School Staff

Y Pant School employs teachers and support staff whose primary aim is to ensure that the needs of every pupil are met.

Responsibility for the management of the school rests with the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) comprised of:

Mr Mark Powell – Headteacher

Mr Andrew Hurley – Deputy Headteacher

Mr Bryn Jones – Senior Assistant Headteacher

Mr Steve Rees – Assistant Headteacher

Mr Ian Dyson – Assistant Headteacher

Miss Ceri Richmond – Assistant Headteacher

Miss Lucy Bunce – Assistant Headteacher

The support staff section is managed by the school Business Manager, Mr. A. Gowman.

Year Group Progress Teams

Year 7 – Mrs E Johns and Mrs R Davies

Year 8 – Mrs S Burnell and Mr C Browne

Year 8 – Miss S Owen and Dr L Jones

Year 10 – Mrs C Arnold and Mr M Pelaez-Herras (Mrs K Davey is on maternity leave)

Year 11 – Mrs L Mortimer and Mrs H Lloyd

6th form – Mrs S Nowell-Hughes and Miss A Purcell

9 thoughts on “School Staff”

  1. I would just like to say a big thank you to Mr Hurley, Miss Richmond and the other members of staff who looked after my daughter today when she fell ill. The staff and her friends were absolutely amazing. I am so lucky she is in such a supportive school and has such a great group of friends who have a fantastic understanding of her condition. The staff are a credit to the school. Thank you again.

  2. Who’s Head of progress? I need to know so I can ask them which day my school parliament meetings are on :)
    (I’m in year 8)
    Thanks, much appreciated :)

  3. Dear Mr Hayden

    I am afraid that all matters relating to schools’ admissions are handled by the Local Authority. The school has no influence over such matters. I would suggest that you contact the Local Authority Schools’ Admissions office and seek clarification there. I hope that everything can be sorted out for your grandson as quickly as possible.

    Kind regards

    Mark Powell

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