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Whitsun Half Term Revision Sessions

The following revision sessions will run over half-term (all English sessions in room 56)

Tuesday 26th May

  • Media Studies (A2) for year 13 with Miss Umbleja – 9am to 1pm.

Wednesday 27th May

  • Media Studies (GCSE) for year 11 with Miss Umbleja – 9am to 1pm.
  • Foundation Tier English Language revision (Focus Group and sets 3 and 4) 9am to 11am.
  • Higher Tier English Language revision (Miss. Jones’ class 11X1) 11am to 1pm.
  • English A2 for year 13 with Mr Kuck – 9am to 1pm.

Thursday 28th May

  • Higher Tier English Language revision (Mr Kuck, Miss Powell and Miss Umbleja’s classes.

Friday 29th May

  • Maths GCSE for year 11 foundation and higher tiers 10am to 1pm.


Key Stage 3 Assessment Fortnight Details

Assessment Fortnight will run from 8th June to 20th June. Details of assessment content for each subject can be found in Table 1 of the attached document.

Year 7

All assessments will take place during normal timetabled lessons within the Assessment Fortnight.  Pupils will be informed of the exact date and period by their subject teachers.

Years 8 and 9

Most exams will take place in the Sports Hall – please refer to Table 2 in the attached document.

A few assessments will take place during normal timetabled lessons within the Assessment Fortnight.  Pupils will be informed of the exact date and period by their subject teachers.


National Reading and Numeracy Test Arrangements

As part of the Welsh Government’s drive to improve standards in literacy and numeracy, all students from Years 7 to 9 are required to sit National Reading and Numeracy Tests.

No extra revision will be required for these tests. However, over the next few days some lessons will have time allocated to working through sample materials in order to familiarise students with the process.

Any student absent for the scheduled test date will have the opportunity to sit the tests before the test window ends on Tuesday 12th May. Rest assured that all necessary provisions will be made for any students with additional learning needs. Results will be available to parents/carers by the end of the summer term.

More information can be found about the tests on the Literacy and Numeracy Support website or at

The timetable for the tests is as follows.

Reading Tests and Numerical Procedures Tests

These tests will both be sat in the Sports Hall in a 2 hour block.  The Reading Test is 1 hour and the Numerical Procedures test is 30 minutes.   Students should go to their timetabled lessons to register as normal, before being directed to the Sports Hall to sit the tests.

Day/Time Year Group
Thursday 7th May 8.35am. 9
Thursday 7th May 11.15 am. 8
Friday 8th May 11.15am 7

Numerical Reasoning Tests

This additional test involves the presentation of stimulus material via PowerPoint. It is therefore necessary to split students into smaller groups. Again, students should go to timetabled lessons to register as normal, before being directed to the tests as follows:




Wednesday 6th May

Period 1 9X1 Main Hall
9X2 Room 68
Period 2 9X3 Main Hall
9X4 Room 68
Period 3 9Y1 Main Hall
9Y2 Room 68
Period 4 9Y3 Main Hall
9YS and 9Y4 Room 68

Thursday 7th May

Period 1 7A2 Main Hall
7A1 Room 68
Period 2 7A3 Main Hall
7A4 Room 17
Period 3 7B2 Main Hall
7B3 Room 68
Period 4 7C1 Main Hall
7C2 and 7C3 Room 68
Period 5 7B1 Room 68

Friday 8th May

Period 1 8Y1 Main Hall
8Y2 Room 68
Period 2 8X1 Main Hall
8X2 Room 68
Period 3 8Y4 and YS Main Hall
8Y3 Room 68
Period 4 8X4 Main Hall
8X3 Room 68

Revision Timetable Template for Year 11

We have produced a revision timetable template for year 11 students.  This is a Word document that can be edited.  We have included all the Easter/Whitsun revision sessions and all the timetabled exams for year 11 students.

Students can use this to create their own revision timetable.  We advise cross-checking with the exam timetable to ensure that all YOUR exams have been included.

After Easter, we will be talking to year 11 students about focusing their revision timetables in the run up to the GCSE exams.

