Y Pant Uniform for September 2014

Uniform may be purchased from the uniform classroom, which is room 28, (not the Gymnasium)

  • Monday 14th July – 5pm-8pm
  • Tuesday 15th July – 5pm -8pm
  • Wednesday 16th July – 5pm -8pm
  • Thursday 17th July – 5pm – 8pm
  • Wednesday 27th August – 5pm – 8pm
  • Thursday 28th August – 5pm – 8pm

The school uniform shop is also open every Thursday during term time from 3:15 to 6pm from September.

Uniform prices are listed here.


17 thoughts on “Y Pant Uniform for September 2014”

  1. Hi,

    I am trying to get hold of the school re uniform and I now cannot reach anyone as the school is closed for the holidays, and unfortunately are experiencing the same problems as everyone else.

    My daughter starts sixth form in September, and we were away on holiday during the time in July the uniform shop was open, and unfortunately, we are also away when it re-opens in August. She will be missing the first two days of term due to holidays, and I need to sort her uniform before then, as it is a totally different uniform to what she has been wearing.

    Please advise how I can obtain this?

    1. I’ve forwarded this on to the Friends of Y Pant who run the uniform shop on a voluntary basis. Does she have a friend who could pick up uniform for her?

  2. When purchasing uniform I was told the first day back, Wednesday 4th, was non uniform for year 12.
    Can you tell me if this is the case.

  3. It mentions above that to be guaranteed uniform for this term a form needed to be completed of the order requirements. I don’t remember being given a for to order in advance. I am planning on visiting the Gym this evening to purchase my daughters uniform, the fact that I have not completed a form, will this matter?

  4. I must agree with the complaints regarding the opening times of the uniform shop. It is ridiculous to operate a monopoly on school uniform and then make it difficult for parents to actually buy it, especially as the requirements for uniform are very strict! I have had to change a shift to get to the uniform shop this evening and I just hope there’s something there for my son to wear to school next week.

  5. I have to agree with others. Being able to purchase school uniform on four days only during the school holidays is absolutely ridiculous especially if you work a shift pattern like myself. Why did the school take on the responsibility of sole provider and offer such a poor service?! Bring back the likes of ” Edens ” please or at least vary your opening times or offer an online ordering service.

    1. Sorry you are finding this inconvenient. The uniform shop was open for a week in the evenings before the end of term and will continue to be open every Thursday after school during term time next term as usual. The uniform provision is staffed by the Friends of Y Pant who are all volunteers and all work full time themselves. They are always happy to have more volunteers! The date of their next meeting will be posted on the website if you would like to attend.

  6. Hi,

    The website and your above comment refer to the uniform shop being open Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th September but 7th and 8th are actually Saturday and Sunday. Is the shop open the Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th?

    Many thanks

    Helen George

  7. Hi. Ive been told that the uniform shop maybe open every Thursda. Could you please let me know if this is correct. Thanks.

    1. Uniform is available on Wednesday & Thursday 28th & 29th August 4.30 p.m.to 8.00 p.m.

      The Uniform Shop will also be open in Room 28, on Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th September between 3.30 p.m. and 6.00 p.m.

  8. I find having to buy the uniform through school only at very restrictive times extremely difficult. I am unable to be at the school at any of the times published due to work commitments and holidays. Therefore I am unable to purchase uniform for my children. Other local secondary schools have their uniform shops open daily through the school holidays.

    1. The comment was passed to Friends of Y Pant and members of the committee met and spoke to Mrs Poacher & her comments were discussed. It was agreed that the volunteers of Friends of Y Pant identify the dates & times of the sells in July & August as soon as possible so that parents are able to make arrangements to purchase uniform. the shop is also open every Thursday in term time 3.30pm – 6pm. Friends of Y Pant acknowledge the helpful and constructive dialogue with Mrs Poacher.

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