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Y Pant is a mixed comprehensive school for pupils from eleven to eighteen years of age, maintained by Rhondda Cynon Taf Education Authority and managed by the Governing Body.

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  1. My son will be moving to Yr Pant in September please could you let me know how he could learn to play the piano. Thanks

  2. I attended the concert today at the WMC and wish to congratulate staff and pupils for the superb concert. You certainly have a music dept to be proud of.

  3. Hi, Can you tell me if there is to be a leavers assembly for year 11 this year? Previously I believe they have been presented with record files & a pupil award is made. It would be a shame for the current year 11′s to miss out on this.

    1. Mr Powell delivered the year 11 leavers’ assembly at the beginning of this half term. The exam timetable means it’s getting harder to hold the leavers’ assembly on the day they leave which is why we held it a little earlier.

  4. My son is due to start Y pant in september, any information on any dates that parents will need to attend, as I need to give notice to be able to attend, also are there any lists for stationary or uniform available, so I can start to budget for the required items.

    1. We will put any dates on the calendar as soon as they are decided. With regards to uniform the prices can all be found here If your child qualifies for Free School Meals then uniform can also be provided without charge – application forms are here:

      Information about stationary lists will be available after Easter. The list is not huge. A good quality school bag, a pencil case with pens, pencils, a ruler and a rubber is the basic requirement everyone needs.

  5. Hello,
    My son is starting in year 7 in September, but currently goes to school out of area. Who do I contact with some questions I have? Thank you.

  6. My daughter will be moving into secondary school in 2016 and she has her heart set on Y Pant. I understand that there is a great demand for entry into your school however, I was wondering if there was a possibility of securing her a place if I were to apply at this very early stage. She currently attends Cwmlai Primary School and I don’t think we’re are in the catchment area which is a concern. Please could you advise me on the possibility of my request. Many thanks.

  7. Could you tell me how year 7 classes numerical are formed…. Can I assume it’s A1,A2,A3..B1,B2,B3 and so on being dependant on most ability being A1?

    1. A band are formed of 3 equal classes, A1, A2 and A3. There is no ability difference between them. B band have the same structure. C band classes are based on ability with C1 being the highest ability in that band.

    1. We will have the final dates shortly after half-term. We won’t be publishing the dates until all the exam entries have been finalised. There are hundreds of GCSE exams scheduled by the different exam boards but we only publish the calendar of exams that affects students at Y Pant to avoid confusion.

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