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Letters sent home to parents

Year 10 – Maths and Numeracy

The following letter was sent by Mr Fisher – Head of Maths to all parents and carers of year 10 students this week.

Dear Parent

Many of you will know that GCSE Maths is changing in Wales. Our current year 10 cohort are following the new GCSE Maths specifications in which pupils sit two Maths GCSEs. These are entitled ‘GCSE Numeracy’ and ‘GCSE Maths’. GCSE Maths is similar to the current exam in many ways but GCSE Numeracy is quite different. It is essentially a test of numerical reasoning in which pupils are presented with a range of information and need to extract and use the relevant data. Pupils in year 10 have already had considerable practice in this area (using the RUCSAC technique).This exam will test the resilience of pupils as well as their mathematical knowledge and techniques.

As GCSE Numeracy is a new exam we intend to enter the entire cohort for these papers next November in order to give them an early exposure to this new exam. All pupils will then sit the other GCSE Maths exams the following summer. At that time they will also have the opportunity to retake GCSE Numeracy in order to improve their grade. Each exam will have three tiers. Higher tier will cover grades A*-C, Intermediate tier grades B-E and foundation tier grades D-G (with a C grade available for exceptional performance). There will be 2 papers in each GCSE one of which will be a non-calculator paper.

Further details will be available from your child’s subject teacher in the year 10 parents evening on February 25th. Should you have any further queries about these exams please feel free to contact me at the school, on extension 241.

Yours Sincerely

Ray Fisher  (Head of Mathematics)

Key Stage 4 Options Evening

The Key Stage 4 Options Evening will take place in the Main Hall on Thursday 28th January. Year 9 parents are invited to attend one of the two sessions which will run as follows:

  • Session 1: 5.30pm
  • Session 2: 6.30pm

There will be a short presentation followed by the opportunity to ask questions with members of the senior leadership team. Each session will take approximately 30 minutes.

You may be aware that due to building work the school only has a single track drive in operation. To avoid congestion, can I request that parents attending the early session leave promptly, and parents attending the second session do not arrive too early. You may wish to consider parking in the top carpark and walking down.

Please do not hesitate to contact either Mr I. Dyson or the Head of Progress, Mrs S. Burnell, if you have any queries.

Key Stage 3 Assessment Fortnight Details

Assessment Fortnight will run from 8th June to 20th June. Details of assessment content for each subject can be found in Table 1 of the attached document.

Year 7

All assessments will take place during normal timetabled lessons within the Assessment Fortnight.  Pupils will be informed of the exact date and period by their subject teachers.

Years 8 and 9

Most exams will take place in the Sports Hall – please refer to Table 2 in the attached document.

A few assessments will take place during normal timetabled lessons within the Assessment Fortnight.  Pupils will be informed of the exact date and period by their subject teachers.


December 2014 Newsletter for Parents & Carers

This newsletter has been sent out via ParentMail.  Pupils will not be bringing home a paper copy.

Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner will be served on Wednesday 10th December from 12.45 p.m. onwards in the Lesser Hall.  Further to the above, snacks (sandwiches, burgers, pizza etc.) will be served from 12.45p.m. in the Main Hall as well as hot substitutions. Kitchens will not be open during mid morning break so pupils may wish to bring a snack to school.

 Senior Citizens Party

The very successful annual Senior Citizens Party will this year take place on Friday 12th  December.

Year 06 Carol Concert at Y Pant School

Year 06 pupils will be joining our Year 07 pupils for a Christmas Carol Concert at the school on Monday 15th December from 9.15 a.m.

Examination Dates

Year 11  Mock   GCSE   examinations

These begin  on   Monday 8th December  and  run to  Thursday 18th December 2014.  Welsh Government Guidelines state  that pupils will no longer be able to take ‘study leave’. Therefore all pupils must attend their normal lessons when they are not timetabled for an examination.

Year 11           GSCE  examinations January 7th – January 15th 2015.

