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Check your passwords for webcams!

There was a report on the news this morning that a Russian website is broadcasting footage from private webcams in the UK – including from children’s bedrooms.  It has hacked into these as some users have not changed the logon details when they start using the webcam.

We’re not aware that anyone at Y Pant has been affected by this but suggest that parents and pupils would be wise to check they are following the correct procedures on their webcams.  This mainly involves creating secure passwords.  The Information Commissioner’s website has some very useful tips on this.

What’s happening this half term?

I am conscious that there are some technical difficulties with our on-line calendar at present, resulting in some events not being reported. In order to help you remain as informed as possible, please find attached the dates on the calendar up to the half term. In response to some parental requests, I have split up the calendar into Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 to help with greater clarity.
The on-line calendar will be fully operational shortly.
I hope this update helps you.
Andy Hurley
Deputy Headteacher

E-safety newsletters for parents and carers

Students learn about all aspects of e-safety during their ICT, PSHE and Welsh Baccalaureate lessons at school.  However it is important that parents and carers know how to protect their children online as well.

We subscribe to these newsletters which parents and carers may find useful.  The back issues are available to download here and we will upload more as we get them.

Parents Online Safety Newsletter – Edition 1

Parents Online Safety Newsletter – Edition 2

Parents Online Safety Newsletter – Edition 3

Parents Online Safety Newsletter Edition 4




Y Pant Uniform for September 2014

Uniform may be purchased from the uniform classroom, which is room 28, (not the Gymnasium)

  • Monday 14th July – 5pm-8pm
  • Tuesday 15th July – 5pm -8pm
  • Wednesday 16th July – 5pm -8pm
  • Thursday 17th July – 5pm – 8pm
  • Wednesday 27th August – 5pm – 8pm
  • Thursday 28th August – 5pm – 8pm

The school uniform shop is also open every Thursday during term time from 3:15 to 6pm from September.

Uniform prices are listed here.


Year 6 – School Equipment Packs

The school equipment packs ordered by year 6 parents are now available to collect from the school uniform shop.  Apologies for the delay – our suppliers ran out of stock!

USB sticks and packs for year 7 and upwards will be available at the beginning of the school year.

You cannot purchase school equipment packs at the uniform shop, only from Mr Davies using the order form provided.  The school uniform shop volunteers have very kindly agreed to hand out these packs for us.



School Equipment Orders

Sample pictures of personalised USB memory sticks.

In order to help parents get their children ready for the new school year, we are putting together packs of basic equipment which can be purchased from the school.  We are not aiming to make a profit on these packs and they are not compulsory.  You may be able to purchase some of the items more cheaply in the local area – but we feel this may save time for some parents.

Item Price
Basic school equipment pack (3 black pens, 3 blue pens, 3 pencils, pencil sharpener, eraser, budget maths set, clear pencil case, A4 zippa bag) £3.50
Scientific Calculator (required by set 1 year 9 and all year 10 and 11) £7.20
French Dictionary £4
Spanish Dictionary £4
Welsh Dictionary £4
8GB personalised USB memory stick (please enter all names required overleaf) £5

Although pupils can download their work via, many pupils find they prefer to use a USB memory stick to transfer work between home and school.  We will be ordering 8GB USB memory sticks which will be personalised with the pupil’s name to avoid confusion.  These come with a 10 year warranty. I appreciate that time is a little tight this term and that some pupils are out on trips during the last week of term.  Any orders received in September will be processed then, with equipment being available to pick up towards the end of September. We are making some items of stationary available to pupils to purchase at school (cash only) in a shop run by 6th form students some break and lunchtimes. This is the first year we have run such a scheme and would welcome feedback and suggestions.  If you have any questions please contact me on or via the switchboard. Forms have already gone home with all pupils but can be downloaded here as well.  Unfortunately we are unable to take online orders so the form will need to be printed off and returned to school with the payment. Download the School Equipment Order Form here in PDF format.

Equipment packs already paid for will be available to collect on the first day of term OR from the uniform shop over the summer holidays.

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Re-arranged Year 6 visit to Y Pant

I am pleased to inform you that we have re-arranged a visit to Y Pant for Year 6 pupils on Friday 11th July, from 8.30am to 11.30am.

Unfortunately, it has to be a shortened visit due to other activities already planned for that day. However, pupils will have the opportunity to meet Form Tutors, tour the school and carry out some key administrative tasks.

Pupils should be brought to the school for an 8.30am start. We have arranged transport back to our partner primary schools. If your child comes from outside the partner primary schools, pupils would need to be collected at 11.30 from the main reception area.

Pupils currently attending Brynna Primary School are unable to come on Friday 11th July, as they have an existing school visit. We have arranged for them to come on Monday 14th July for a visit. Pupils should arrive at Y Pant at 8.30am and we will arrange for pupils to be returned to the Primary school at the end of the visit.

We look forward to seeing your children for this important transition visit.

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Industrial Action – 10th July

On Thursday 10th July members of the National Union of Teachers, UNISON, UNITE and GMB are proposing strike action.

A substantial number of support staff and significant minority of teaching staff will be on strike that day. As a consequence, it will be impossible to open the school to all pupils on this date.

Consequently, unless industrial action is withdrawn, the school will be closed to all pupils in Years 07-10 on the 10th July. Lessons for students in Year 12 will take place where relevant staff  are not members of the NUT unions. Due to the closure of the canteen, please be advised that there will be no canteen facilities for those students in attendance.