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News for summer term 2009-2010

School Bus Passes

New bus passes are NOT being issued for September 2010. This means that:

  • You need to keep hold of your current bus pass to use at the start of the next academic year in September.
  • If you lose or throw away your current pass then you will be charged £5.00 to replace it.
  • Without a valid bus pass you CANNOT travel on home to school transport.

“In-tents” training for DofE group

Glad it didn’t rain!

Becci, Carys and Catrin looking comfy under canvas…The 16 remaining Silver level Duke of Edinburgh candidates from yr12 took part in a 2 day training session which covered the skills required to pass their Expedition section. Skills covered included cooking on a trangia, pitching a tent, selecting suitable equipment, emergency first aid, route planning and elements of the Country Code. Mr Pearsall, being a seasoned veteran of anecdotal warfare and bloodshed organised first aid training – eagerly assisted by Miss Harris who made sure Mr Pearsall didn’t reminisce too much – the photos however are not suitable for those with a nervous disposition…

Success comes early for CoPEers

CoPEMembers of the CoPE group have officially passed their CoPE+ course after 2 years of hard work. All 13 members of the group have achieved their Wider key skills at level 1 or 2 and 11 have their CoPE qualification to add to that. Pupils achieving both qualifications at level 1 and 2 now have the equivalent of 3 extra GCSEs ! Curious future CoPE pupils can look at moderated portfolios in Miss Purcell’s room and see how much hard work is involved. Well done!

Wider Key Skills level 1:

  • Kayleigh Cotter
  • Luke Faiers

CoPE SuccessWider Key Skills+CoPE level 1

  • Ryan Donovan
  • Matthew Davies
  • Lloyd Evans
  • Laura Kelland
  • Rebecca Llewellyn
  • Jordon Locke
  • Josh Mason
  • Peter Murphy
  • Curtis Swift Simpkin

Wider Key Skills+CoPE level 2

  • Jordan King
  • Nicole Letheby

Y Pant win Envirovision 2010

After several years as runners up, Y Pant have this year been crowned winners of Envirovision 2010. The competition, which requires pupils to write their own lyrics on a given subject, collaborate with a professional songwriting team, and then perform their work live on stage, is a great opportunity for our Year 10 GCSE pupils, and they really rose to the occasion this year.


EnvirovisionTheir song, Visual Pollution, was premiered on the YPF stage last Friday, and its memorable chorus and strong performance meant that it was always a contender for the top spot.

The pupils should now be getting performing slots in Ponty in the Park with JLS, and at the Wales Millennium Centre. Please congratulate them if you see them around!

EnvirovisionCongratulations to everyone who took part, and well done on your excellent achievement!



Whilst we’re all looking forward to the summer holidays, it’s also sad to say goodbye to those we’re not going to see for a while. This summer we are saying goodbye to a number of members of staff who are leaving Y Pant. We wish them every success for the next stages in their lives and say thank you for all their hard work.

Mr Morgan and Mr EvansMr Robin Morgan (far left)

Mr Morgan has been at Y Pant for over 35 years, firstly as a PE teacher and more recently as Head of Year and Learning Support teacher.

Mr Roger Evans (left)

Mr Evans has been at Y Pant for 33 years as a Geology teacher, a Geography teacher, Head of PSE and a Learning Coach.

The photo on the left was taken during the Y Pant’s Got More Talent show when both Mr Morgan and Mr Evans performed a rendition of Frank Sinatra songs with a group of other teachers. We wish them both a long and happy retirement.

Mrs Kay Jones

Mrs Jones has been teaching Spanish at Y Pant for 4 years. She leaves us to become Head of Spanish at Pencoed Comprehensive. ¡Buena suerte!

Miss Danielle Crook

Miss Crook arrived at Y Pant four years ago and set up the successful A-level Psychology course for the Y Pant and Bryncelynog consortium. She starts teaching Psychology and Science at Cardiff High School in the Autumn.

Mrs Gail Biggs

Mrs Biggs has been working as a Learning Support teacher for the past year. We’d like to thank her for all her hard work.

Mrs Lindsay Lewis

Mrs Lewis has been teaching PE on a part-time basis for the last year and has made a huge contribution to the school during that time.

Mr Dayle PerkinsDayle Perkins

Lastly – Dayle has working as Music Technician, unpaid, for a whole year at Y Pant. During that time he has provided invaluable support for the music department – and indeed the whole school – for a wide variety of events; Christmas concerts, Y Pant’s Got More Talent, the Y Pant Festival and the recent Envirovision contest. He has also mentored many young musicians in the school. He will be sorely missed, both for his hard work and his practical approach to his work. He is taking up a course at Brighton University in the Autumn. Best of luck Dayle!

Results of the ICT Survey

Many thanks to all those of you who took part in the ICT survey before Christmas. This will be a bit help when planning how best to incorporate ICT into the curriculum further for all subjects. The number of responses received was not as high as we’d hoped for but enough for us to draw some reasonable conclusions from the data.

