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Information about the different options open for pupils after they leave school whether that is college, university or work. Also includes work experience.

Student finance for 2017-18 – it’s time to apply

Students applying for university or college courses in 2017/18 should apply for their student finance now.

You don’t need to have a confirmed place at university or college –  use your preferred choice of course and change it later.

Apply now to make sure your money is ready at the start of your course. The quickest and easiest way to apply is online at

Read this quick guide first.

Looking for alternatives to Uni? @notgoingtouni

If you are not thinking of going to University and want to see what other options are out there then the website is very helpful.  This is their latest newsletter.

Not Going to Uni - Newsletter
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From AMG to Actros, Mercedes-Benz are searching for the ‘stars of tomorrow’ to join their apprenticeship programme:
Mercedes-Benz invented the automobile over 125 years ago and has pioneered its continued development ever since. Today, our vehicles continue to set new standards in safety, technology, design and performance on the road and on the race track.

Aged between 16-19? Looking for free training to get a head start?
Your local Military Preparation College is recruiting for new learners at 16 locations throughout England and Wales. We can offer you completely free training that will improve your fitness levels and earn you recognised qualifications.

Seize the summer with CIMA

Whatever you’ve got planned for September, why not use the summer break to get work-ready and stay one step ahead of other school leavers?

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Local Apprenticeship Opportunities

Rhondda Cynon Taf council have a number of paid apprenticeships starting soon.  The closing date for all is either the 10th or 17th July.

You can find out more and apply on their website.


Apprentice Civil Engineering Technician 17 Jul 2015 12:00 BST
Apprentice Mechanic 17 Jul 2015 12:00 BST
Apprentice Procurement Assistant 17 Jul 2015 12:00 BST
Apprentice Theatre Technician 17 Jul 2015 12:00 BST
Community Support Worker Apprentice 17 Jul 2015 12:00 BST
Digital Literacy Technician Apprentice 17 Jul 2015 12:00 BST
Early Year’s Apprentice 17 Jul 2015 12:00 BST
Events & Tourism Apprentice 17 Jul 2015 12:00 BST
Housing Grant Surveyor Apprentice 17 Jul 2015 12:00 BST
Parks & Countryside Apprentice 17 Jul 2015 12:00 BST
Pensions Assistant Apprentice 17 Jul 2015 12:00 BST
Print, Mail and Scanning Apprentice 17 Jul 2015 12:00 BST
Receptionist / Stores Controller 10 Jul 2015 12:00 BST
Signmaker Apprentice 17 Jul 2015 12:00 BST
Welder Apprentice 17 Jul 2015 12:00 BST

Cardiff University workshops & lectures for 6th form

cardiffUniversityCardiff University Curriculum Support are linking with schools and are offering a series of workshops and lectures relating to AS Level, A Level and degree level subjects.

Follow this link to investigate the range of subjects on offer and to register for events. Individuals can attend events once registered or if there is enough interest (eg. a full minibus) School may be able to organise transport.

Why bother? Apart from invaluable subject enrichment, attending events outside school proves you are passionate about subjects and serious about taking studies further. When applying for courses of study after yr12/13 you can expand on the experiences gained in your personal statements.

Yr 12/13 news…Interested in a career in medicine or research? Read on…

EVENT DETAILS: SATURDAY 20TH SEPT 10am – 3pm FREE ENTRY – Click here for tickets.

Find out how we are fighting cancer in Wales at the free drop-in event: Cardiff Cancer Research Open Day

  • Meet our cancer scientists, doctors and nurses
  • Go behind the scenes in our lab*
  • Find out more about cancer research happening near you, from  lab research to clinical trials with short talks, fun games and interactive demonstrations

Come along and experience our local cancer research brought to life by the researchers themselves. See how researchers in Cardiff are working together to discover and pioneer new cancer treatments.


There will be interactive activities suitable for all ages including children.

* Please note, due to health and safety reasons, minimum age for lab tour will be 13.

