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Y Pant Comprehensive School
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Telephone: 01443 562250
Fax: 01443 229248

Contact can also be made via the school Business Manager Mr A. Gowman on 01443 562250

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  2. My son is in yr7 & is putting off paying a deposit for skiiing as he thinks the football trip will be the same year (2019). Can you confirm this as I would like to get his £50 paid if he is mistaken
    Thank you!

    1. We have 3 bands in year 7, S, P and Y. Within the S and P bands all classes are equal. Her timetable should indicate her class.

    2. Sorry to butt in but could you make it a bit clearer please?
      S and P are equal so what’s Y? What is the difference between each band?

    3. All 4 classes in the S band are equal to each other. Both the P band classes are equal. Y3 is the learning support class but there is no difference between Y1 and Y2. The S band classes will generally move at a faster pace with more support being available to pupils in the P and Y bands.

    1. The last day of term is Wednesday 20th July. We have no more INSET days planned.

  3. Hi ,
    My son’s free subscription to office has now expired(code from school). Does he need a new code to reactivate? thanks

  4. When will the yr 7 pupils be added onto parentmail as it only has my sons details on it & not my daughters? Also, when are yr 9 having photographs taken please? Thanks

    1. Year 9 are not having photos – we do these in Year 10. I’ll ask Mrs Thomas to investigate ParentMail for you.

  5. Will the current year 7 have the opportunity to take Spanish lessons and sit GCSE ? My daughter learnt Spanish during primary school and we were hoping it was something Y Pant would offer.
    Kind regards Emma

    1. Year 7 alternate between studying French and Spanish. This year they are learning French. In year 9 the top sets have the opportunity to take both languages and both French and Spanish are offered at GCSE.

  6. Does the school publish when the year 9 and 10 annual exams take place. Is there a calendar which displays when these will take place?

    1. Times for internal exams will be published later in the year. Generally KS3 assessment fortnight takes place after the May half-term. Year 10 also sit some external GCSE exams, the dates of which will be published nearer the time. these could be either side of the May half-term.

  7. my son has just returned to year 8 and when he came home after the first school day he said that he was unable to get any lunch as there was nothing left. I understand that this is a new term/first day etc and year 8 was last on the rota but a friends child in year 7 also commented that her son could only purchase chips for lunch due to food shortage. This happened last year also to children who were not first on the rota for the lunch halls. can you confirm that this is just teething problems or do parents need to bring a packed lunch as hungry children do not make happy focused children

    1. Sometimes children who are last in may find that choice is limited in the canteen. This is inevitable as ensuring that all children have full choice would lead to a lot of wasted food. This is why we run a rota system so that it makes it fair for all. Often children will go home and say there was nothing left to eat, or only chips when actually they just didn’t fancy the choice on offer. Children are able to pre-order from the baguette bar at breaktime to avoid lunchtime queues.

  8. Hello
    Could you tell me when the head of progress will be available to discuss school reports re year 7/8 pupil with please?
    Thank you

    1. Hello

      Please ring the school to ask for an appointment with your child’s Head of Progress.

      Kind regards

      Mark Powell

  9. We are moving to the Pontyclun area soon. How can I find out which villages/areas fall into the Y Pant school catchment area?

  10. Hi can you explain how the children are streamed in year 8 please, my son is currently in year 7 and in the A stream
    thank you

    1. In year 8, pupils are put into two parallel bands: X and Y. Within each band are 4 or 5 sets. As such 8X1 and 8Y1 for example are both at the same level.

      Pupils are put into sets for English and humanities subjects, and for Maths and Science, based upon ability. Various factors feed into this process including end-of-year tests and assessments during the year.

      The X and Y bands are then organised to ensure classes are balanced for gender etc.

      Pupils are notified of their set for year 8 during the reviews with form tutors held in July.

      This process is repeated for year 9 and year 10.