Welsh Government Guidelines state that pupils will no longer be able to take ‘study leave’. Therefore all pupils must attend their normal lessons when they are not timetabled for an examination.

Cars on School Premises

In the interest of pupil safety, parents should not transport pupils onto the premises during the course of the school day or park in the bus bay or road system.  In exceptional circumstances e.g. medical condition, a pass will be issued by Mrs. Carter, the Headteacher’s P.A.


Once again thank you to all parents who have supported pupils in their fundraising efforts. Over £3,000 was donated to Children in Need.

 School Uniform

The vast majority of our pupils are impeccably turned-out. However, there are still a number of girls who are ignoring the ruling on school trousers. Please ensure that the school uniform rules are observed at all times.


There has been a worrying trend this term for pupils to be absent from school the day after an educational visit. All such absences are monitored extremely closely and I regret to say that if this trend continues then our policy on pupils’ participation in educational visits may change significantly.

 End of Term

On Friday 19th December school will be closing at 12.30 p.m. for the Christmas holiday period.  No lunch will be provided on this day but the canteens will be open for an extended mid morning break.

 Spring Term 2015

School commences on Monday 5th January 2015 and, as per the PLK,  we return on a Week 2.

On behalf of the staff and students I extend to you all best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Mr. M. Powell


Y Pant Parent Newsletter – Autumn 2014

New Staff

Miss Emily Whatley 2nd in Mathematics
Mrs Lorna CranstoneMr. Craig Beckett Teacher of MathematicsTeacher of Design Technology
Ms Sarah Owen P/T Teacher of Mathematics
Ms Rachel Banner Teacher of English (maternity cover)
Miss Beth PrettyMr. James Jones Teacher of Mathematics (maternity cover)Teacher of ICT (maternity cover)
Miss Lucy Bunce Seconded to the Senior Leadership Team during the Summer Term 2014
Mrs Leigh Thomas Special Needs Support Assistant
Mrs. June Crichton Special Needs Support Assistant

Head of Progress and Assistant Head of Progress – Staff Members

Year Head of Progress Assistant Head of Progress
7 Mrs. Johns Mrs. Davies
8 Mrs. Burnell Mr. Browne
9 Miss Owen Dr. Jones
10 Mrs. Arnold Mrs. Davey
11 Mrs. Mortimer Mrs. Lloyd
12 and 13 Mrs. Nowell-Hughes Miss Purcell

School Holidays


Monday 20th July will be an INSET Day. Other INSET days will be finalised in the Autumn Term.

 Autumn 2014  Monday1 September  Monday27 October Friday31 October75 Friday19 DecemberDays
 Spring 2015  Monday5 January  Monday16 February  Friday20 February55 Friday27 MarchDays
 Summer 2015  Monday13 April  Monday25 May  Friday29 May65 Monday20 JulyDays


School will be closed for staff training on the following dates:-

  • Friday 3rd October
  • Monday 23rd February
  • Friday 19th June

Important Dates for your Diary

25th September Year 6 Open Evening.
23rd October Year 7 Parent Information Evening.
13th November Year 11 Parents Evening.
15th January Year 9 Parents Evening.
29th January Year 9 Options Information Evening.
5th February Year 7 Parents Evening.
26th February Year 10 Parents Evening.
12th March Year 11 Options Information Evening.
23rd April  Year 8 Parents Evening.


Outstanding External Examination Results

Once again I have great pride and delight in being able to report record results for the school.  At Key Stage 4, 88% of pupils attained the Level 2 threshold of at least 5A*-C grades.  Even more impressively, 75% of pupils attained the Level 2 threshold including English and Maths.  To put this into context, last year only 5 schools in the whole of Wales attained higher than this and each of those are in areas of much greater social advantage than Y Pant.  Furthermore, 18% of pupils attained the new measurement of Level 2++ which is 5 A*-A including English and Maths; 25 of these pupils achieved an incredible 10 A grades or better!  We had the highest set of English and Maths results and the second highest set of Science results in the history of the school.

