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Y Pant 6th Form Visit to Provence

The Year 13 French group returned in July from a very successful trip to Avignon in Provence. Whilst there, the group researched the area as part of their Oral presentation for the A level exam with the visiting examiner.


During July Avignon is buzzing with its annual Theatre Festival, and the streets are alive with street entertainers and actors advertising their shows. We opted to see a classic French comedy by Molière-‘La maladie imaginaire’ and the entire group enjoyed the atmosphere of the theatre and the show.


The group also enjoyed the palatial splendour of the Palais des Papes which is an impressive landmark on the Avignon skyline. Not forgetting the famous bridge –le pont d’Avignon which is a definite must see.


On Wednesday we travelled to Arles and its Roman Amphitheatre and Arena. We were lucky enough to see some gladiator fighting in the bullring which added to the atmosphere. Van Gogh also spent time in Arles and we took a stroll to the café named after him which has been renovated to that era.


The weather on the whole was very hot but the presence of the Mistral wind made the sightseeing more pleasant. Our Bastille festivities were slightly spoilt by the cancellation of the fireworks due to the strong wind, but the party atmosphere in town made up for the change of plans.


Our hotel on the outskirts of Avignon boasted a superb restaurant and all the students were encouraged to try the varied dishes of rabbit, duck, sea snails and aubergines. We all enjoyed the leisurely meals on the restaurant’s ‘terrasse’ soaking up the French atmosphere. Leisure time was spent recharging our batteries at the pool, with the more energetic of the group frolicking in the pool.


Mrs Davies and Mrs Rose were thrilled with the company of the students, and their positive attitude in discovering the region in preparation for their Year 13 work.

A very successful trip with some fantastic memories.

Y Pant 2011 Results – Deputy Head’s Blog

All results are now in and it’s been a record-breaking year for Y Pant students!  Congratulations go out to all of our pupils who got the grades they deserved as the result of several years of hard work.  There were many notable performances across Years 11, 12 & 13 but I really think that the following are worthy of particular mention:

3 A* grades at A Level: Anna Jenkins and Lauren McCarthy

3A grades or better at A Level: Hannah Davies, Rebecca Davies, Christopher Edwards, Natalie Hopkins, Sean Phillips, Hannah Sutton, Gabrielle Woodward-Smith.

4 A grades at AS level: Megan Anderson, Sara Day, Michael Gilheaney, Rhys Morgan, Ryan Richi, Alice Robinson, James Watt.

Tremendous achievements!  The best of luck to all our Year 13 students who are leaving us.  I hope that the future is all that you wish it to be.

GCSE results this year have been the best in the history of the school.  An incredible 80% of pupils attained 5 A* – C; 71% recorded 5 A* – C including English and Maths (the most important measurement of success); 36 pupils attained 10 A grades or better!  I would especially like to call attention to the following pupils’ achievements:

Martha Reed (14 A*); Natalie Hughes (13 A*); Matthew Ingram (12 A*); Helen Needs (12A*),  Jenny Grey (11 A*s); Abbie Taylor (11A*); Sophie Vellam (11A*); Rebecca Rose (10 A*).

These are quite exceptional results and would certainly rank amongst the very highest in the country.

So, once again, congratulations and the best of luck for the future to all our students.

Edinburgh Festival Success for Mr Thomas

richard parker

Mr Owen Thomas, otherwise known as Head of Drama at Y Pant, is also a playwright.  This year, he is putting on his play “Richard Parker” at the Edinburgh Festival between 21st and 29th August.

The play is described as “A darkly comic play about two loners who meet on a ferry. One follows fate and coincidence, the other preferring reason and logic. This fateful meeting challenges both their beliefs and changes the course of their journey. These polar opposite character’s witty banter balance the comedy and the thriller.

Some staff and students saw the play in Cardiff last year and I for one can recommend it!

For more details and to buy tickets if you happen to be in Edinburgh this summer check out the Edinburgh Festival Guide and read an interview with Mr Thomas here.

Update 25th August – Richard Parker has had some excellent reviews in Edinburgh!