The Open Day includes a talk programme with short talks delivered by top researchers and clinicians, which are suitable for a public audience. The programme will be:

10:30am: ‘Personalised Medicine’ by Dr Rachel Butler, Consultant Clinical Geneticist and Head of All Wales Genetics Laboratory ‘

11:30am: ‘Using the Immune System to Fight Cancer’ by Prof Andy Sewell, Associate Director for Immunity and Infection Research Institute, Cardiff University School of Medicine

12:30pm: ‘Understanding basic cancer biology in the search for new treatments’ by Prof Alan Clarke, Director of Cancer Research UK Cardiff Centre and European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute

1:30pm: ‘Hot off the Press: New test predicts survival in blood cancer patients’ by Prof Chris Pepper, Institute of Cancer and Genetics, Cardiff University School of Medicine

2:15pm:  ‘Improving outcomes through clinical trials’ by Dr Richard Adams, Consultant Oncologist at Velindre NHS Trust and Director of the Wales Cancer Trials Unit

Year 13 student Callum reports on his Swansea Uni experience

During the summer holidays I went to the S4 Swansea university science summer school where I participated in university-level science workshops and experiments. Initially when informed about the opportunity I was quite reluctant to enroll because I didn’t think I would enjoy it but I am so glad I did. It turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life and has definitely motivated me to do well in my A levels so that I can go to university.


 Day one

On my first full day at the summer school, I studied computing with a techno camp workshop. In teams of 4 we designed a robot from Lego NXT mind storm kits and programmed it on the computer. We competed amongst other teams to see who’s robot was superior. We had to guide our robot around mazes, park it in parking spaces etc. After that we played robot football where we had to design a robot to be a striker and defend the goals at the same time. This was turned into a competition to see who’s robot could score and defend the most amounts of goals.



After the workshop everyone was given free time and so with the friends I had made so far we explored the gigantic university campus and later walked to Swansea town centre to explore to shops. Later in the evening there was a pub quiz held by the summer school where we grouped together with teachers and answered science questions.

Day two

On the second day I studied biology where I learnt about the topic of marine biology and I had to dissect a mackerel. While dissecting this mackerel I learnt about its internal structures and their functions, I enjoyed this so much because you got to see what you were learning from a physical prospective.  After that we got a tour around Swansea universities science facilities and learnt about the importance of algae, why it is grown from business and its important medical uses. We also got to see muscle filtration and hold real life marine animals such as blue lobsters.


After the workshop, the summer school then took us to the cinema that they have on campus. It was absolutely packed with people of a variety of ages. We watched an Asian cartoon film, which was similar to anime.

Day three

On the third day I studied physics and mathematics. I learnt about finding exoplanets. I found this really interesting as we got to learn about space and I actually understood it really well considering mathematics and physics are not my strong point. We had to conduct an experiment using a light sensor to detect the shadow created as our exoplanet circled our star. We did this using software on the computer, it was so interesting.



After the workshop, my friends and I went to the beach, which is directly opposite the university campus. During the week we had also met other students from Germany that were staying in the same halls of residence and so we invited them to the beach with us. We all went in the sea, played volleyball, built a campfire and sat around it until late.

Day four

On the fourth day of Swansea summer school I participated in a geography workshop where we learnt about climate change. We conducted an experiment with collecting carbon dioxide in different heats which was meant to represent the different distances away from the sun, it was really fun.  Later on in the day we explored the university campus to look at the wild life, we then participated in a dendrochronological experiment where we drilled holes into trees and removed sections of the tree to analysis the patterns of tree rings to see how old the tree was, to see if it was a victim of disease or a natural disaster.

After the work shop we all headed to Mumbles beach area where we explored the natural wild life before heading to the beach to explore general marine life. As a group we then explored the beach, went in the sea and generally enjoyed ourselves.




Fifth day

On the last day we had a talk about UCAS applications from S4 ambassadors who are current students at Swansea Univeristy, Swansea university lectures, professors and Swansea university admissions tutors. They showed us previous examples of personal statements, what they like to see and what they expect from us. They also showed us what they don’t like to see and how to avoid it. There was then a award ceremony and students that had excelled in the individual workshops were rewarded with vouchers, certificates and clothes. There was also an award from the best tweet.

If I choose to go to Swansea University I will receive a £500 bursary just for completing the weeklong Swansea university summer school. The experience was definitely worthwhile as I got to immerse myself in the student lifestyle as well as expand my education. I would definitely recommend it to anyone that is interested.



