Canteen Choices

Y Pant has two canteens both operated by Catering Direct, the school meals subsidiary of Rhondda Cynon Taff County Borough Council.

Both canteens operate using 4-week cyclical menus.

Main Hall

Salad bar, sandwiches and baguettes.

Price List


Spud Headz (jacket potatoes with various fillings), French bread pizza and hot chicken baguettes.

Lesser Hall

Healthy Choice Menu

Main meal of the day (see Healthy Choice Menu for selection)

Pasta King and pizza


The Lesser Hall is also open for breakfast from 8am serving toast, bacon rolls, sausage baps, cereal and hot drinks.

Both halls are open during breaktime selling snacks and drinks.

21 thoughts on “Canteen Choices”

  1. Hello
    Is there any way I can view what my daughter has purchased with her finger print account online please?
    Many thanks for you help

    1. At the moment we don’t have online access to this information. However if you contact the school bursar, Mr Gowman via reception he’ll be able to provide you with a breakdown of your daughter’s spending.

  2. Hello
    Could you tell me how I go about setting lunch payment up ‘on-line’ for my son. Apprently we need to provide a student number? How do we get hold of this?

  3. I have just read the above comments and it seems my daughter is having the same problems. on several occasions the class has been let out late and the canteen has either stopped serving or they have been turned away. i have checked with her friends and mothers and they are experiencing the same. I now have to pack a back up lunch…

    1. If a class is let out late it will only be a matter of minutes. The canteen serve for 40 minutes or so at lunchtime so there should always be food available. We operate a rota system for the canteen which means that every week it is the turn of a different year group to go in first. I will find out the details of the rota system for this term and publish them here so you can see.

  4. My son has been in school since Wednesday and every lunch time the canteen have run out of food. Yesterday he had a bowl os dry pasta all day. Today he had a slush puppy this is unacceptable. :-(

    1. I’ll speak to the canteen manager about this and investigate. I’m assuming your son is in year 7 as he started Wednesday. It’s very rare that the canteen genuinely runs out of food, but they may run out of the food a child was hoping to eat. We always advise pupils to get to the canteen as quickly as possible in order to get the most choice. Year 7 are given a 10 minute head start for lunch at the beginning of the term to help them get used to the system. Check with your son that he is not using the time at the beginning of lunchtime to upload money onto his account – he can do this at breaktime or before school starts to avoid queues – or you can send a cheque in or upload money via the internet. If he finds it hard to organise himself quickly at the end of the lesson he can always pre-order a baguette or sandwich at breaktime to avoid the queues at lunch.

      1. Many thanks for your response.
        We are still waiting a reference number to be able to top up on line. He said the top up machine can be very busy at break time. Once we have the reference number hopefully this will help.
        Last week was better he did manage to get food. :-)

        1. Oh good! Glad he’s not hungry! Yes the machines can be busy at breaktime.
          You can send a cheque in instead or he can top up before school starts when they are usually quiet. It’s probably best to give him money for the week rather than topping up every day.
          The reference numbers take a little longer to come through – they come from RCT not us.

    1. Yes – we record your fingerprint and store this in an encrypted form (a series of numbers which a computer algorithm reads) so it’s totally secure. You access your account to top up with money or buy food by using your fingerprint on a sensor.

  5. Hi,
    I topped up my daughters finger print account on Sunday evening but she returned home from school today saying the money hasn’t gone on. Whom should I contact regarding this? yourselves or the website run by RCT?

  6. please can the healthy choice menu be updated from October 2011 – I’m having concerns regarding the food options available.

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