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Mock Exam Timetable 2012

Mock exams for year 11 take place from Thursday 13th December onwards.

mock exam timetable
Click for a printable PDF version

Students, parents and guardians should please note the following:

  • There is no study leave for the duration of the mock exams. Lessons will run as normal.
  • Pupils should attend their timetabled exams and then return to the lesson when complete.
  • Pupils note that Session 3 exams begin at 1.30pm and might run over after school. You may have to make alternative transport arrangements to get home.
  • All exams in the Sports Hall except for Art (Rooms 29 & 30), Spanish Orals (Rooms 17 & 19) and Physics and Biology (Rooms 65, 66 & 67).
  • BTEC Music pupils will be informed of their practical by their Music teacher. These will be on Mon. 17th & Wed. 19th.

Y Pant Pupils Recognised in BTFT Awards!

Five Y Pant pupils have been recognised for personal achievement at a BTFT Celebration Event held in Cardiff City Stadium. BTFT (Building the Future Together) is a RCT initiative providing interventions which help young people to maximize their potential.
Accompanied by proud literacy coach Emma Pursey and key worker Julie Geysen-Holley, all five pupils enjoyed a tour of the ground and a buffet before the awards ceremony. They heard television presenter Lowri Morgan speak of her inspirational (yet slightly nauseating) experiences in a 350-mile race across the Arctic, and were also treated to performances by Treorchy’s senior dance squad and a choir from Ty Coch.

Bethany, Miss Pursey, Charlie, Sarah, Courtney and Caitlyn all pose pitch-side

Four year 8 pupils known affectionately as The Bumblebees (Bethany Mason, Courtney Luckett, Caitlyn Lewis and Charlie Masters) won the overall Personal Achievement award for Essential Skills, beating nominees from schools throughout RCT to the accolade. Sarah Hopkins (year 9) was one of just two runners up shortlisted for the same award. The awards were introduced by Sara Edwards of the BBC, and presented by Children’s Champion (and David Cameron doppelganger) Keith Towler.

Sarah receiving her award

All five pupils have worked with Miss Emma Pursey (Y Pant’s literacy coach) throughout the year, producing some fantastic work and showing considerable improvement. Bethany, Caitlyn and Courtney have also worked with Mrs Gill Matthews, the school’s numeracy coach.
As well as winning a trophy for the school, The Bumblebees were given tickets to the first women’s football match of the Olympics, in which Team GB will take on New Zealand. (As a women’s football writer, Miss Pursey was very excited by this!)

The Bumblebees accept their trophy

The Bumblebees are particularly fond of poetry, and a limerick-writing session led to a
fantastic collaborative effort about their English teacher, which I cannot refuse you the
pleasure of reading:

Our teacher is called Mrs Dyson,
And in her desk drawer is a python.
Instead of loud shouting,
She gives it an outing,
To punish mis-use of the hyphen.

By The Bumblebees

Huge congratulations to all five successful pupils.

Language Focus for the Month (October 2011)

It’s important to use English correctly when writing.  It ensures that the meaning of your work is perfectly clear.  Each month we have a language focus in school to help everyone use English correctly whenever they are writing.  If there is something you would like us to focus on in the upcoming months – leave a comment here.

This month our focus is:

There – Their – They’re

This is a commonly mistaken word.

There as in:

“The pen is over there” or “There is the book”.

Their means belonging to someone.

“Their grammar is really improving” or “Have you seen their new house?”

They’re is an abreviated form of they are.

“They’re coming on the Learn Smart trip with us”