E3+ is a flexible out-of-school-hours learning model designed to help schools provide:

  • after-school activities and learning opportunities for the community
  • opportunities for involving pupils in the design and delivery of activities
  • activities that can be delivered within community focused school model.

E3+ is somewhere that young people will want to go after school, where they feel that their voices are encouraged and listened to. There are a range of activities as well as space where pupils can just ‘chill’ in a safe and caring environment.

The common thread running through everything that happens during E3+ is that young people are actively encouraged and expected to be invloved in developing what happens within E3+. This not only helps ensure that E3+ activities are relevant and appealing, but also provides young people with transferable skills that will benefit them later in life, such as teamwork, communication and marketing skills.

E3+ is structured so that it can be delivered in partnership with a range of organisations and agencies to meet the Community Focused Schools agenda. It is about adding value to the school’s existing out-of-school provision.

For more information about E3+ at Y Pant please contact the E3+ Co-Ordinator Richard Eynon on 01443 236894/237701.

11 thoughts on “E3+”

  1. Hi Miss its Tara from your reg group. I wanted to know if possible if you knew when the kingswood trip is this year for some of my friends coming to Ysgol Y Pant comprehensive next year from Pendoylan Primary. xxx

  2. Um.. Is Ice Skating on this term? If It is would it be ok if my daughter could come in half the way through the term?

  3. hi, I am enquiring about your trip to Ferndale Skate park next tuesday, Please could you ring me with the info as my son would like to go.
    many thanks vanessa

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