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Y Pant pupils visit the world in a day

Last week we took part in the Google Expeditions Pioneer Programme and were able to take pupils on field trips all over the world – and beyond!

Google came into school for the day and brought with them 60 smartphones.  Using the Google Expeditions App and cardboard Virtual Reality viewers, pupils were able to experience 360-degree tours to places as diverse as New York’s immigration centres, Barcelona, the Arctic, the Great Barrier Reef, the human respiratory system and the Moon!

Pupils were excited to experience this technology and there were many gasps of astonishment as we came face to face with a Great White Shark or experienced standing on the Great Wall of China.

Anyone wanting to try this at home needs two smartphones, or one smartphone and a tablet (one needs to act as the expedition leader) and a Google cardboard (which can be purchased for as little as £5 online).  Check your smartphone can run the Google Expeditions App before purchasing!  It’s fun and has some serious learning potential as well which we’ll be exploring.

Y Pant becomes Hogwarts for World Book Day

Thursday 2nd March was World Book Day and to celebrate, our librarian Mrs Heather Johns, put on a fantastic Harry Potter themed day.

Hogwarts took over the school and our houses became Hogwarts houses for the day.  We also participated in the Hogwarts Teacher Exchange Programme and welcomed Professors McGonagall, Trelawney, Umbridge & Quirrell among others to Y Pant.  Pupils were challenged to find all the Hogwarts staff during the day—a hard task as some had taken Polyjuice potion and looked a lot like Y Pant teachers.

Bake Off

We held a Harry Potter themed bake off and were highly impressed with ALL the amazing cakes that were brought in. 

Bake Off Winners and Runners Up

Bake Off Joint Winners: Emily, Megan, Teyha, Leah and Katie
Joint second Niamh, Briony, Sofia, Elena and Tayah
Third place Jessica
Highly Commended—Libby, Joel and Isobel


Some pupils took part in a quiz in the Learning Resource Centre and then hunted for the missing snitches at the end.  The quiz was won by Aneurin 2 (Hufflepuff), the team comprised of, Sam F Davies, Corey Luke, Evan Marsland-Davies, Elise-Marie Shaw, and Libby Lee.


We also challenged pupils to write a review of one of the Harry Potter books or films.  We had some fantastic entries (which will be displayed in the Learning Resource Centre).  The winners are:

  1. Harriet Kehl 
  2. Laura Mathieson 
  3. Jay Lock


Pupils were also encouraged to sum up their favourite Harry Potter moment in 140 characters.  This was won by Caitlin Richards with the following:


Year 10 help at the St David’s Day Lunch

Year 10 Agored Cymru pupils volunteered to serve lunch for St David’s Day at the Lanhari Senior Citizen’s Hall. Community Participation is also an element of their Welsh Baccalaureate course. There were 50 guests who tucked into a traditional meal of cawl followed by tea / coffee and welsh cakes. Pupils called the raffle and enjoyed traditional Welsh songs such as Calon Lan and Myfanwy. The photos show the pupils building rapport with the guests and posing with the Mayor of RCT Mr Rhys Lewis. 




Excellent work in Year 10 English presentations

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all students in Year 10 for their efforts in preparing for the individual presentations in English Language. Both myself, the department and the Senior Leadership Team have been mightily impressed with the mature attitude that has been displayed. We have listened to many engaging and ambitious speeches. The pupils have done themselves proud and taken the task seriously. 

Well done!
Mr. Kuck
Head of English

GCSE Maths & Numeracy Exam info for Year 10

Important Dates in Maths

Our current year 10 pupils will be sitting GCSE Numeracy and GCSE Maths in November 2017. The dates of the external exams are listed at the bottom. In preparation for this they will all be involved in mock exams to be held in October 2017.

Set 1 will be sitting higher tier and set 2 intermediate tier (with the option of then sitting higher tier the following summer). Set 3 will be sitting the intermediate tier and sets 4 and 5 the foundation tier (with the option of then sitting the intermediate tier the following summer). It is anticipated that the majority of pupils will re-sit these exams in the summer of 2018 in order to improve their grades. When pupils re-sit they always keep their BEST grade.


