreciate your help with these queries.

    1. Hi sorry for the delay.

      The year 11 options evening is on Thursday 22nd February from 4 to 6pm. More details will be on the site next week. I believe the plan is to have a talk at 4 then departmental tours from 4:30 but this has not yet been finalised. Details on option subjects are on our dedicated 6th form options site at http://bryncelynog-ypant-6thform.ypant.co.uk/ but again there could be some changes to this over the next week or so.

  12. Hello, I understand that there is going to be an information evening for the parents of pupils in Y11 regarding applying for 6th Form – please could you tell me when this is due to take place as the calender is currently not up and running.
    Thank you.

    1. Yes it’s something we are aware off. This is the first year we’ve used the calendar so extensively and we are investigating ways to simplify it.

  13. Hi, my daughter is currently year 6 in a non feeder school and is going on the morfa bay trip. Is there any info coming our way regarding this as to date thee has been none?
    Many Thanks

  14. Please can someone at the school inform parents when the year 9 exams start? Whether my child should have the information already and not recorded it maybe the case, but with it being such a crucial year it would be good if parents are informed directly via email and or text messaging. I would also like to recommend that the exam period is also noted on the calendar on the website. Knowing this will be really helpful to parents. Thank you

    1. As last year there are no formal year 9 exams. There will be an assessment period in school for all key stage 3 pupil from 11th to 22nd June. Assessments / exams will take place during lessons and your child’s class teachers will let them know when the tests will take place. Not all subjects use formal testing for assessment.
      These dates are now on the school calendar.

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