Mr Sykes’ Visit to Uganda

Y Pant School has international links with Bulaago School near Mbale, Uganda. Mr Sykes visited Mbale and worked in Bulaago School during the Easter holidays. The link was made through an organisation known as PONT which stands for Partnerships Overseas Networking Trust. The concepts behind PONT go back as far as the Ethiopian famine of the 1980s where medics from the Pontypridd area worked in the refugee camps. The project seeks to link as many professionals and organisations in the Pontypridd area with their counterparts in Mbale as possible. Hence teachers, engineers, doctors, nurses, local authority managers and politicians visit and work with their colleagues in Uganda to improve the lives of the people in the Mbale region.

Mr Sykes took money raised from the selling “tuck” during breaktimes to buy materials for Bulaago school. He also took football shirts, footballs and baby clothes donated by the staff of Y Pant School for students and their families. The visit was extremely successful, it was good to meet again colleagues and to hear the good news that the Ugandan government are to build a new school for Bulaago. Communication on a regular basis remains difficult because of a lack of electricity at the school so it is hoped that the new school will have an electricity supply. Mr Sykes was accompanied on the visit to Uganda by Robert Deveraux, the Headteacher of Trerobart primary school, Ynysybwl. Mr Sykes spent a day in the primary school linked with Trerobart where time was spent teaching students the basics of rugby. Time was also spent in Nauwo primary school linked with Maerdy primary school who’s headteacher, Suzanne Belcher, is the sister of Mr Sykes. Here, in classes of over 60, students were hard at work preparing for their year 7 examinations, although they took time out to show their gratitude for the gift of footballs, using them for a football and netball tournament

Not all of his time was spent in schools Mr Sykes also visited the mountain area badly hit by landslides last year, visited to an orphanage for children who had lost their parents through  Aids, went on a walking tour of Namatala slum area and was very fortunate to witness an Ugandan wedding, alive with song and dance. Everywhere the welcome from the Ugandan hosts was overwhelming and reinforced the view that despite differences in culture and circumstances people all over the world have the same values and aspirations.

Science More Able and Talented Day

The Science department recently ran an event for More Able and Talented pupils.  The day, co-ordinated by Mrs Padfield and Miss Holt was on the topic of Health.

Year 9 pupils Mark Barrion, Micheal Bear, Ryan Biscocho, Sami Bryant, Kristin Bryce, Kathryn Davies, Zoe Fulbrook, Zaid Hammoudeh, Bethan Pembridge, Yancy Sun, Wah Tsui and Will Taylor took part supported by year 10 pupils Amy Brown, Charlotte Pritchard, Aaron Parsons and Arwel Poacher.

The pupils were divided in two groups. One group focused on the merits of Homeopathy and the validity of its claims of success in treating people and the other on the Bill Gates Foundation which is a charity that aims to alleviate health problems in areas of great poverty.

The results of there work can be seen here – please click to download the full file.

HomeopathyBill & Melinda Gates Foundation

BTEC Land & Environment Visit to Garwnant

A group of Year 9 and 10 pupils took part in an open day organised by Mid Glamorgan Education and Business Partnership and The Forestry Commission at Garwnant. Pupils learned about the jobs that employees of the Forestry Commission do and experienced some of the skills needed to be a ranger, scientist and tree surgeon. The boys had to perform risk assessments, measure and analyse different tree species as well as count deer droppings!

Land and environment group

land and environmentHere Kyle Jones shows his targeting skills by catapulting a weight over a 25 metre tree to secure a climbing rope.

More Able and Talented Geography Students create a new declaration of rights

On Tuesday 5th July, twenty-two year eight students took part in a MAaT Day organised by the Geography Department. The students were engaged in a variety of tasks surrounding the United Nations and specifically the topic of ‘Children’s Rights’. This topic fitted well within the ‘Healthy mind, body and World’ MAaT focus for the academic year.


The group started the day by investigating the role of the UN and the work it does around the globe. The group then moved on to consider what they believed constituted human rights and which rights in particular were most important to us as individuals.



The pupils were then split into groups of three and assigned a country to represent for the rest of the day. Countries represented in the General Assembly were; Germany, Iran, Mexico, South Africa, Sri Lanka, USA and China. Each country then spent a brief period research basic information on their adopted country.