Nov 6th GCSE Numeracy – Unit 1 (Non-Calculator) (1¾ hours)

Nov 8th GCSE Numeracy – Unit 2 (Calculator) (1¾ hours)


Nov 10th GCSE Maths – Unit 1 (Non-Calculator)

Nov 13th GCSE Maths – Unit 2 (Calculator)



Pupil Language Ambassador Day

After our fun-filled journey from Y Pant, we arrived at the Old Library, The Hayes, Cardiff at 9:30am. After signing in, the group of us, (Cameron, James, Chloe, Menna, Mali and Senora Fernandez) sat down and got ready to start a hard day of work. After 10/15 minutes of technical difficulties – we patiently waited and eventually started the day.
We were given a short speech welcoming us and all of the other schools there. Later on, to get in the mood of languages, we all took part in quiz regarding Spanish, French, German and a little bit of Welsh.
We had an interesting morning, where we were given speeches and talks about what languages can do for you and where languages can take you. We heard speeches from Paul Kaye – a European Commissioner who told us about his life story and how languages helped him. We also heard a speech from a business speaker called Chris Sweetman who also told us about his life story and how languages helped him too.
After filling up on biscuits, snacks and freebies at the lunch break, we returned to another room and had 30 minutes of a Spanish lesson. We spoke about different styles of dancing, even we got up and danced too! The style of dance we did was one called ‘Las sevillanas’ – it’s similar to the famous flamenco dancing (but slightly different). You can check out the style of dance we did on YouTube with the following address –
Afterwards, we went to do some reading and singing activities in German. Even Cameron got up and rapped in front of the class. We all enjoyed…Even though most of us didn’t know what we were saying!
Later on, we went to French and made fortune cookies. We discussed sentences in French too. We had plenty of fun!
Lunch was next, after eating, we participated in group photos and quizzes on languages.
Finally, we all came back together and disgust and thought of ways, we, as language ambassadors, can help our school and promote the languages in all the years…But mainly years 7-9 (KS3).
To conclude, we all had a very eventful and fun day. We learnt lots and we now fell we can make our jobs the best the can be. We will sure to try our best in that!
Also a big thank you to Senora Fernandez to took us on the trip to Cardiff – we all enjoyed fully!!! Gracias, gracias, gracias!!
Mali Rhys – Thomas.

Green-fingered pupils win Royal Horticultural Society award

Congratulations to our team of young garden designers.  Last term they took part in a Royal Horticultural Society project – and won!  Here’s their write-up about the competition.  We’re looking forward to seeing their garden come to life!

Last term we took part in the Royal Horticultural Society “Green Plan It” Challenge. Our project was to design a garden for our school. We chose the rooftop area on our new school. We had to take into consideration the cost of things and we also had to make sure everything promoted biodiversity and was sustainable. At the start of the year, we visited the Botanic Gardens at Bristol University. This was where the competition was introduced to us. We met our mentor and we had a guided tour of the gardens. Our mentor was Juliet and she is a head gardener at St Fagan’s. She helped us choose the best plants, herbs and vegetables for our garden and she also helped us to understand why they were the best. We found out from the council ecologist that building the new school had destroyed the habitat of some butterflies that used to eat “devil’s bit scabious” which grew on the marshlands around the school. We tried to incorporate a marsh garden into our design to provide a new habitat for the butterflies so that we could help with their conservation.

By week 8 we had to hand in a written report, this contained team introductions, garden designs, research, plant types and an evaluation. We created a drawing of our garden plan and then developed a computer version. Next, we made our own model from recycled materials. We created a script for our presentation and developed an eye-catching display. At the start of December, we returned to Bristol University for an assessment and award ceremony, we had 30 minutes to set up our display and then the assessors came and listened to our presentations. They also asked us questions about our work. At the award ceremony, we were presented with the award for “Most Innovative” garden design and we received a certificate and trophy along with vouchers to buy gardening equipment for the garden.



Fantastic Maths Results Year 11

Congratulations to our brilliant mathematicians in year 11!  The whole year group sat their Maths and Numeracy GCSE exams in November and we’re delighted that 67% of them gained at least one C grade and eleven pupils gained two A* grades.   All our pupils worked hard for these exams and we’re very proud of them.

Pupils were given their grades during a special exam results session this morning and many took the opportunity to phone home.

For those whose grades were not quite as they’d hoped, there will be another opportunity to sit both exams in the summer and we will provide targetted support to those who need it.

Dr Jones, Head of Progress for Year 11 congratulates pupils

Emilia, Melissa, Bethan, Josh, Bethan, Tim, Ela, Caitlin, Daniel, Megan and Liz who all achieved two A* grades.