    2. Thank you. My son is now coming to the end of year 8 and he is currently in the top set X. If he remains in the top set for year 9 will he automatically remain in set X or are the children in top X and Y all mixed up again. The reason I ask is that it can take time to cultivate friendships,and in both year 7 and 8 there were big changes. Understandably, year 10 and 11 will be based on subject choice but I am curious to know if generally X and Y bands remain X and Y and just move up or down sets 1 2 etc

      Thank you

    3. Children are placed in sets according to a number of factors. We can never guarantee to keep children with their friends in sets as the most important factor is for them to be in the right set for their ability.

  11. Hi when will the school photos be back my son in year 7 took the money in and gave to the photographer on the day, any news on these please.

    1. They photos have just arrived in school. They are being sorted into reg groups first and will be distributed next week.

  12. Hello

    My child has games this coming Friday can you tell me which kit to bring into school, indoor or outdoor as carrying two lots of trainers will be very heavy, his reg class is 7jd and his group is A1 his games lesson is first period on Friday


    1. All pupils should bring indoor kit for the first fortnight as they will be doing a series of fitness tests. They will then be told whether their next PE lessons are indoor or outdoor.

  13. Hello I am a year nine pupil that has already been given one PLK but what’s another for her parents where will I be able to purchase one?

  14. Hi my son has received his art set and stationary sets but has not received his memory sticks I ordered 2, any news on these.

  15. Hi my daughter will be joining y pant this September as a new year 7 pupil I understand that as there is a larger intake but to compensate there will be more classes and teachers. Can you explain to me how the setting for classes works and how many classes there are please? I understand that there are 3 bands higher middle and lower ability but how many children in each class and do they stay within that group for all their subjects including drama and arts etc

    1. Pupils are set in year 7 based upon the CAT tests and primary school levels and assessments. There is some movement later on in the year based on teacher discretion but this is based on academic ability and not in order that pupils can be with friends. The 3 bands (A, B and C) are higher, middle and lower ability and there are generally 3 classes in each band. In A and B bands the 3 classes are equal mixed ability WITHIN the band. In the C band the C3 class is generally the learning support class. Pupils are taught for most of their subjects in their teaching group (class) but some subjects (e.g. PE) are taught in form groups. Your daughter will already know her form group – this is a mixed ability group where we try to place pupils with people they will know already. Class sizes are larger in the A band than the C band as pupils within the C band generally need more support.

  16. Also is there a price list, for the canteen?,can the children bring in money on the 1st day to go on their card for cashless canteen? will the stationary packs and memory sticks that have been paid for be allocated to the children on their 1st day? or should we send them with the basics, pen pencil etc.?will they need to bring all items p.e. kit, art set etc to school on 1st day? do I need to fill in a form for my son’s asthma pump or is it his responsibility.

    1. Current canteen menus and prices can be found here: Prices and options won’t change too much by September.
      Stationary packs should be with form tutors on the first day. It may be possible to collect from the uniform shop at the end of August – if so, I’ll post something on the website. They don’t need to bring all items in on the first day as they won’t know their timetable until then! Basic stationary and a bag is fine. I’ll check on the asthma pump for you.

    2. What date do the new starters start school in sept?
      Am I to send my son with his asthma pump?
      Am I to send in money for the contactless canteen or is this available for him to do on Uniform shop day. if so how does he do it as I’m a bit clueless on this.

    3. Year 7 pupils start on Tuesday 2nd September at 8:30am.

      Yes please send him in with his asthma pump.

      Send him in with money as he won’t be able to do this on uniform shop day. A main meal is about £2.50 but a baguette is around £1.50. Some parents send a cheque at the beginning of the month (£40 is reasonable) and pupils then have to budget themselves. If you are sending a cheque (payable to Y Pant School) then please also send him some cash for the first day as it may take a long time for all the cheques to be processed.

  17. Hi just wondering if the registration classes are mixed with children from all sets, and when will my son know what sets he is in. he’s in 7Lu I don’t know if this is his grading or not, can you help me understand this please.

