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Information about the provision for More Able and Talented children at Y Pant

RCT MAaT Conference, University of Wales

As part of the RCT initiative in raising aspirations and achievement, eleven Year 9 Y Pant students were invited to attend the RCT More Able and Talented Conference on the 3rd of December. Over 200 students took part in the event from schools in RCT and it was based at the University of South Wales, Pontypridd.

The event focused on motivating high achievers early so that they can be confident in applying to the Russell Group Universities later on in their school life. There were a wide range of workshops that took place during the day and students had the opportunity to meet other young people. James Hall, Project Manager of the charity ‘People and Work Unit’ gave a very personal account of his own experiences studying Theology at Oxford. He reminded students to work hard and try to be involved with activities and clubs inside and outside of school.

Maisie Allen, a Year 9 student, reflected “I enjoyed the Ancient Language workshop because it was interesting as we learnt how to spell our name in Hebrew. The day was enjoyable as we picked up some useful skills. The benefits of the workshops were that we got to interact with other pupils from different schools which helped us with our communication skills. “


Sara Nowell-Hughes

MAaT Co-ordinator

The Poetry Games

Thirty-five Y Pant students are to be published in the Young Writers’ Poetry Anthology. These talented year eight and nine students will appear in the anthology which will be kept in the British Library and further libraries across the UK and Republic of Ireland, providing a lasting record of their achievement.

The competition ran in October and there were thousands of entries. Successful students were praised for their perception, imagination, expression and creative use of language.  Both the competition runners and the English department were very impressed with our future Poet Laureates!

However, the competition is far from over.  Each of our students has the chance to be picked as one of the 12 finalists who will go to the grand finale – The Poetry Games Online Vote Off! Each of the 12 finalists will submit a video of themselves performing the poem and compete for the grand prize of an iPad and £1000 for our school. A list of the finalists will be released in January and hopefully, with the support of the rest of our students, we shall have a winner from Y Pant!

Congratulations go to:

poetry gamesKieran Todd

Lauren Pickens

Daniel Ranson

Lewis Roberts

Emily Roderick

Ellie Rogers

Gean Sou Mo

Lowry-Catrin Morris

Jessica Matthews

Sophie Jones

Creegan Griffiths

Ellie Harvey

Katie Burnell

Josh Ashcroft

Chloe Hopkins

James Evans

Tesni-May Anthony-Davis

Caroline Fairley

Evan Doyle

Jack Burgess

Sion Collins

Mercedes Jeffs

Harrison Jenkins

Aurora Lovell

Bethan Evans

Seren Hemburrow

Connor Dando

Abigail Donovan

Jordan Bisp

Emily Howell

Ioan Consitt

Phoebe Herbert

Morgan Cridland

Kaylyn Broad

Maia Chappell

Y Pant Pupil Voice – MAAT Questionnaire



Thanks to all students who completed the questionnaire. It is going to take a little more time to filter through all the information on the questionnaire and provide complete feedback. I hope to do this just after the half-term break. However, I have completed some initial findings, which are both interesting and encouraging.

What Next?

We will be using the Pupil Voice exercise to inform our planning in three areas: teaching and learning provision; extra-curricular enrichment opportunities; and communication to students about MAAT issues.

For example, the preferred learning experiences information will be published for the benefit of all staff and will be included in INSET sessions for new staff coming to the school. This way, we hope that you will see more of those experiences that you say are most beneficial to your learning.

Some of the concrete suggestions made – like awarding a certificate for Progress Files – will be put into practice this year. I will let you know of other practical changes produced from this Pupil Voice exercise when the full report is finished.


If you have any further comments or ideas – or if you missed completing the questionnaire due to absence and would like your views heard – please come and see me in Room 77.


Mr Hurley

Helpful Websites for More Able & Talented Students

General Websites

These websites offer general advice and guidance for parents, teachers and students regarding the more able and talented agenda. Some of the websites offer ideas and resources for students. Explore and have fun.


Click on the name of the association to visit the website:

National Association for Able Children in Education (NACE)

National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC)

The Standards Site, Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF)

Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA)


Qualifications Curriculum Authority

London Gifted and Talented.

Brunel Able Children’s Centre (BACE)


How Stuff Works

Excellence East



Keeping Current

One of the key elements we seek to encourage in all our students is an awareness of current affairs. Below is a list of organisations who can keep you up to date with current news and opinions as well as links to political institutions. We have tried to be international and politically even-handed in our choice to encourage diversity of thinking.

