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Y Pant is a mixed comprehensive school for pupils from eleven to eighteen years of age, maintained by Rhondda Cynon Taf Education Authority and managed by the Governing Body.

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  1. Hi please can you advise when your open evening is for year 6 and parents to visit please as I would like to visit before having to choose my son’s secondary school place.

    1. The exact dates are still being finalised. Generally the mock exams take place during the last two weeks of term with important revision sessions taking place in lessons prior to that.

  2. On year 10&11 results day I will not be home to collect my results, and I need the piece of paper with them all on for the 31st to sign up for sixth form. Is there any way my mum could come and collect them? Or if not what else could I do?

  3. Hello,
    Ruby starts at Y Pant in September 2016. She had a taster day on a at Y Pant on a Wednesday before end of term.
    Ruby was given a booklet and told it was homework that had to be completed and handed in the first day of term.
    Her mum accidentally threw it out with the recycling.
    Now Ruby’s really worried.
    Can someone point me to where I can find this or s end me a copy of the same please.
    Steve Lewis (Dad)

    1. Miss Bunce – thank you for the link to the booklets. Is the homework requirement at the end of the pupils booklet? Regards. Steve Lewis (Dad)

  4. Hiya my son starts y pant in September I’m wondering if they have exams in June as I want to take him on a holiday in June

    1. Year 7 usually have end of year exams in June. The dates for KS3 Assessment Fortnight have not been confirmed yet. Please be aware that you need to make a request for term-time holiday in writing to the Head Teacher, Mr Powell.

    1. Many departments have past papers on their departmental websites. These can be found from the Learning menu option. If there is anything specific you are looking for your son or daughter can ask their teacher for the papers.

  5. Hiya my son is coming to y pant on Friday for transition have you got any details I have asked the primary school that he attends which is Llanharry and they said they didn’t have any information on it

    1. We are not doing a residential in year 6 for children this year as many primary schools already run residentials for their year 6 children and parents found it difficult to fund both. We will be running a day trip sometime in September for all year 7 pupils but have not finalised the date for this yet.

  6. What a lovely Christmas concert in Bethel Baptist. The pupils were really enjoying it also. An absolute tribute to the music department. Well done all your enthusiasm and hard work is
    Defiantly showing.

  7. Hi.does my daughter have to wear shirt and tie to the bethal baptised church on Tuesday evening, as she doesn’t have these, but does have a perfectly good polo shirt and jumper..can you let me know please.thank you.

  8. Under the school calendar, I have only been able to find school dates up to Sep 16. Are term dates beyond that day available somewhere? TY

  9. My son has glandular fever at the moment – I just wanted to express how pleased I have been with the support of his Head of Year – Miss Arnold. We have been given advice, support and time, which is really appreciated. Thank you, Sally

    1. The information has just been published:
      Week of 13th July (Monday to Thursday) 4.30pm-8.00pm
      1st September (Tuesday) 4.30pm-8.00pm
      2nd September (Wednesday) 4.30pm-8.00pm
      3rd September (Thursday) 3.00pm-8.00pm
      Please note: the shop is also open every Thursday during term time (3.00pm until 6.00pm).

  10. Can you please confirm if year 10 pupils are to continue with work experience placements on Friday 3rd July 2015 or if they are expected at school.
    Many conflicting versions flying around.
    Many thanks

    1. Year 10 are expected back in school tomorrow unless they have already received permission from the school for an extended work placement.

  11. can you tell me how year 8 in sept 15 will be banded please.
    currently year 7 are 4 a bands, 3 b bands and 3 c bands with c based on ability from c1 to c3 thanks

    1. In years 8 and 9 we operate two parallel bands: X and Y. Within each of these there are 4 sets based on ability. 8X1 and 8Y1 are the same, as are 9X2 and 9Y2 etc. We also have a learning support class 8YS and 9YS on both year groups. Pupils are allocated their set towards the end of this term based upon teacher assessment – using the end of year tests as well as progress throughout the year and the reading and numeracy tests as a guide. The band (X or Y) that a pupil is in will be allocated in September.

    1. Yes you will – Mr Dyson will be running catch-up sessions for all those who missed the tests this week.

  12. Hi, I have a similar query to a previous post. My child currently attends Pontyclun Primary, and is due to start secondary school in Sept 2017. She is desperate to attend Y Pant and stay with the much loved friends she has been with since nursery. However with the recent catchment changes we now find ourselves no longer in catchment and concerned for the future and the possibility of having our daughter separated from her long time friends at a vulnerable and daunting time. Is there anyone we could speak to in order to assist us with anything that could help our case? Thank you.

  13. I attended the concert today at the WMC and wish to congratulate staff and pupils for the superb concert. You certainly have a music dept to be proud of.

  14. Hello,
    My son is starting in year 7 in September, but currently goes to school out of area. Who do I contact with some questions I have? Thank you.

  15. My daughter will be moving into secondary school in 2016 and she has her heart set on Y Pant. I understand that there is a great demand for entry into your school however, I was wondering if there was a possibility of securing her a place if I were to apply at this very early stage. She currently attends Cwmlai Primary School and I don’t think we’re are in the catchment area which is a concern. Please could you advise me on the possibility of my request. Many thanks.

    1. Thanks for your interest! I have forwarded your request onto someone who should get back to you soon.


  16. Could you tell me how year 7 classes numerical are formed…. Can I assume it’s A1,A2,A3..B1,B2,B3 and so on being dependant on most ability being A1?

    1. A band are formed of 3 equal classes, A1, A2 and A3. There is no ability difference between them. B band have the same structure. C band classes are based on ability with C1 being the highest ability in that band.

    1. We will have the final dates shortly after half-term. We won’t be publishing the dates until all the exam entries have been finalised. There are hundreds of GCSE exams scheduled by the different exam boards but we only publish the calendar of exams that affects students at Y Pant to avoid confusion.

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