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National Armed Forces Day; Flag Raising Raising Ceremony, Centenary Gardens, Beddau- Thursday 25th June 2015

Representatives from Y Pant School were cordially invited by Cllr Allan Matheson, the Chair of Llantrisant Community Council, to attend a flag raising ceremony at the Centenary Gardens in Beddau on a bright, sunny morning on Thursday the 25th of June. The ceremony was part of a series of activities to recognise the hard work, dedication and sacrifice of our Armed Forces. This culminates in Armed Forces Day on Saturday 27th June where a series of high profile events around the United Kingdom will take place to raise public awareness of the contribution made to our country by those who have served in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces.
Representatives from the school included Army Reservists, Mr Pearsall and Miss Purcell, members of the School Council and members of local Air and Army Cadets. Air Cadet Sergeant Alex Foster was a standard bearer and fellow Y Pant pupils from 2077 (Pontyclun) Squadron, Air Training Corps provided the guard of honour at the ceremony which was also attended by the Royal British Legion, Llantrisant Community Council, local Primary Schools, the Llantrisant Ladies’ Choir and members of the local community.
The service was led by Chaplain Creighton Lewis OBE of Tabor Baptist Church ably assisted by readings from Y Pant’s Paige Jones and Cameron Docherty and hymns from Llantrisant Ladies’ Choir. Refreshments were kindly provided for all participants afterwards in Beddau Welfare Hall by the Community Council. It was a great day for all members of the community, young and old, to meet and share a common bond of wellbeing, citizenship and camaraderie.

Mint to Mint Challenge – all riders finish and raise lots of money!

On Saturday 13th June 2015, fourteen intrepid cyclists completed the 133 mile ‘Mint to Mint’ Challenge. Headteacher Mr Powell and fellow Y Pant teachers, Mr Pearsall (Challenge Organiser), Mr Mortimer (Route Master), Mr Mitchell (King of the Mountains), Mr Jones (Elder Statesman), Mr Pelaez (Traffic Controller) and Mr Battle (Dave Brailsford- Team Manager) were joined by cycling colleagues from Newton Lifeguard Club and Ye Pirates Club (Porthcawl) for the formidable trial. Despite 5 punctures before leaving Wales and a sound drenching in Gloucestershire our intrepid crew soon picked up the pace and arrived in Birmingham in the early evening to city streets lined with jubilant well-wishers (well an old lady and a dog at the bus stop).

Ably supported by Mr Duggan, Mr Davies, Mr Abdo and Miss Purcell our cyclists were waved off from outside the Royal  Mint at 7.30 am by Kylie McKee from Velindre Cancer Care Fundraising and our benefactors Wayne and Jayne Griffiths from Rhian Griffiths Velindre Rose Tribute Fund.  Eleven hours later our remarkably fresh looking and exhilarated team were being photographed in front of the old Birmingham Mint which is now a block of elegant luxury apartments and offices.

Many thanks to all our kind supporters and sponsors. We are still collecting for Rhian Griffiths and Velindre and you can donate online at;

You may not be aware that it is National Bike Week this week. We would like our challenge to act as an inspiration for budding cyclists to take to the saddle and enjoy the health and social benefits of cycling. Knowing that we were also doing it for a very worthy and deserving cause was a real motivator during the Winter training months.

If you believe; you can achieve!!


Eisteddfod 2015

The school Eisteddfod will take place this year on Tuesday 30th June for years 7 and 8.

The following Eisteddfod competitions are running this year.  Each carries house points for the individual as well as carrying house points for the house to win.

Homework Competitions

Cymraeg Years 7 and 8

Using your art and design and IT skills coupled with a good imagination write a detailed Welsh passage about yourself in any format you wish to show how interesting a person you are. You may make this a ‘crafty’ entry, you may prepare a digital presentation, you may hand-write your entry or enter with a Word document. You may even use Publisher to prepare a colourful leaflet. Successful entries will be those whose good use of the Welsh you have learned at y Pant shines through.

The best Year 8 entry in this competition is akin to poet winning ‘The Chair’ in the National Eisteddfod. In our version the winner goes through the chairing ceremony and wins a traditionally hand carved lovespoon.

Literacy and Numeracy Competitions

These are open to any student and carry 10 house points each.  Students can choose whether to enter at Bronze, Silver or Gold level (or all three) and complete their entries by hand or on the computer.

Literacy Competitions

Can you find all the errors in this text about the Brecon Beacons Dark Skys Reserve?  Paste it all into Word and use a spellchecker by all means – but it won’t find ALL the mistakes!

Numeracy Competitions

They make coins at the Royal Mint in Llantrisant – but we don’t always just want to count them!

Design Food

Year 7 – Make a teisen lap

Year 8 – Make 6 Welsh cakes

(Recipes available from Home Economics department and will be online shortly.)

Design Technology

Yr 7 – Make a mechanical dragon.  The dragon can be made from any materials but must have one moving part.