Click to download the revision timetable template

If you cannot open the document, please add a comment below and we’ll put the file up in other formats.


Easter and Whitsun Revision Sessions

Once again a number of colleagues are putting on revision sessions prior to upcoming exams during the Easter and Whitsun holidays. I have attached the schedule and the details of the times. Students should contact the name linked to the revision session if they have any queries. The sessions will take place in the normal teaching rooms of the staff listed. I hope you will take full advantage of this opportunity as part of your revision programme. Best of luck.
Andy Hurley, Deputy Headteacher
Please click on the image to download the timetable as a PDF document.
Update 27/03/15 – the History session on Friday 10th is now full.
The Physics sessions with Mr Browne on Thursday 9th April are for 11Y2, 11X2 and 11X3.  Mr Browne will NOT be covering material of use to students taking separate sciences.

Easter Revision


Whitsun Revision


Summer Exam Timetable 2015

External exams are fast approaching.  Students will all be given a personalised exam timetable but for reference a copy of our full exam timetable for GCSE and A-level is attached.

Two versions are available.  The Excel version contains filters so you can select just the information you need.  The PDF version shows all exams and can be opened even if you don’t have Excel (this version will work better on mobile devices.


Year 11 Mock Exam Timetable

The year 11 mock GCSE exams will run from Monday 8th December to Thursday 18th December.

  • There is no study leave for the duration of the mock exams. Lessons will run as normal.
  • Pupils should attend their timetabled exams and then return to their timetabled lesson when complete.
  • Pupils note that Session 3 exams begin at 1.30pm and might run over after school. You may have to make alternative transport arrangements to get home.
  • All exams in the Sports Hall except for:
    • Science Practical – Rooms 21, 24 & 33 .
    • Art – Rooms 29 & 30
    • French – Room 17
    • Spanish – Rooms 64, 65 & 67.

You can download the mock exam timetable here.


Whitsun Half-Term Revision Sessions

The following revision sessions will be running for year 11 and year 13 students at half-term.

Date AM session details PM session details
Monday 26th May
Tuesday 27th May Year 11 History (for those resitting German module) 9.30am – 2pm Year 13 Media Studies (Miss Umbleja) 9am – 1pmYear 13 Psychology (Miss Phillips) 10am – 2pm

Year 13 Welsh (Miss Preene)

Year 11 (Miss Preene’s groups only) 1pm – 3pm
Wednesday 28th May Year 11 Media Studies (Miss Umbleja) 9am – 1pmYear 13 English Literature (Mr Kuck) 9am – 1 pm
Thursday 29th May
Friday 30th May Year 11 Maths (focus group only)(Miss Owen) 10am – 12

Year 11 Revision Fortnight Timetable

As you may be aware, the arrangements for study leave were changed by the Welsh Government last year. This has given us the opportunity to offer pupils more revision time with their teachers leading up to their exams up to 23rd May. We hope parents and carers will work with us to ensure students’ full attendance during this important period.

Please note the following:

  • If a student has no exam, they will be expected in lessons throughout the day.
  • If a student has a morning exam only, they will return to lessons after a short break following the exam.
  • If a student has a morning and an afternoon exam, they will be in lessons during periods 3 and 4, but will be allowed to revise for their afternoon exam during these periods.
  • If a student has an afternoon exam only, they will have the choice of studying in a revision room during the morning, or revising from home. If they are going to come in they must go to the study room assigned to them where there will be supervised study.
  • Students must ensure that they bring revision materials and their books for normal lessons, each day.
  • After Whitsun half-term half-term, pupils only need to attend when they have an exam.

A copy of the arrangements for the period covering Monday 12th May to Friday 23rd  May can be downloaded here, so that parents and carers are aware of the provision in place for year 11 students.

year 11 revision fortnight timetable
Download the year 11 revision fortnight timetable in PDF format

It is important that pupils fully adhere to school uniform rules throughout the period of the examinations and that are fully equipped with stationery for their exams. They should aim to be outside the exam hall before the published start time to ensure they are ready to begin the exams promptly.

We hope these steps will help students fulfill their potential and wish them good luck during this crucial period of their education.