Youth Parliament

British Government

UK Parliament

Welsh Government

European Parliament

Farlex Free Library

The Times

The Independent

The Financial Times

The Guardian

New York Times

The Washington Post

The Japan Times

The Nation


University Education

This section has been included to raise awareness of the possibilities for our able students from early in their school careers through to the time for university application.

The Complete University Guide

The Guardian University Guide

The Times – University World Rankings

Plant Biology University Rankings

Oxford University

Cambridge University

Oxbridge Applications

Oxbridge Entrance Tutor

Russell Group Universities

Academic Ranking of World Universities

British University & College Sport

Subject Specific Websites

As the school recognises that students have abilities in specific subject areas, the following list offers extra information and resources for students, teachers and parents in those areas.


Paul Carney Arts

Business Studies


Business Studies Online

Child Development

Teacher direct


National Association of Youth Theatres


Creative Drama

Royal Acadamy of Dramatic Art

Design Technology

Technology Enhancement Programme

Design and Technology Association

Technology student

National Grid for Learning

Design Technology


BBC Hard Spell

The Times Spelling Bee

UCL Grammar

DfE Writing Opportunities

National Association of Writers in Education (NAWE)

Spartacus Educational

Write 4 Kicks

Tim Sheppard

Film Studies

Internet Movie Database

Film Education






Geographical Association

Geography Teaching Today

National Geographic

Royal Geographical Society


Spartacus Educational

Institute of Historical Research

Home Economics

Learning and Teaching Scotland

ICT / Computing

For a full list of websites, free downloads and other resources please see the ICT department website.



Nrich (Mathematics)


Pass Maths (magazine)

School Work Out

Figure This

Cool Math

Media Studies

Media Studies Goodies

British Film Institute (BFI)


Teaching ideas

Awards for young musicians

Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama


Youth Sport Trust 

PE Office Ltd

Welsh Sports Association

London Olympics




Top Marks

Unlocking RE

World Religions


Planet Science

National Science Museum

Nuffield Foundation




Spanish Language

Spanish Online

Kennesaw State University


Travel and Tourism

Excellence Gateway

National Maritime Museum




Learn Welsh


LearnSmart / Thinking Skills




Minimus (Latin)

Ethnologue (language interest)






















Thinking Skills

Y Pant’s Approach to More Able and Talented

As part of our drive to challenge all students to fulfil their potential, Y Pant recognises that some students are more able and talented and, in rare cases, exceptionally able and talented. We are determined to ensure that these students are fully catered for and as such have a policy and series of programmes to meet this need.


  • To provide entitlement to an appropriate education
  • To provide opportunities to work at a higher cognitive level
  • To provide opportunities to develop specific skills and talents
  • To support teachers in their work with these students
  • To ensure curriculum challenge
  • To show concern for the whole child, both intellectually and socially
  • To enrich the curriculum with an enrichment programme
  • To facilitate students in accessing external opportunities


Identification of the More Able and Talented

  • At Y Pant School procedures for identification of More Able and Talented students will be transparent, non-discriminatory, flexible and effective
  • The agreed identification criteria at Y Pant will involve:
    • Objective test data (CATs, SATs, GCSEs, AS/A,FT)
    • Referral from teachers in-line with the published subject policy for identification
    • Referral from outside organisations
    • Parental requests will be considered in accordance with the above criteria
    • Underachievement, disability or behaviour problems will not prevent a student from inclusion in the cohort
    • Students will be added at any time during the school year if they meet the above criteria
    • A register of MA&T students will be published annually and updated as necessary.  This will be distributed to all staff and available on the Staff Area
    • Student referral sheets will be used to ensure consistency in identification and be available on the Staff Area and in the staffroom
    • Parents of students identified will be informed.
    • A small number of students will be identified as exceptionally able and talented. These students will have regular meetings to monitor progress and to design personalised learning plans where necessary. Parents will be invited to annual reviews.


  • It is recognised that there is a need to ensure the social and emotional welfare of students identified as ‘More Able or Talented’
  • Our school recognises the complex needs of the exceptionally able students and will seek to provide them with opportunity, enrichment and challenge
  • Students will be informed of, and encouraged to attend extra-curricular and E3+ enrichment and extension opportunities
  • Parents will be encouraged to support students at home and inform the school of any concerns


  • Any enrichment programme should touch on a range of curriculum areas
  • Individual subject areas may offer their own opportunities such as visits, master classes and clubs
  • Provision will be made for students to work at a higher level.  Subjects will make provision in their own appropriate way.  These could include:
    • Differentiated materials and higher order tasks
    • Grouping by ability
    • Accelerated entry for GCSE
    • Differentiated homework tasks
    • Parental feedback