Lesson Times

The school operates on a 2 week timetable with 50 timetabled periods per fortnight.
Registration / Assembly 8:30 – 8:50
Lesson 1 8:50 – 9:50
Lesson 2 9:50 – 10:50
Break 10:50 – 11:10
Lesson 3 11:10 – 12:10
Lesson 4 12:10 – 13:10
Lunch 13:10 – 13:50
Lesson 5 13:50 – 14:50

8 thoughts on “Lesson Times”

  1. Hello,
    Is it possible to download Year 7 timetables as the original ones get ripped and crumpled so easily that they are completely unreadable.
    Steve Lewis (parent)

    1. Unfortunately we don’t have this facility. We recommend that pupils copy out their timetable into their PLK and another piece of paper (this helps them remember it as well). Some take pictures of it as well. Pupils can get another copy printed in reception if they need to.

    1. I need to know which Sir! Please check with your teacher that they are expecting homework handed in by email.

  2. Please can you tell me what time does my child need to be in school by? Also as a general rule, how much dinner money should I give my child?

    Thank you

    1. Pupils should be on the school site – by the buildings not the bus park – at around 8:20am ready for lessons to start promptly at 8:30am. If they are not in their classroom at 8:30 they will be marked late.

      The canteen prices can be found here http://www.ypant.co.uk/?page_id=394. The set meal each day is £2 and includes a main course and desert.

    1. Sorry Chloe – we’re not able to show individual students’ timetables on the website. You can get a copy of your timetable from the office.

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