Access to a Computer at Home

It appears that the vast majority of students have access to a computer at home. Just over half have access to a shared family computer with 40% of pupils having their own computer.

Computer Access

3% of pupils do not have access to a computer at home.

Whilst we will continue to provide access to ICT facilities at lunchtime through ICT club this means we can be more confident that giving students homework/coursework that requires a computer will be unlikely to cause a problem.

Access to the Internet At Home

Of course having access to a computer is not the only requirement for a great deal of work. We also asked about internet access and the results were similar.

internet access

96% of our student body have access to the internet in some form at home. Limited Access indicates students who’s parents monitor and restrict either the content being browsed or the time spent on the internet.

Again from a teaching point of view we now know that we can assume that almost all students have internet access for coursework / homework requirements.

Students can continue to access the internet during ICT club at lunchtimes for work purposes although sites such as Facebook and Bebo are permanently blocked.

Taking Computer Based Work to School

It is important that when students complete homework or coursework at home they are able to bring it into school as easily as possible. Nearly 70% of pupils use USB memory sticks. Whilst this is absolutely fine they are not without problems. Recent virus issues at school resulted in a temporary ban (although this has now been resolved) and memory sticks are frequently lost.

Bringing work in from Home

The website has a link to a facility called Reach which enables students and staff to access their school user areas at home. Disappointingly fewer than 5% of students use this. Whilst there have been very restrictive technical problems recently it also appears that almost half those surveyed did not know about Reach. As well as working on the technical reliability we will also start providing better education to students about how to use Reach.


A large factor in pupils bringing work to school successfully is software compatibility. Y Pant is primary PC based although Music and Media Studies are making increasing use of Apple Macs. Fewer than 5% of respondants said they have a Mac at home.


Throughout the ICT suites in Y Pant we have Windows XP installed with Microsoft Office 2003. We also use Publisher and Access 2003 – which are not usually part of the home version of Office. We also use Macromedia software for DiDA – using the MX 2004 versions.

Other Features

15% of respondants expressed an interest in ICT sessions for parents / guardians in school. We have already started running some sessions for senior citizens as part of the school’s E3+ programme. Many parents took the opportunity to provide the school with their email address. Some of these were then contacted by email during school closure days. Contacting parents by email and/or text is certainly something we will be looking into more in the future.

Estyn launches new inspection framework

Estyn would like to thank everyone who took the time to contribute their invaluable feedback as part of the consultation process on Estyn’s new inspection framework. After considering all feedback and piloting the framework across all sectors, it is ready to be put into practice from September 2010. Estyn
As you may be aware, launch events on 30 June and 1 July for schools, local authorities and post-16 settings will provide more information on the changes to inspection. Places have already been allocated to representatives, but if you are not attending and require further information on any aspect of the framework, please contact Estyn on 02920 446446.  Alternatively, visit the Estyn website to download further information, inspection guidance and self-evaluation manuals.

Positive Feedback from Parent / Pupil Questionnaires

Earlier this year all pupils and parents were issued questionnaires designed by the Kirkland Rowell organisation. This was done so that we at the school could get a clear idea of parents’ and pupils’ perceptions of how well we are doing.

In the pupil survey we were extremely pleased to discover that 83% of our pupils rated the overall performance of the school as either ‘good’ or ‘very good’. When compared to an identical survey conducted in 2004, our pupils reported significantly higher levels of satisfaction in 33 out of 42 areas of school life. Every single area of school life recorded higher degrees of approval than the national average in such surveys.

In the parental survey, 94% of parents rated the overall performance of the school as being either ‘good’ or ‘very good’. When compared to 2004, parents rated 12 out of 42 areas of school life significantly higher and none came out as significantly worse.

We are most heartened by the results of these surveys but by means complacent. Areas in need of improvement have been identified and work has already started on addressing these. More information will follow via the website and the end of term newsletter.

Thanks to everyone who responded to these questionnaires.

Silvers all round for D of E team 2010

After 3 days on foot with overloaded bags getting heavier by the mile the 15 remaining Duke of Edinburgh candidates from yr12 completed a 40km hike around some of the greenest (and hilliest) parts of the Brecon Beacons National park. Existing on a diet rich in super noodles and powdered milk the group experienced sunshine and showers, finding unique ways to descend steep slopes – forget staying upright – slide down feet first… Spending 2 nights under canvas without luxuries like showers and hot water can really test friendships but as each checkpoint was reached all 15 team members kept on smiling, especially at the finish! The assessor Chris Payne who co-ordinates the Gold Award at a local engineering firm commented that the group were a delightful and competent group of young people, all of whom would be capable of enrolling on their Gold award, once all of the Silver sections are completed and certificated. Well done team 2010, a pleasure working with you and thanks to all staff who helped with your training this year.

Team photo – blistered and bedraggled but glad to get rid of the rucksacks!