At Key Stage 5, 26% of results were awarded A* or A; 53% were awarded A*-B grades: both above the national Welsh average. Seven students achieved the equivalent of at least 3 A grades at A Level.  Congratulations to Jacqueline Hopkins, Arwel Poacher, Ellen Havard, Sophie Thomas, Faye Jones, Gareth Day and Alex Rogers for this impressive achievement.

These figures represent fantastic achievements on the part of the pupils and reflect upon the hard work of their teachers and the support of their parents and carers.  Congratulations and thanks to all.

Year 6 Open Evening – Thursday 25th September

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you and your child to Y Pant School’s Open Evening on September 25th.  This is intended mainly for parents and guardians of Year 6 pupils who are considering Y Pant as the school of choice for their children.  It is, however, also an opportunity for parents of younger children to attend if they wish.  You are all welcome.

The evening will begin at 5.45p.m with a presentation given by myself in our Sports Hall.  From 6.15p.m onwards there will be guided tours of the school for small groups where you will have the chance to visit subject areas, meet with teachers and see part of the wealth of learning activities that we provide for our pupils.

We are extremely proud of the teaching and learning that takes place in our school and of the examination results that our young people produce at all levels.  I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible on the 25th and, hopefully, in the years to come.

Free School Meals

It is my understanding that we have pupils in our school who have not registered their entitlement to free school meals.  If you receive any of these benefits then you are entitled to free school meals:

  • Child Tax Credit (where total annual income is less than £16,190
  • Income Support
  • Income Based Job Seekers Allowance
  • Support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
  • Guarantee element of State Pension Credit
  • Employment Support Allowance

It is worth knowing that free school meals can save you about £500 per child per year.  Once registered for free school meals your child will also qualify for financial support towards their school uniform.  Our cashless canteen system in Y Pant guarantees anonymity for pupils on free school meals as the money is automatically added to each pupil’s account.

To apply for free school meals or to find out more please call 01443 681081 or log on to

School Uniform

School Uniform will be available to buy from the “Uniform Shop” which is open every Thursday from 3.30pm – 6pm. Please note, uniform will not routinely be available outside of these hours.

 Impromptu School Closure

Around this time of year there is always the possibility that the school might have to be closed at very short notice.  This might be as the result of inclement weather or perhaps a failure in one of the major utilities.  In the event of this happening it is important that all pupils, particularly younger pupils, understand the arrangements you have made for them.

The decision to close the school at short notice will not be taken lightly.  However, there may be times when to remain open would put at risk the health and safety of both students and staff at the school.  We will, of course, endeavour to ensure that no pupil is left in an unsafe situation.  Please check the school website, Facebook page and Twitter feed for updated information.


The school rules allow girls to wear a stud earring in each lower lobe. However, on health and safety grounds these MUST BE removed for the duration of each P.E. lesson.  Putting a plaster over a recently pierced ear is not acceptable.

Pupils, whether boys or girls, will not be allowed to attend school with a plaster covering a recent piercing.  If you must allow your child to be pierced in any way then it is important that this takes place at the beginning of a long school holiday period.  This will allow the necessary healing to take place prior to his/her return to school and thus allow your child to comply with the school rules regarding  jewellery.

Entry onto School Premises

In the interest of pupil safety parents must not transport pupils onto school premises.  In exceptional circumstances a pass will be issued by Mrs. Carter, the Headteacher’s P.A.

Y Pant Newsletter – July 2014

Autumn Term 2014

There will be a staggered start to the new school year:-

Monday September 1st – INSET for staff.

Tuesday September 2nd – Year 07 pupils arrive at 8.30 a.m.

– Year 12 pupils arrive at 10.00 a.m.

Wednesday September 3rd – All pupils arrive at 8.30 a.m.

