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Pay for school meals online

RCT council has upgraded the online dinner money payment system.

The new system offers the following improvements :

  • More user friendly look and feel
  • ‘Shopping basket’ functionality giving the option to add multiple items with one payment at ‘Checkout’
  • The ability to register an account to which you can save the pupil references they pay regularly
  • Parents who register can also choose to save their card details
  • Payment pages will re-size to display on a mobile phone or tablet

Nothing will change in terms of they we notify you of  payments , you’ll continue to receive your dinner money reports as usual.  Also parents can continue to use their existing reference numbers.

The web addresses are below – a link to the English site is also available on the side of the website.


Online payments (English)

Online payments (Welsh)


Parent / carer information evening for year 11 pupils – 22nd September 6:30pm

Dear Parent / Guardian,
We would like to invite you to an information evening on Thursday 22nd September at 6:30 p.m.
This is specifically for year 11 parents to outline the following:
  1. To communicate key dates throughout the year
  2. To inform parents of procedures and initiatives we offer
  3. To inform parents of the changes to GCSE examination in language and mathematics
  4. To provide parents with an overview of how they can assist the school and their child this year.
Students do not need to attend the evening but can if they wish.
Please could you inform us via  or write a note within your child’s planner if you will be attending.
Unfortunately due to ongoing building work all cars will need to park at the bottom of the drive as we still have a considerable amount of building work going on.
We look forward to welcoming you on the 22nd .
Yours sincerely
Mrs B Cheetham
Deputy Headteacher
Y Pant Comprehensive School

National Reading and Numeracy Tests


Reading and Numerical Procedures Tests

These will all be sat in the Sports Hall.  The whole year group will sit the test at the same time.  Children entitled to extra time will sit the test in a separate room.

The Reading test is 60 minutes with a 20 minute preparation period.  The Numerical Procedures test is 30 minutes with a 10 minute preparation period.

The tests will be sat as follows.

Date Session Test
Wednesday 4th May Lessons 1 & 2 Year 9 Procedural Numeracy
Wednesday 4th May Lessons 3 & 4 Year 7 Reading
Wednesday 4th May Lesson 5 Year 8 Procedural Numeracy
Thursday 5th May Lessons 1 & 2 Year 9 Reading
Thursday 5th May Lessons 3 & 4 Year 8 Reading
Thursday 5th May Lesson 5 Year 7 Procedural Numeracy

Safer Internet Day 2016

Safer Internet Day 2016 will be celebrated globally on Tuesday 9th February with the slogan ‘Play your part for a better internet’.


Coordinated in the UK by the UK Safer Internet Centre the celebration sees hundreds of organisations get involved to help promote the safe, responsible and positive use of digital technology for children and young people.


The Safer Internet Day website has excellent resources for Parents and Carers and also specific resources to support adoptive parents and foster carers.

The UK Safer Internet Centre – a partnership of three leading charities; Childnet, the South West Grid for Learning and the Internet Watch Foundation – provide resources for children, schools and families, and tools for getting involved at

Globally, Safer Internet Day is celebrated in over a hundred countries, coordinated by the joint Insafe/INHOPE network, with the support of the European Commission, and national Safer Internet Centres across Europe.

The day offers the opportunity to highlight positive uses of technology and to explore the role we all play in helping to create a better and safer online community. It calls upon young people, parents, carers, teachers, social workers, law enforcement, companies, policymakers, and wider, to join together in helping to create a better internet. Get involved to play your part!


There are ways in which we can all contribute:

