by Miss L. Bunce

E3+ is a flexible out-of-school-hours learning model designed to help schools provide:

  • after-school activities and learning opportunities for the community
  • opportunities for involving pupils in the design and delivery of activities
  • activities that can be delivered within community focused school model.

E3+ is somewhere that young people will want to go after school, where they feel that their voices are encouraged and listened to. There are a range of activities as well as space where pupils can just ‘chill’ in a safe and caring environment.

The common thread running through everything that happens during E3+ is that young people are actively encouraged and expected to be invloved in developing what happens within E3+. This not only helps ensure that E3+ activities are relevant and appealing, but also provides young people with transferable skills that will benefit them later in life, such as teamwork, communication and marketing skills.

E3+ is structured so that it can be delivered in partnership with a range of organisations and agencies to meet the Community Focused Schools agenda. It is about adding value to the school’s existing out-of-school provision.

For more information about E3+ at Y Pant please contact the E3+ Co-Ordinator Richard Eynon on 01443 236894/237701.

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