Yr 8 – Make a model of a famous Welsh building/structure or landmark.

French Year 8

Make a poster about sports and hobbies.

(Further information is displayed around MFL area. )

Spanish Year 7

Create a poster: “Vivo o muerto”.

Science Year 7

Write an information leaflet entitled ‘Red Kites in Wales’.

Biology Year 8

Write an information leaflet entitled ‘Heart Disease in Wales’.

Chemistry Year 8

Welsh Fantasy Elements.


The ‘Show racism the Red Card Competition’ was held in March.  Here are the winners.

Year 7 Year 8
Media 1st Lois Evans
2nd Alys Cleverley
3rd Abbie Green & Serenaur Okandeji-Roberts
1st Sam Boyd & Jack King
Poster 1st Bronwen Mason
2nd Harriet Kehl
3rd Charlotte Morgan
1st Iestyn Harris
2nd Kaitlyn Lewis
3rd Kasey Fleming
T-Shirt 1st Jack Phillips
2nd Ashton Austin
3rd Mali Rhys-Thomas & Daisy Babbage
1st Emma Long & Lucy Coleman
2nd Abie Tsim
3rd Kasey Daley
Poem 1st Ffion Tynan & Sara Greaves
Malala 1st Jessica Doyle 1st Megan Kelly, Natalie Johns, Catrin Grattidge, Katie Jarman, Hannah McCann, Maia Reid, Yasmin Reid &Leah Ruggles


Stage Competitions

The following competitions will take place on the day of the Eisteddfod, Tuesday 30th June

Cymraeg Year 7

Recitation   – Lliwiau

Cymraeg Year 8

Recitation   – Bwyd


Stage –  recitation competition

French Year 8

French singing – Alouette

Spanish Year 7

Singing competition. Rap


Year 7 and year 8

‘A One Minute Advert Celebrating Wales’.

Following preliminary competitions there will be three groups from year 7 and three from year 8  performing on stage.


SOLO Year 7 – Vocal (singing) or Instrumental. Karaoke type backing tracks allowed. Following preliminary competitions there will three  performing on stage.

SOLO Year 8 – as above.

Group Year 7/8 – ensemble performance (vocal or instrumental or a combination of both). Again, backing tracks allowed and all group members MUST belong to the SAME HOUSE.

House Choir year 7 – National Anthem – Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau.

House Choir year 8 – Sosban Fach.

(All 4 houses will take part)

Mint-to-Mint Charity Bike Ride – Llantrisant to Birmingham in a day!

The following seven members of the teaching staff from Y Pant School will be taking part in the Mint-To-Mint cycling challenge on 13th June. Mark Powell, Bryn Jones, Mark Pearsall, Gareth Battle, Dai Mortimer, Mani Pelaez-Heras and Ian Mitchell. None of us is a spring chicken; so much so that our average age is over 45! There follows a little information about some of those participating in the ride and we hope this will spur you on to donating to the charity in the usual way by sending cash in via the pupils to any of us or by clicking on the following link and donating via the Just Giving website.

Here are some of us at the start of our most recent training ride.


And 90 km later still looking as fresh as daisies.


Rider Profiles


MPHello there, my name is Mark Pearsall and I have had the good fortune to be a teacher at Y Pant School for nearly 15 years. I’m a comparative newcomer to the joys of cycling; only taking to the saddle on a reasonably regular basis since last November. About 2 weeks after taking to the road and having not cycled more than 15 miles I experienced a vision on a dark country lane near Porthcawl at 6 O’clock on a frosty morning. The vision informed me that I should arrange a cycle ride from the Royal Mint in Llantrisant to the old mint in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham. The challenge should be called the ‘Mint to Mint Challenge’ and should be completed in a day by a pilgrimage of similar middle aged men in lycra who also felt the need  to affirm their status in society.   I believed that people would scoff and deride my vision but I was wrong and a number of colleagues from school and Newton Lifeguard Club in Porthcawl committed themselves to a rigorous and punishing training regime to prepare for this cycling pilgrimage to my original spawning ground.

To paraphrase the film ‘Gladiator’; “For those of you who are about to cycle- We salute you!!” Strength and honour!!

IMI`m Ian Mitchell. I`ve been the Head of Welsh here for 23 and a half years (not that I`m counting!). As an enthusiastic and, it has been suggested, even obsessive cyclist it was natural for me to be involved in this challenge. I wasn`t so much asked as told: “Yeah, Mitch will do it” is how I remember it. However, participating is a no-brainer as this charity is close to my heart, as it for so many of us here in South Wales. As someone remarked to me the other day, there are very few of us who have not been touched by the wonderful work done at Velindre. Being well past the half century in years on this planet the thought of cycling 130 miles is rather daunting and I`ve had to re-evaluate my usual cycling technique of getting to the top as quickly as possible and then blasting down the other side at breakneck speeds. I know my mountain biking buddies will scoff at that but in my mind I don`t half go fast! In fact, check me out on Strava (in the aged 50 plus category, please). A couple of the less experienced cyclists wanted to know about my cycling strengths and weaknesses. On the plus side is my body`s ability to fuel up with carbohydrates. The negative? I eat too much bread! This is why being a MAMIL is not a good thing for me. Please support our efforts in this challenge. We are going to be well out of our comfort zone and would appreciate your going over to the just giving page and donating what you can. Diolch.

