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Discipline Procedures

We have a system of consequences that pupils will incur if they break the school’s code of conduct. Pupils will start afresh at the top of the ladder each term but may enter the ‘ladder’ at any step depending on the severity of the rule break. There are two levels to the system—the first a consequence level, the second an exclusion level.

Consequence Level

  • C1 – Teacher gives a verbal warning and records incident in planner.
  • C2 – Teacher passes on concern to the Head of Year and  gives either a written task  OR a break detention.
  • C3 – Head of Year will issue a lunchtime detention and record in pupil planner.
  • C4 – Head of Year will issue an after school detention and record in planner.

Exclusion Level

  • E1 – Pupils placed on white report and face a period of internal isolation.
  • E2 – Pupils placed  on green report and face a period of internal isolation.
  • E3 – Pupils placed on yellow report and face a period of external exclusion.
  • E4 – Pupils placed on red report and face a period of external exclusion.

Parents will be made aware of the level their child is at from the behaviour and detention track pasted into the pupil planner. At the exclusion level parents will also receive a letter and may be invited in to discuss strategies for improvement.

School Rules

Classroom Rules

  1. Come equipped.
  2. Complete all work to the best of your ability.
  3. Complete all homework and hand it in on time.
  4. Do not be disruptive in lessons.
  5. Presentation of Work:
  • Each piece of work must state whether it is ‘Gwaith Dosbarth’ or ‘Gwaith Cartref’ except in lessons for Modern Foreign Languages.
  • The date should be recorded in Welsh or in the target language for MFL.
  • All headings should be underlined with a ruler.
  • Pupils should write in blue or black ink.
  • Drawings and diagrams should be done in penc
  • Books or folders should not show or contain any “graffiti”.
  • Rule off completed work.
  • A mistake should be corrected by drawing a single line through it – correction fluid is NOT allowed.

School Rules

  1. Arrive on time for all lessons.
  2. Treat staff, fellow pupils and visitors with respect.
  3. Respect all property.
  4. Wear full school uniform.
  5. No smoking (including e-cigarettes).
  6. Alcohol and drugs are not permitted on the school premises.
  7. No chewing gum.
  8. No eating outside of the designated areas.
  9. Place all litter in bins.
  10. Do not leave the school site, or go into out of bounds areas.
  11. Keep to the left in corridors and on stairs.
  12. Mobiles, MP3 players and other electronic devices must not be visible OR turned on inside school buildings unless otherwise instructed by a member of staff.
  13. Correction fluid, aerosols, marker pens and dangerous items are not allowed.
  14. Foul or offensive language is not to be used in or around the school.
  15. School buildings MUST be vacated during break and lunch times.
  16. Abide by the School Internet and Computer Access Policy.

Should a point of clarification be needed, the Deputy Headteacher will make the final decision upon what is and is not acceptable.

All pupils have been issued with a Home School Contract.