    1. Registration classes are mixed with pupils from all teaching groups. The registration group indicates the year and the name of the form tutor (in this case, 7LU is year 7 with Miss Umbleja). Pupils starting in year 7 next year will be informed their teaching group on the first day of term when they receive their timetable.

  18. I’ve been told there is a strike Thurs 10th July, this would have been Tonysguboriau School Move up (taster) day. Do you know yet what date this will be held. Please

    1. As soon as any alternative arrangements are made we will inform primary schools and post the information on the website.

  19. Hi
    I am a parent of a yr 7 student, but am not on your mailing list, please could you add me to it.

    Many thanks


  20. Hi my son is starting in September he’s just received the forms for cashless canteen, for the art packs and school equipment pack I would like to purchase these items, but it says to send a cheque to Y pant any other forms of payment available, please.

    1. Unfortunately we are not yet in a position to accept card payments. You can pay using cash and if you are concerned about security, can bring the forms and cash (in a sealed envelope) to the reception at Y Pant yourself.

  21. I was wondering if there was a way to get my a level IT work? If it’s still available for me to come and get or be sent

    1. Come in and see the technicians and they should be able to get this for you. Bring a memory stick.

  22. Please can you advise who I need to contact regarding my son (yr 7) about taking him out off lesson and made to sign forms that he didn’t under stand,

    1. All inquiries regarding year 7 pupils should be made to Mrs Johns, Head of Progress for year 7.

  23. Please can you clarify when the PLK books are checked and when we need to sign them. My son in year 7 says that his teacher has told him his book needs to signed on a tuesday for that week. Makes no sense when week and homework not completed.

    1. PLKs are checked by the form tutor for the previous week. This week for example we are checking the last week of term.

    1. Bring the letter into school. Your form tutor will sign it to say they have seen it. On the day, take the signed letter to reception and they will give you a pink slip meaning you are authorised to leave school.

  24. How do I contact my sons yr 7 maths teacher asap please? The login for the on line maths homework isn’t working so he’s been unable to do his homework. There’s nothing I can do to reset the password, it says talk to the school teacher. Thanks. Leann

  25. Hello, are there lockers provided for pupils? Carrying an umbrella, school books pencil case etc packed lunch pe kit and food for home economic practical sessions seems an awful lot for a year 7 child.
    Thank you

    1. Unfortunately we don’t have space for lockers in school. If your son/daughter speaks to their home economics teacher they may be able to drop their food off at the beginning of the day.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      I shall try and catch up with Lauren this week, but since I don’t teach her, it might take a day or two! If Lauren would like to pop to the main reception in the meantime, Mrs Grant can give her a letter which explains everything.

      Hope that helps!

  26. Next term my daughter will be joining set 1 year 9. I was wondering if someone could email me the topics to be learnt in History this year, the books being read in English and the title of the maths book they will be using.

    1. Apologies – we’ve had massive internet problems in school today so I’ve only just picked this up. I’ll see if I can find this out but I know a lot of staff are leaving for holidays tonight so it might be tricky.

  27. Hello, my daughter is due to start high school in September 2015, whilst I appreciate it’s premature, I was wondering how I would go about putting her down for Y Pant. We live in Tonyrefail, so are we out of the catchment area? Many Thanks

    1. Hello

      Tonyrefail is not in the Y Pant natural catchment area but this does not prevent you from applying. Please refer to the Admissions Dept in RCT for any issues relating to application (although it is, as you point out, still early days!)


      Mark Powell (Headteacher)

  28. Hi there, Do you hire out your sports hall? I am looking to hire a sports facility for my local adult netball team? We need a training venue. Thank you!

  29. I wish to take my daughter of year 7 abroad on holiday from half day 8th May to return to school -16 May, but I don’t want her to miss out on any vital tests/exams! Please could you advise if these dates are appropriate, as I would like to book it today if possible not to miss out on such a great holiday! Many thanks.

    1. Dates for tests for year 7 are not confirmed yet. You can see anything that has been confirmed on the calendar. Any requests for time off for family holidays must be made in writing to the Headteacher.

