Estyn Judge Y Pant to be an Excellent School!

estyn logoWe are delighted to announce that in October 2011, Estyn decided we are an excellent school!

The school was judged to be excellent in both of the main areas of current performance and prospects for improvement.

The full report is being sent out to parents but can also be downloaded here.

This means that Y Pant School is ‘sector-leading’ which, in turn, indicates that the education provided by Y Pant is amongst the best secondary education in Wales.  The sub-sections of the report contain judgements on aspects of school life; we are delighted to have received nine judgements of ‘excellent’ and six of ‘good’.  We are particularly proud of the fact that the following areas of excellence have been identified:

  • Achievement of pupils of all abilities
  • The ‘outstanding’ progress made by pupils in their lessons
  • Exceptional pupil attitudes to learning and pupil behaviour
  • Teaching
  • Strong leadership
  • Raising standards
  • The school’s culture as a learning community

This inspection report is the result of the hard work, talent and commitment demonstrated by everybody associated with the school and we extend our thanks to all staff, pupils, parents and governors without whom these judgements would not have been possible.

The main summary of the report:

Current Performance

Y Pant is an excellent school because:

  • pupils of all abilities achieve significantly above the expected level;
  • pupils make outstanding progress in their lessons and they have excellent skills to improve their own learning;
  • pupils’ attitude to learning and their behaviour is exceptional; and
  • teaching in the school is very effective and has a significant impact on the high standards pupils achieve.

Prospects for Improvement

The school’s prospects for improvement are excellent because:

  • the headteacher and a highly effective senior management team provide very strong leadership;
  • the school has robust, accurate and systematic procedures for self-evaluation which lead to well-planned actions and strategies that have had an outstanding impact on improving standards and quality;
  • the school uses data very effectively at whole-school and subject department levels. This has a considerable impact on raising standards;
  • the school has an excellent track record in making improvements; and
  • the school has established successfully a very strong culture as a learning community.