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School Uniform Shop – Summer 2015

The school uniform shop will be open the following times over the summer.

  • Week of 13th July (Monday to Thursday) 4.30pm-8.00pm
  • 1st September (Tuesday) 4.30pm-8.00pm
  • 2nd September (Wednesday) 4.30pm-8.00pm
  • 3rd September (Thursday) 3.00pm-8.00pm

Please note: the shop is also open every Thursday during term time (3.00pm until 6.00pm).

Should any parent require a special order, i.e. smaller or larger size than usually stocked, then the order will need to be placed as soon as possible.

I would like to remind parents that volunteers run the uniform shop in order to keep costs of the uniform down. If you are interested in volunteering your services please contact Mrs. Carter , P.A. to the Headteacher on (01443) 237701.

However, from 1st October 2015 the cost of each item (except ties & socks) will increase by 50p. This is the first increase in 4 years.

Possible snow forecast this week

Some weather forecasts contain the possibility of snow for South Wales this week (although not in the Met Office forecast below).  If school is to be closed we will notify parents and pupils via the website, Facebook and Twitter.  You should assume school is open unless we notify otherwise.

Please take note of the following information which was shared with parents in out September newsletter.

Around this time of year there is always the possibility that the school might have to be closed at very short notice.  This might be as the result of inclement weather or perhaps a failure in one of the major utilities.  In the event of this happening it is important that all pupils, particularly younger pupils, understand the arrangements you have made for them.

The decision to close the school at short notice will not be taken lightly.  However, there may be times when to remain open would put at risk the health and safety of both students and staff at the school.  We will, of course, endeavour to ensure that no pupil is left in an unsafe situation.  Please check the school website, Facebook page and Twitter feed for updated information.

This weather forecast is generated by the Met Office Weather Widget

RCT Provide a Refurbished PC for as little as £99!

RCT have launched a new scheme offering desktop computers from as little as £99 and laptops from £149.

The scheme is open to all RCT residents and employees with the lower prices being offered to those families and individuals in receipt of certain benefits.

The computers are professionally refurbished by Microsoft partners and the scheme is endorsed by Microsoft.

This is a fantastic opportunity, especially just before Christmas.

You can find out more via the RCT website or by visiting the Get Online At Home website.


Check your passwords for webcams!

There was a report on the news this morning that a Russian website is broadcasting footage from private webcams in the UK – including from children’s bedrooms.  It has hacked into these as some users have not changed the logon details when they start using the webcam.

We’re not aware that anyone at Y Pant has been affected by this but suggest that parents and pupils would be wise to check they are following the correct procedures on their webcams.  This mainly involves creating secure passwords.  The Information Commissioner’s website has some very useful tips on this.