The second half of the day, pupils negotiated and debated with the aim of compiling their own Declaration on the Rights of the Child (this can be seen below). The year eight pupils displayed excellent knowledge, whilst also engaging in vibrant and articulate discussion surrounding some very important issues.

The day was a great success and really enjoyed by all involved. Well done year eight!

MAaT Declaration on the Rights of the Child

  • The right to choose our own sexuality and not be discriminated because of it.
  • Right of free speech.
  • Right to extra protection in war zones for under 18s.
  • Right to benefits for disabled children.
  • Right to protection from slavery, trafficking and prostitution.
  • Right to free health care for children up to 18, OAPs and pregnant women.
  • Right to government support for the poor e.g free water wells.
  • Right to independent choice with regards to religion and not being discriminated for it.
  • Right to free education up to the age of 18 but children have the right to leave at 16.
  • Right to free economy e.g water filters, clean habitat, shelters and mosquito nets.

More Able and Talented Home Economics Challenge Event

On Friday 8th July eleven pupils from Years 7,8, and 9 took part in the MAAT Home Economics challenge. The pupils who participated were: Yr 7 Harri Lewis, Toby Nye, Jade Evans, Chloe Booth-Jones. Yr 8 Bryce Marshall, Megan Brown, Lewis Robson, Eleanor Dunn. Yr 9 Zoe Fullbrook, Lewys Gwyther, Dominic Grossett.

This year’s theme was Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy World. Pupil’s were given the following situation and brief:


The preparations for the 2012 London Olympic Games are well under way and all over the U.K. there are various arrangements taking place to host athletes from all over the world. However the Olympic Games are not just about sport, they provide the opportunity for Britain to foster international relationships with many other cultures.


To welcome visitors and athletes. You have been asked to contribute to the cultural exchange by providing refreshments at a number of sporting events. Develop a range of healthy multicultural, high energy food and drinks inspired by recipes from different countries.

The pupils were allocated twelve different countries and investigated and chose from a wide selection of traditional recipes. The menus were as follows:

YR7-France, Mexico, India, Ireland

year 7

FRENCH MENUFrench Onion Soup with Gruyer Croutons, Chicken Basquaise Crème Brulee -chosen by Toby.

french menu

MEXICAN  MENUChilli con Carne with Rice, Biscochitas-chosen by Jade

INDIAN MENUBalti Butter Chicken with Spiced Lemon Rice, Caramel Pudding, Badam Milk Shake.-chosen by Harri.

indian menu

IRISH MENU-Irish Bacon and Cabbage Soup, Strawberry Bread and Blueberry Sauce-chosen by Chloe.

irish menu

YR8-Italy, Jamaica, U.S.A.,U.K.

year 8

ITALIAN MENU-Tomato Soup, Dolchellate Chicken with Linguini, Tiramisu, Mixed Fruit Cocktail.-chosen by Bryce.

italian menu

JAMAICAN MENU-Jerk Chicken with Sweet Potato Wedges, Pineapple Up-side down Cake. Passion Fruit and Mango Smoothie- chosen by Megan.

jamaican menu

AMERICAN MENUStuffed Potato Skins, Pork Fajitas, Banana and Walnut Bread, American Fruit Smoothie-Lewis

BRITISH MENUScottish Shortbread, Welsh Leek and Cheese Soup, Cornish Cream Tea.- chosen by Ellie

YR9-Spain, Turkey, Greece, China

year 9

SPANISH MENU-Prawns with Romesco Sauce, Spanish Tortilla.-chosen by Lewys

spanish menu

TURKISH MENUChicken Shish Kebab, Tiramisu Bowl, Almond Cookies. Chosen by-Domonic

CHINESE MENUChilli Fish with Rice, Szechuan Chicken, Chow Mein. Plain Fried Rice.-chosen by Zoë.

GREEK MENULamb Moussaka, Baklava

greek menu

All pupils who took part worked brilliantly, all the dishes were of very high quality. The member’s staff that were lucky enough to taste their efforts were very impressed and complimentary. Mr Tucker has asked me to pass on his congratulations to the all pupils concerned. – Mrs J. Griffiths.