More Able and Talented Home Economics Challenge Event

On Friday 8th July eleven pupils from Years 7,8, and 9 took part in the MAAT Home Economics challenge. The pupils who participated were: Yr 7 Harri Lewis, Toby Nye, Jade Evans, Chloe Booth-Jones. Yr 8 Bryce Marshall, Megan Brown, Lewis Robson, Eleanor Dunn. Yr 9 Zoe Fullbrook, Lewys Gwyther, Dominic Grossett.

This year’s theme was Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy World. Pupil’s were given the following situation and brief:


The preparations for the 2012 London Olympic Games are well under way and all over the U.K. there are various arrangements taking place to host athletes from all over the world. However the Olympic Games are not just about sport, they provide the opportunity for Britain to foster international relationships with many other cultures.


To welcome visitors and athletes. You have been asked to contribute to the cultural exchange by providing refreshments at a number of sporting events. Develop a range of healthy multicultural, high energy food and drinks inspired by recipes from different countries.

The pupils were allocated twelve different countries and investigated and chose from a wide selection of traditional recipes. The menus were as follows:

YR7-France, Mexico, India, Ireland

year 7

FRENCH MENUFrench Onion Soup with Gruyer Croutons, Chicken Basquaise Crème Brulee -chosen by Toby.

french menu

MEXICAN  MENUChilli con Carne with Rice, Biscochitas-chosen by Jade

INDIAN MENUBalti Butter Chicken with Spiced Lemon Rice, Caramel Pudding, Badam Milk Shake.-chosen by Harri.

indian menu

IRISH MENU-Irish Bacon and Cabbage Soup, Strawberry Bread and Blueberry Sauce-chosen by Chloe.

irish menu

YR8-Italy, Jamaica, U.S.A.,U.K.

year 8

ITALIAN MENU-Tomato Soup, Dolchellate Chicken with Linguini, Tiramisu, Mixed Fruit Cocktail.-chosen by Bryce.

italian menu

JAMAICAN MENU-Jerk Chicken with Sweet Potato Wedges, Pineapple Up-side down Cake. Passion Fruit and Mango Smoothie- chosen by Megan.

jamaican menu

AMERICAN MENUStuffed Potato Skins, Pork Fajitas, Banana and Walnut Bread, American Fruit Smoothie-Lewis

BRITISH MENUScottish Shortbread, Welsh Leek and Cheese Soup, Cornish Cream Tea.- chosen by Ellie

YR9-Spain, Turkey, Greece, China

year 9

SPANISH MENU-Prawns with Romesco Sauce, Spanish Tortilla.-chosen by Lewys

spanish menu

TURKISH MENUChicken Shish Kebab, Tiramisu Bowl, Almond Cookies. Chosen by-Domonic

CHINESE MENUChilli Fish with Rice, Szechuan Chicken, Chow Mein. Plain Fried Rice.-chosen by Zoë.

GREEK MENULamb Moussaka, Baklava

greek menu

All pupils who took part worked brilliantly, all the dishes were of very high quality. The member’s staff that were lucky enough to taste their efforts were very impressed and complimentary. Mr Tucker has asked me to pass on his congratulations to the all pupils concerned. – Mrs J. Griffiths.