  30. Hello
    I missed year 9 parents evening due to being stuck in traffic. Is there any possibility of speaking to or emailing my daughter’s teachers to discuss her progress?

  31. Hi Miss Bunce,

    Could you kindly confirm if you have an update on GCSE exam dates for year 11’s please.

    Many thanks

  32. Hi. On the Y Pant website calendar, it states that Friday 24th May 2013 is the “official leaving date” for years 11, 12 and 13.

    My stepson is in Year 11 and is due to take GCSE exams, so can you confirm that this “leaving date” is correct – it will enable us to plan any potential holiday dates. Thanks.

    1. This is the correct date. Welsh Government rules now state that we cannot give students study leave prior to exams. There will be exams before this date and students will be released from lessons for these. Before planning holidays please also bear in mind that the GCSE, AS and A-level exams continue after half term as well. Many exams take place towards the end of June. We don’t yet have the exam timetable for the summer but will publish this when we do.

    1. An absence due to illness must be phoned in to the office on 01443 237701 and followed up with a written note. A planned absence for family holiday must be on an absence form which the head of year can provide you with.

  33. Can you please advise what is happening regarding Work Experience.

    My son is currently in Year 10 – so I assume it is taken in Year 11?

    What is the process for getting them a position somewhere as I have an opportunity that I am able to apply for for him but need dates.

  34. I’m currently looking to book a holiday during term time week commencing July 9th for one week and will be requesting permission for my daughters absence during this time. However I do not want her to miss any important tests\exams… Will they be finished by this time?? This will not be a regular occurance. Eargerly awaiting your reply many thanks Lisa.

    1. Lisa
      You will need to contact your daughter’s Head of Year directly to find out about exam dates.

    1. You will have to speak to the teacher’s running the ski trip about that – I will see if I can find out.

  35. Can I ask why pupils have been asked to list ALL daily subjects in their homework diaries, when there is may not be any homework in some of those subjects?

    Apparently they have been told not to “argue” the case, but to just do it.

    In some cases I’d agree with this, but in this case it seems to be a futile exercise.

    Can they just list the subjects they have homework in…surely that would be more sensible, and would mean that the already limited space in the PLK wouldn’t be taken up unnecessarily.

    1. We have found that in many cases pupils were not recording homework in their PLK. Writing in the names of the subjects has resolved this problem for many pupils. It has also provided pupils with a more immediate reminder of which timetable week we are currently in as “wrong week” is the main reason for pupil forgetting books.

  36. we have lost uniform all with names is it possible for the parents to look through lost property have lost a coat and pant fleece amongst other items.

    1. The Art Pack can be bought as a pre-made pack at a discount price from school. I will ask Mrs J Gold, Head of Art to advise on the price and contents at the beginning of term.

  37. Please could you let me know when the exam timetables will be published for Year 8 and Year 10 pupils.
    Many Thanks

  38. There seems to be some confusion about Year 9 options evening.On this website it clearly states this will take place on Wed March 9th,so having left my diary clear,I am quite concerned that I have been told that it has already taken place this month.Can you please clarify. Thanks.

    1. Thank you for pointing out this discrepancy. Yes the options evening took place last Wednesday. I can only apologise for any inconvenience caused. Information about ALL options will be available on the website in the next day or so.

    1. We hope to have the updated prospectus on the website (which includes information about feeder primaries and catchment) very soon. In the meantime, if you phone the school directly on 01443 237701 someone will be able to answer your question.

  39. You may also find the following link useful – it has all exam dates and times across all exam boards. If you click ‘Accept’ on the home page, you will then be sent through to a search which will allow you to compile and print exam timetables for the whole season, though some practical exams etc. may not be on there.

    1. Thanks very much Matthew – very useful site!

      Once all our exam entries are complete – we will still publish the school exam timetable here. Different exam boards have their exams on different days and of course there’s the extra level of confusion generated because some subjects then have different papers.

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