School Term Holiday Dates for 2014/ 2015

Autumn 2014
75 days
1 September
27 October
31 October
19 December
Spring 2015
55 days
5 January
16 February
20 February
27 March
Summer 2015
65 days
13 April
25 May
29 May
20 July


Monday 20th July will be an INSET Day. The dates of other INSET days will be finalised in the Autumn Term.      


Our Eisteddfod took place on Wednesday 2nd July p1-4 for years 07 and 08.

Activities Day

Our annual Activities Day will take place on Tuesday 15th July 2014. Many off-site visits have been arranged as well as school-based events.

School Fete

Y Pant’s second School Fete will be held on Saturday 12th July. All are welcome.

Examination Results

We will be open for examination results from 9.00 a.m. on the following dates:-

A/AS levels  : Thursday August 14th .

G.C.S.E.   : Thursday August 21st.

Staff Changes

At the end of this academic year, we will have said farewell to the following colleagues, and extend to them our congratulations and best wishes-

  • Mrs. Sam Shantry, teacher of Mathematics, will be leaving us at the end of term  after being with us for the past 4 years.
  • Mrs. Karine Dubois-Jones, temporary teacher of French, will be leaving towards the end of this academic year.
  • Mr. Tom Derham, ICT Technician, left us at the beginning of July to commence his new position for a company in Bridgend.
  • Mrs. Kath Davey (ICT) left us on 16th June and Mrs. Ele Jones (English), and Miss Charlene Williams (Mathematics) will also be leaving us at the end of the academic year, on a temporary basis, to commence their maternity leave.

There will be several new staff members as at September 2014:-


Miss Emily Whatley 2nd in Mathematics
Mrs Lorna Cranstone Teacher of Mathematics
Mr. Craig Beckett Teacher of Design Technology
Ms Sarah Owen P/T Teacher of Mathematics
Ms Rachel Banner Teacher of English (maternity cover)
Miss Beth Pretty Teacher of Mathematics (maternity cover)
 Mr. James Jones  Teacher of ICT (maternity cover)
 Miss Lucy Bunce  Seconded to the Senior Leadership Team during the Summer Term 2014.


Heads of Year and Assistant Head of Year Staff Members

Head of Year 07        Mrs. Johns                  Assistant Head of Year 07         Mrs. Davies

Head of Year 08        Mrs. Burnell                Assistant Head of Year 08         Mr. Browne

Head of Year 09        Miss Owen                  Assistant Head of Year 09         Dr. Jones

Head of Year 10        Mrs. Arnold                Assistant Head of Year 10         Mrs. Davey

Head of Year 11        Mrs. Mortimer            Assistant Head of Year 11         Mrs. Lloyd

Head of Year 12/13 Mrs. Nowell-Hughes  Assistant Head of Year 12/13   Miss Purcell


Your child’s annual school report will be issued on Friday 18th July 2014.  If you would prefer to receive end of year information through the post, then please forward:-

  • an A4 self addressed envelope with £1.06 postage attached per report and
  • an A4 self addressed envelope with a first class stamp attached for examination results.


The Purchase of School Uniform

Uniform may be purchased from the uniform classroom, which is room 28,  (not the Gymnasium) on the following dates:

  • Monday 14th July – 5pm-8pm
  • Tuesday 15th July – 5pm -8pm
  • Wednesday 16th July – 5pm -8pm
  • Thursday 17th July  – 5pm – 8pm


The uniform shop will also be open certain dates late August and an extra night during the first week in September. These dates will be relayed via Parent Mail and the website shortly.


School Uniform

A reminder that all pupils are expected to return to school in full school uniform.  Any pupils reporting for school in September without full uniform risk being sent home to change.  Please check PLKs or the school website for details of the school uniform.


End of  Term

School will finish for pupils on Friday 18th July 2013 at 12.30 p.m. 


I hope you will have an enjoyable Summer holiday.


Mr M Powell