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Easter Revision Sessions

With the crucial examination period fast approaching, a number of our staff are able to give up time in their holidays to offer some revision courses for students in Years 11, 12 and 13. We are hugely grateful to staff and highly recommend that your child takes advantage of these sessions if they are available.

Sessions will run from 10am to 2.00pm and will take place in the normal teaching room of the member of staff leading the session. Staff will inform individual groups if there are any changes to the times or locations. Food will not be available during the sessions.

Due to the very early timing of Easter this year, some subject leaders have indicated to me that they are going to run sessions in the Whitsun holiday period in time for the exams students face in the following weeks. I will write to you again outlining the details of the Whitsun revision programme.

Thanks for your continued support in providing the best possible opportunities for your students to fulfill their potential.


Date Year Group Subject/Level Contact Teacher
Monday 25th March 11


Child Development


Mrs Lloyd

Mr Kuck

Tuesday 26th March 11/13




Miss Bunce

Mrs Nowell-Hughes

Wednesday 27th March 11






Mrs Nowell-Hughes

Mr Kuck

Mrs Davey

Thursday 28th March 12/13




Mrs Rose

Mrs Arnold

Tuesday 2nd April 11




Mrs James

Miss Phillips

Wednesday 3rd April 12/13



Biology (GCSE Foundation Tier, only especially 11×3)

Mrs Fernandez

Mrs Mitchell

Thursday 4th April 11


Welsh Baccalaureate


Mr Pearsall

Mr Mitchell / Mrs James

Friday 5th April 11




Mrs Fernandez

Mrs Johns


Robotics Club starts with huge enthusiasm!

The Robotics club started today when Steve from Technocamps arrived with the Lego Mindstorm kit that is being loaned to the school.

The competition being run by Technocamps this year, asks groups of students to design and build a robot to perform a specific task to help the environment in the future.

As well as the Lego kit we will try to use a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino kit to create a robot.

This week students focussed on building a prototype robot and researching some ideas for creating the robot next time.

If you are interested in joining in the fun please come and see Miss Bunce in room 1.


Bag2School 19th April 2013

Y Pant are taking part in the fundraising and textile recycling scheme “Bag2School”.  Form tutors are issuing pupils with bags on request.

All those bringing clothes to school for our reusing collection – please bring your bag to school on Friday 19th April and deliver to the school mini bus at the school gates. You may include adults and children’s clothing, bedding, soft toys, paired shoes, hats, belts and handbags. No bric-a-brac items.

Some Interesting Textile Recycling Facts:

  • Over 70% of the world’s population use second hand clothes.
  • If everyone in the UK bought one reclaimed woollen garment each year, it would save an average 371 million gallons of water and 480 tones of chemical dyestuffs.
  • At least 50% of textiles we throw away are recyclable, however, we only recycle around 25%.

Facts taken from

Raspberry Pi Computing – take it home!

raspberry piThe IT department is really excited about the 10 new Raspberry Pi computers we have in school.  However the plan is not to use them a great deal in lessons but to lend them out to students (and staff!) to take home and experiment with!

The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized computer that can do anything your laptop can do – and more.  Learn some programming, try out some hardware hacking projects.  We’ve got full kits to lend to people.

If you’d like to find out more come along to Room 1 on Monday lunchtimes.


World Book Day 7th March

Year 7s are invited to a party in the library on Thursday lunchtime to celebrate World Book Day! Feel free to just come along, or join in with our Year 7 ‘Book Swap Shop’. You are invited to bring in a book that you have really enjoyed reading, but probably wouldn’t read again, and swap it with another pupil’s favourite book.
Please check with your parents first that you aren’t giving away some family heirloom, or sentimentally valuable book! Also, please make sure the book is age appropriate for other Year 7s (not your old Thomas the Tank collection!) If you bring in a book to swap, you will be allowed to take one home. This way, you will be able to take away a book that is new to you and recommended by your peers.
Many thanks for all the excellent entries for the Photo Competition. Closing day is tomorrow, so it’s not too late to enter!

As World Book Day approaches on the 7th March, there will be lots of activities related to reading going on around the school.

One that we would like pupils to get involved in over the coming weeks:

  1. Take your favourite or current reading book
  2. Take it somewhere unusual/ amusing/ far-flung
  3. Get someone to take a photo of you reading your book in an unusual place
  4. Bring a copy of your photo to school with your name and form group written on the back. Hand in to Mrs J Dyson in room 58 or email it to
  5. The most unusual/ amusing photos will win prizes!


Some ideas:

Maybe you’re going on holiday in half term? Take a picture reading your book at a tourist attraction.

Do you play an interesting sport? Take a picture reading your book whilst participating.

Do you have an unusual pet you can read to? Take a picture reading your book to your pet (or to a more unusual animal!)

Be original and interesting. All photos will be displayed in the main foyer during reading week and the best will go up on the school website.

(please don't do this in the library!)

The Broadcasts – all former Y Pant students – sign a record contract!

picture from Wales Online
Talented musicians and current/former Y Pant students James Davies, Jack Langmead, Ashley Evans, Jack Isaac were always well known in school for entertaining us with their various bands and solo performances at events. Now they are set for even bigger success as they have signed a deal with London-based Right Recordings. They have recently recorded their debut album and will be embarking on a UK tour soon.

You can find out more about them on Wales Online and by checking out their Facebook page.