Head of Drama – Mr O. Thomas

Teachers of Drama – Miss J. Norton, Mrs J. Dyson.

Articles about the Drama department or the schools’ various drama and music productions can be found on the website by searching for “Drama” or clicking “Drama” in the tag cloud

4 thoughts on “Drama”

  1. Hey I just wanted to say how much are enjoyed little shop of horror last night at the Muni Centre. It was brilliant!
    I wonder if you could help me as I live in Bridgend and my daughters school are also doing the production in June. Where did you get the Audrey two plant from please? If it belongs to your school could we please borrow it
    Many thanks and look forward to your reply. Jane Bowdidge

    1. Thanks for the lovely comments! I’ll forward this onto our Head of Performing Arts. The set was hired and he’ll be able to send you the details.

  2. hi i might be moving to this school and i am just wondering im in yr 8 and i love drama so would we be doing it in yr 8

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