MAPHello everyone.  I’m Mark Powell, the headteacher of Y Pant School.  I’ve worked here for 9 years and have been in education for nearly 25.  I can no longer deny that I am middle-aged!

On consideration of Mr Pearsall’s vision, two questions came to mind:

  1. how hard can the training be?
  2. how athletic would I look in lycra?


  1. very
  2. not at all.

How I wish I could reverse those answers….

So, anyway, I signed up, replaced my battered old bike, donned the lycra, avoided full length mirrors and set out on the roads.  And it really isn’t just about the bike: I’ve discovered a whole new vocabulary, a world of cadence, cleats and chamois cream (don’t ask….).  But I’m thoroughly enjoying it, finding things out about myself and aching in places I had never considered before!  Most of all, I’m proud to be part of a group committed to making a contribution to such a wonderful cause.

Here we go: rolling, rolling, rolling…..

MPHHola amigos, I am Manuel Pelaez-Heras “MPH” (Fastest teacher by name). I have been teaching in the UK for the last 12 years, PE first and ALN for the last 7. I am addicted to cycling since growing up as a child in sunny Spain, too much at times. I would label myself as “The best Spanish cyclist in the school”. Mentioning cycling and challenge was the catch for me, helping Cancer research bought me straight. I have lost people I still love and I know people suffering cancer.

I know 130 miles sounds crazy-loco but it is nothing compared to the tough situation people suffering cancer get through and not to forget their families and friends.

I am looking forward to cycling with the “Y Pant Lycra Gang” (YPLG) and having an amazing experience with the thought of helping in my mind and legs.

Please, please, please support us on this challenge page and donate via the Just Giving.

Thanks, diolch, gracias.

DMHead of PE and Taff Trail Challenge finisher last year, Dai Mortimer.




GBHead of Geography and seasoned triathlete, Gareth Battle.






BJAssistant Headteacher and Taff Trail Challenge finisher, Bryn Jones.


Year 8 pupil Lydia in the Shakespeare Performance competition

“Two households, both alike in dignity

In fair Verona, where we lay our scene

From ancient grudge break to new mutiny

Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.”

Those of you in Year 10 or above will be familiar with these lines from the opening of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.  You may vividly remember the lessons you spent acting, reading and analysing important scenes.  You might even be heard to say that some of Shakespeare’s magnificent dialogue can sometimes be tricky to interpret on first reading, let alone deliver it to an audience.  Would you agree then, that it would be a mighty task to memorise a speech and deliver it to a panel of judges who are looking for a realistic portrayal of a Shakespearean character?

Well, Lydia Morgan in Year 8 has done exactly that!  She made it to the South Wales Regional Final of the English Speaking Union ‘Shakespeare Performance’ competition held in the Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff.  The judges were very impressed with Lydia’s performance of Julia’s speech from Two Gentlemen of Verona in the first round and gave her a place in the Regional Final last week.  The competition involved Year 8 and 9 students from school s across Wales and the judges were looking for the best performance of Shakespeare’s work.  There were 10 competitors in total and Lydia’s performance went well!  To perform in front of an audience is always challenging but Lydia rose to the challenge and impressed judges and audience members alike.  Well done Lydia!

We’ve been re-accredited with the NACE Cymru Challenge Award!

We’re delighted to announce that last Friday, we were re-accredited with the NACE Challenge Award for excellence in provision for More Able and Talented pupils. 

NACE Chief Executive Rowena Gaston said:

“Y Pant School has worked hard to win the NACE Challenge Award Re-accreditation status. It has shown itself to be committed to developing a school where all pupils are challenged to be the best they can be. The more able and talented children are challenged and this helps the other learners to see what can be achieved.”

The assessors spent the day in school where they observed lessons, interviewed pupils, teachers, parents and governors and looked at  pupils’ work.

They were also impressed by the impressed by strong leadership of the school and the support and challenge provided by the governors.

You can read the full press release from NACE below.

Y Pant celebrate poster exhibition at Royal Glamorgan Hospital

Earlier this year a group of More Able and Talented pupils from the Art Department were involved in the design and production of a health campaign poster promoting the safe use of medicines. The project involving a number of schools in the RCT area was run by ‘Art is Community’ and sponsored by the Welsh Government. The eye catching designs were praised by the chief hospital pharmacist as a huge success at the official celebration on Wednesday 6th May. The exhibition of posters can be seen at the Hospital.