Year 10 work experience

Year 10 students are on work related learning next week.  As part of their Welsh Baccalaureate qualification they are required to carry out 30 hours of work experience or work related education. Most of the provision for this will be carried out during the following dates:-

Monday 30th June- Thursday 3rd July


  Work Placement Pupils Non work placement pupils
Mon 30th June Work Placements RCT Careers Day x 30 pupils (bus to Pontypridd) Careers and world of work activities  x 40- 50 pupils
Tue 1st July Work Placements Young Enterprise activity for all pupils 
Wed 2nd July Work Placements Anti-Racism Workshop x 40-50 pupils RCT Careers Day x 30 pupils (bus to Pontypridd)
Thu 3rd July Talk the Talk- Effective Communication Workshop Talk the Talk- Effective Communication Workshop

Sophie’s Work Experience – Reflections from a far off land

I am leaving today, this far off land of kimchi and hospitality, of bustling roads and spiritual temples, of green mountains and polluted cities, this remarkable land of South Korea.
Mark Twain, (1835-1910) famously said; “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness”. I hope before I boarded the plane that I exhibited none of those vices, but certainly it is true that I had not really considered that what divides us is so very much less than what unites us. I think Maya Angelou (1928-) said it best when she wrote; “Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all peoples cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try and understand each other, we may even become friends”.
I cannot claim that a few days in Asia has transformed my view of the world, I hope that before the trip I was open to new ideas, different cultures and more importantly I hope that others recognized that I was open to them. What has changed and what is interesting about travelling to a country as different as Korea is that it is easy to see those differences, it is easy to recognize that the language is completely foreign, the writing beautiful but unintelligible, the food unrecognizable, (at times I wasn’t sure if I was eating fish, pork or vegetable). I revelled in those differences, not comparing to back home just excited that this is different.

Seoul is very much a globalised city; Starbucks not on every corner but on every other corner, McDonalds and Domino’s Pizza as well as all the designer brands, but the country and its people retains its unique character. I hope what I have learnt is that when I travel again to countries closer to home that I spot the differences that perhaps I have ignored in the past. Sitting on a Spanish beach is easy to ignore Spanish culture when all around are holiday making Brits, it’s easy to ignore Spanish food when all around us are international restaurants, and it is easy to ignore Spanish music when I am listening to the downloads on my IPod.
Travel does open the body and soul (especially in Seoul), but only if the traveler takes that first deep breath and, as Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936) said, “The first condition of understanding a foreign country is to smell it”.
Look forward to seeing you all soon…

Sophie’s Work Experience – Working Girl

I had hoped to get away with it, to have a few days away from school and from work. But no, as I walked into the office this morning I was presented with my desk, my computer and a set of tasks. The first challenge was that the computer has a Korean operating system and I was told all I needed to do was click, click, click, click and click. By the third click I was error messaging in Korean!!

My task was to create some banner images for a travel site that the company Afterabc is putting together, all sounded remarkably straightforward, and I suppose after the first 75 mistakes I found my way and produced my first piece of work for an overseas company.
In years to come, hopefully many years to come, I will be reminiscing with my children and grand children – I remember the time when I had to work in Korea, unpaid, on a Korean computer, but wow, back to reality more photographs to resize and upload.

Sophie’s Work Experience – Temples and Churches

I suppose if I was asked before visiting Korea, I would have guessed that Koreans were Buddhist. I hadn’t really thought that Christianity would be the dominate religion. It seems that about 30% of the population are regular church goes and about 20% regard themselves as followers of Buddha. At night, the neon crucifixes stand out in the city skyline selling religion like the great M of McDonalds.
The Buddhist temples seem somewhat more discreet, perhaps the notion of evangelical conversion is non Buddha. In the middle of the high rises sits a beautiful Buddhist temple, as I walked through the welcoming gate, the stresses, strains and even the noise of the city seemed to disappear. Maybe it is my imagination, but the idea of quiet contemplation really does cause one to put into prospective what’s really important.

The Bongeunsa Temple is opposite the beautiful 5 star Intercontinental Hotel and yet it is a whole world away, resident monks sit before the statue of Buddha as do many visitors, I too felt compelled to kneel. The temple originated in about 794 C.E and was the head temple during the Joseon dynasty and was central in the revival of Korean Buddhism away from the teachings of Confucianism. Towards the centre of the temple complex is the Mireuk Daebul, Great Statue of Maitreya Buddha. The statue is 23 metres high and is based on the story of Maitreya coming to earth to save all those who are suffering (it is remarkable how the great religions have so many similarities). Nearby, is another great statue of Haesu Gwaneum-sang, once again the concept is a figure who sees, hears and feels the sounds of suffering. It is hard to convey the spiritual nature of the Temple; I do not claim to have had a religious experience but I do understand how place and peace can have effect on the inner being.