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Future Chefs Cook Up a Storm!

Monday the 5th of October saw the School heats for the Springboard Future Chef Competition. Eight year 9 pupils took part including Lydia Morgan, Olivia King, Jack King, Courtney Jones, Catrin Grattidge, Ellie Hammacott, Natalie Johns and Ellie Jenkins.

Their brief was to cook a main meal with a budget of £5. They were judged on the balance of the meal including flavours, textures and appearance by Mr Powell, Mrs Lloyd and Miss Knight.

An amazing range of meals was produced and the staff thoroughly enjoyed each one. The standard was exceptional.

Dishes produced ranged from Chilli Con Carne with Garlic Ciabatta & Chicken Tikka with Mint Yoghurt to Pesto Pasta with Bacon and Tomatoes & Garlic Salmon with Asparagus on a bed of pureed Butternut Squash.

After much deliberation the winners were announced as Ellie Jenkins for her home reared Lamb Chops in Rosemary and Red wine Jus with mashed Potato and Carrots; and Courtney Jones with her Garlic Salmon with a crispy skin and Asparagus on a bed of pureed Butternut Squash.

The pupils worked independently for an hour and produced top quality dishes. Mr Powell commented that he enjoys cooking but “I couldn’t cook like that”.

Miss Knight will be accompanying Ellie Jenkins and Courtney Jones to Bridgend College for the regional finals on the 24th November.

We wish the girls the very best of luck.

FutureChef-15-08 FutureChef-15-09
FutureChef-15-28 FutureChef-15-33 FutureChef-15-34 FutureChef-15-36 FutureChef-15-37 FutureChef-15-38 FutureChef-15-40 FutureChef-15-43 FutureChef-15-47 FutureChef-15-48


Art 1 art 2 art 4 art 5On Tuesday 22nd September the Art Department took Year 11 and Year 9 students to The Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford. The Museum displays archaeological and ethnographic objects from all parts of the world. It was founded in 1884 when General Pitt Rivers, an influential figure in the development of archaeology and evolutionary anthropology, gave his collection to the University. The collection now holds over 250,000 objects from around the world. Students were able to see groups of objects such as: musical instruments, weapons, masks, textiles, jewellery, and tools to show how the same problems have been solved at different times by different peoples. The visit was made to support students’ coursework projects (Year 11 Multicultural Art Unit and Year 9 Mask Making Unit). Students used their sketchbooks and cameras to record interesting examples of objects seen.

Comenius 2013-15 – My 21st Century

Our Comenius My 21st Century project has sadly come to an end.  After trips to Ireland, Holland, Germany, Spain and Norway we have had to say our goodbyes to our European counterparts (for the time being!) after two years of working on this project.  A total of 19 pupils, from various year groups, attended these trips after showing an interest in culture, technology and making new friends.  Each Comenius Conference we attended had a different thematic area: what does social media mean to you?; technology; a multi-cultural society; entrepreneurs and educational apps; democracy; society and architecture.  A larger number of Y Pant pupils also took part in the project, some attended the Comenius club, others hosted and some completed Comenius work in their time-tabled lessons such as Art.

Highlights from the trips include: meeting the Mayor of Sant Cugat; Jess and Maria being interviewed in Holland about their style and making it into a famous magazine; being hosted by friends that you made when you hosted in Wales; riding bikes to school in Holland; using Spanish skills and language (learnt in Y Pant) to navigate yourself around Barcelona; how to take responsibility for yourself and work on basic life skills; visiting amazing cities and countries; making brand new friends!

Highlights from the project include: being part of a wonderful group of people, all sharing knowledge and culture; looking at how technology has changed our lives, for the good and for the bad; how to change your perspective; working as a group to reach a common goal; realising that just because someone is from a different country, you can still have things in common with them.
Unfortunately the Comenius project does not exist anymore but keep your eyes peeled for an Erasmus + project and remember to get involved!



The Netherlands



Mission Discovery – Kings College London

On the 12th July Kiera White, and myself (Ellie Matthews) travelled to King’s College London, with 45 other students from R-CT- to complete a five day project. The project was for International Space School Educational Trust (ISSET) with NASA in the hope that it would be launched onto the international space station. Unfortunately our group did not win overall but we had an amazing week!