  • Children and young people can help to create a better internet by being kind and respectful to others online, by protecting their online reputations (and those of others), and by seeking out positive opportunities to create, engage and share online. They can help to respond to the negative by being ‘helpful bystanders’: supporting peers if they encounter issues online, taking a stand against cyberbullying, and reporting any inappropriate or illegal content they find. Above all, children and young people should be encouraged to take their stand as digital citizens of the future – participating in debates on the future of the internet, and making their voices heard.
  • Parents and carers can help to create a better internet by maintaining an open and honest dialogue with their children about their online lives, by supporting them with their personal development online and helping them to deal with any concerns or issues, seeking out positive opportunities to engage with their children online, and helping their children to find and use good quality digital resources. They can help to respond to the negative by staying engaged with their child’s online activity (as appropriate to their age), by modelling positive online behaviours themselves, and by also reporting any inappropriate or illegal content they find.
  • Educators and social care workers can help to create a better internet by equipping children and young people with the digital literacy skills they require for today’s world, and giving them opportunities to use – and create – positive content online. They can help to respond to the negative by supporting young people if they encounter problems online, and by giving them the resilience, confidence and skills that young people need to navigate the internet safely.
  • Industry has a role to play by creating and promoting positive content and safe services online and by empowering users to respond to any issues by providing clear safety advice, a range of easy-to-use safety tools, and quick access to support if things do go wrong.
  • Decision makers and politicians need to provide the culture in which all of the above can function and thrive – for example, by ensuring that there are opportunities in the curriculum for children to learn and teachers to teach about online safety, ensuring that parents and carers have access to appropriate information and sources of support, and that industry are encouraged to self regulate their content and services. They must also take the lead in governance and legislation, and ultimately ensure the safety and wellbeing of children and young people through effective child protection strategies for the online world.

We hope that you will join with us, and Safer Internet Day supporters across the globe, on Tuesday 9 February 2016 – and beyond – to play your part in helping to create a better internet!

Find out more about what is happening in the UK on Safer Internet Day at

Find out more about what is happening globally on Safer Internet Day at

Join the conversation #SID2016

Information for First Day Back at School (2nd September)

We’re looking forward to welcoming all pupils back to school on Wednesday 2nd September.  Hope you all had a good break.  Please take note of the following:

Access to the School Site

Developers Morgan Sindall started work on the site over the holidays but there have been some changes to the way in which pupils, staff and visitors should access the site.

Pedestrians should use the existing North road (what we always called the drive) and walk up there as usual.  The new pedestrian footpath to the south is not quite ready.

All vehicles should use the South road.  Additional passing places and parking areas have been created.

Parents cannot drive onto the school site to drop children off.  This has always been the case but is even more important now we have construction traffic on site as well.

School Transport

If you have received a letter from school transport with a timetable attached, please note that the timetable may be wrong.  The RCT website has the correct times.  For ease of access they are listed below.  Times accurate from RCT website 01/09/2015.

Bryncae (Edwards Coaches – bus number 141/05)

Pickup point To school From school
Trenos Gardens 7:58 15:09
Post Office 8:00 15:07
Terry’s Way 8:02 15:05
Y Pant Comprehensive 8:10 14:55

Brynna (Edwards Coaches – bus number 141/01)

Pickup point To school From school
Mountain Hare 7:50 15:15
Brynna School 7:52 15:13
Eagle Hotel 7:54 15:11
Hillcrest 7:56 15:09
Y Pant Comprehensive 8:10 14:55

Groesfaen (Mainline Travel – bus number 141/04)

Pickup point To school From school
Tynewydd 7:40 15:25
Babell 7:46 15:19
Groesfaen Houses 7:50 15:15
Southgate 7:54 15:11
Rhiw Gog 7:57 15:08
Ynysmaerdy Industrial Estate 7:59 15:06
Bottom of lane (off the by-pass) 8:01 15:04
Talbot Square 8:05 15:00
Y Pant Comprehensive 8:10 14:55

Llanharan (Mainline Travel – bus number 141/02)

Pickup point To school From school
The Bear Inn 7:56 15:09
Birchgrove 7:58 15:07
Tylacoach 8:00 15:05
Y Pant Comprehensive 8:10 14:55

Llanharan (Laser Minicoach and Bus Hire- bus number 141/06)

Pickup point To school From school
Meadow Rise 07:58 15:07
Hillside Avenue 07:59 15:06
Llanharan War Memorial 08:00 15:05
Y Pant Comprehensive 08:10 14:55

Llanharan (Edwards Coaches- bus number 141/07)

Pickup point To school From school
Baptist Church 7:50 15:20
Llanharry Road 7:52 15:18
Parc Bryn Derwen 7:55 15:15
Pen y Parc 7:58 15:12
Llechau Farm 8:02 15:08
Elms Farm 8:04 15:06
Y Pant Comprehensive 8:10 14:55

Llanharry (Edwards Coaches- bus number 141/03)

Pickup point To school From school
The Bear Inn 8:01 15:14
Y Pant Comprehensive 8:20 14:55