We were introduced to Chris Barber (the founder of ISSET), Mike Foale (an astronaut), Dr Julie Keeble (a pharmacology lecturer), Sarah Murray (Assistant Chief of EVA, Robotics and Crew Systems at NASA) and Ben (our mentor).  We were put to work to create a team name and mission patch. A mission patch is a special badge designed by the crew of a space mission which is then worn by the astronauts. We voted on the best ones and our team won both votes. The final competition of the day was to try and safely land an egg after it is dropped from 30 feet above the ground using equipment such as parachutes and balloons.  The team with the egg that did not break and had the lowest expenditure won. Unfortunately our team did not win, even though our egg didn’t break. This competition was based on how NASA safely landed the Mars Rover on Mars and space craft on the moon.

On Tuesday the lectures started and the real competition began.  The first lecture was presented by Sarah on her journey to become the Assistant Chief of EVA for NASA and how her job has influenced the missions sent up to the ISS. This was followed by Mike Foales’ experiences as an astronaut and his time in the international space station. Throughout the day we really got to understand the issues of  iving in space and how difficult it is for the astronauts to adapt to the microgravity environment, this  gave us a really good place to start on our research into our experiment. When we began designing our experiment we looked at very basic ideas and built on them until we had a solid idea, it was very important for us to keep our experiment simple but relevant so it had the largest impact, increasing our chance of our experiment winning.


Wednesday was focused on how humans react to being in a microgravity environment, the problems caused by the way fluid is redistributed around the body and how muscle and bone mass is lost when in space. This created restrictions on the experiment which were further complicated by the fact we only had a 10cmX10cmX5cm box to do the experiment in.  In the evening we had the chance to talk to and ask questions via a video link with Scott Kelly, an astronaut currently at the ISS carrying out a one year study on how space affects the body in comparison to his twin who is on earth. This was really fascinating and amazing to be a part of.


The last two days were focused on our experiment. We had a day and a half to complete it in our groups and create a presentation. We presented in small groups to two judges and then the best experiments went into the final. In the final we presented to everybody on mission discovery and a whole panel of judges. The winning experiment will be launched onto the international space station in the next few years.

The whole week was fun filled and we would definitely do it all again. We met loads of lovely people who we had an amazing week with. If you get the opportunity to go take it and enjoy yourself because we know we did.


GCSE French Trip – Paris – July 2015

Oh là là. Year 10 and 11 French GCSE students spent a busy 4 days in Paris at the end of the summer term. Pupils were keen to take in the sights and sounds of this beautiful city. The hot Parisien weather didn’t slow us down, and we managed to see the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Sacré Cœur, and relax on a scenic Seine river cruise. Our visit to the top of the Tour Montparnasse gave an amazing panoramic view over the city. Highlights also included a day out at Disneyland Paris and a visit to the Château de Versaille. A great time was had by all.








Fantastic performances at AS and A-level!

This year Y Pant celebrated an impressive set of results at both AS and A level. Pupil performance at A Level improved upon last year with 75% of pupils achieving A*-C grades. We are also thrilled that at the top end of the Level 3 Threshold 28% of our pupils achieved A*/A grades. Notable individual performances at A Level came from:

Kristin Bryce: 2A*, 2A, 1B


Ryan Biscocho: 2A*, 2A

Michael Bear: 1A*, 3A


Zaid Hammoudeh: 1A*, 3A


We also had outstanding results from our Year 12 students, namely:  Jess Collins: 4As, Juliet Johns: 4As, Lucy McCarthy: 4As, Kiera White: 4As.  Well done to all students and staff on a great set of results!

Creative Learning Through the Arts Conference

On Thursday 9th July I took 10 of our year 7 students to a ‘Creative Learning through the Arts’ conference. The conference was hosted at Stanwell School in Penarth and the focus was looking at how creativity can enhance learning for all students.

During the day we were all split up into groups and taught a range of innovative, creative lessons. I went to three lessons, a drama lesson, an art lesson and a music lesson. Spending most of my working week encouraging young people to perform it was interesting to be on the other side and having to act in front of a group of other teachers and arts professionals. I am pleased to say that my acting held its own, especially when compared to my later rather disastrous silk screen painting.


Stanwell School have a fantastic reputation for their school shows and we were treated to a performance of their recent hit ‘The Lion King’. We were all blown away by the costumes, the lighting, the performers and the natural advantage that having a theatre on your school site offers. It made me very excited about our new school and I am determined to make the best use of our incoming facilities. It also gave me lots of ideas for ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ as my competitive side bubbled to the surface.

The students were superbly behaved and all enjoyed the day. It really hammered home the unique importance of creativity within the curriculum. I hope that they use the skills they acquired during the day as well as taking advantage of all the free food. I for one look forward to sharing some of the ideas and strategies explored with the members of my strategy group in the next academic year.

Mr Owen Thomas – Head of Performing Arts