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If you are not thinking of going to University and want to see what other options are out there then the website notgoingtouni.co.uk is very helpful.  This is their latest newsletter.

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Aged between 16-19? Looking for free training to get a head start?
Your local Military Preparation College is recruiting for new learners at 16 locations throughout England and Wales. We can offer you completely free training that will improve your fitness levels and earn you recognised qualifications.

Seize the summer with CIMA

Whatever you’ve got planned for September, why not use the summer break to get work-ready and stay one step ahead of other school leavers?

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School Uniform Shop – Summer 2015

The school uniform shop will be open the following times over the summer.

  • Week of 13th July (Monday to Thursday) 4.30pm-8.00pm
  • 1st September (Tuesday) 4.30pm-8.00pm
  • 2nd September (Wednesday) 4.30pm-8.00pm
  • 3rd September (Thursday) 3.00pm-8.00pm

Please note: the shop is also open every Thursday during term time (3.00pm until 6.00pm).

Should any parent require a special order, i.e. smaller or larger size than usually stocked, then the order will need to be placed as soon as possible.

I would like to remind parents that volunteers run the uniform shop in order to keep costs of the uniform down. If you are interested in volunteering your services please contact Mrs. Carter , P.A. to the Headteacher on (01443) 237701.

However, from 1st October 2015 the cost of each item (except ties & socks) will increase by 50p. This is the first increase in 4 years.

Year 9 Costa Del Sol Trip

Year 9 are having a wonderful time in sunny Spain. Temperatures are reaching the high thirtys but this isn’t stopping us from having a great time. Today we visited Nerja and the lovely white washed village of Frigiliana. Warning to all parents: we’re not coming home if it keeps raining!

spain1 Spain

Access to the school site over the summer and in September

Building work will start on-site at the end of July.  This will involve substantial changes to the school site and as a result will mean that our access to the site changes.

Currently pedestrian and vehicle access is via the North Road (the drive).  This will be used exclusively for construction traffic.  They will be cutting a bigger access through just behind the bus stop on Cowbridge Road.

All pedestrians and vehicles will need to use the South Road and access the school via the main gate.  This is currently the “out” driveway.  Morgan Sindall will be building a footpath along this road and also creating more passing places for cars now this will be a two-way road.

SummerAccessYPantMorgan Sindall will have staff available on days where we expect a high number of visitors (results days etc.) to direct people but at other times, please use the South Road and walk up the footpath rather than driving if possible.

As the following image shows, Morgan Sindall’s construction site will take up ALL the field, north road and tennis courts in September.



Summer Holiday Activities with YEPS at Y Pant

The Youth Engagement and Participation Service at Y Pant are putting on a fantastic programme of events at the school over the summer holidays.

All activities and transport are FREE

If you would like to attend any of the activities you will need to sign up in the YEPS office. An off-site form will need to be completed and spaces will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Spaces are limited so book today!!



Activity Time Venue

20th July

Air Trail 11 – 3 CIWWC-Cardiff Bay

22nd July

Cinema/Shopping Trip 11 – 4 McArthur Glen
Monday 27th July Go-Karting 11:15 – 2:30 Teamsport Cardiff

29th July

Golf 10:30 – 2:30 The Vale

3rd August

Surfing 11 – 3 CIWWC-Cardiff Bay

5th August

Cooking 11:30 – 2:30 Y Pant School

10th August

Arts & Crafts 11:30 – 2:30 Y Pant School

12th August

Arts & Crafts 11:30 – 2:30 Y Pant School

17th August

Sports 11:30 – 2:30 Y Pant School

17th August

Arts & Crafts 11:30 – 2:30 Y Pant School

19th August

Sports 11:30 – 2:30 Y Pant School

19th August

Cooking 11:30 – 2:30 Y Pant School

24th August

Sports 11:30 – 2:30 Y Pant School

24th August

Arts & Crafts 11:30 – 2:30 Y Pant School

26th August

Sports 11:30 – 2:30 Y Pant School

26th August

Cooking 11:30 – 2:30 Y Pant School

Morgan Sindall Announced as Contractors for New Build

MorganSindallLogoWe are pleased to announce that the tender process for the new school build is complete and that the construction company Morgan Sindall will be starting our new school buildings imminently.

Morgan Sindall will be producing a monthly newsletter about the build for parents, carers and all other interested parties.  The first one will be distributed before the end of the summer term.


The next 2 years will have its challenges as we seek to maintain the smooth running of the school and our high educational standards whilst having a major construction project on site.  However it will also be a very exciting time as the presence of the building project will afford many educational opportunities for our pupils. Members of the Senior Leadership Team have already met with representatives of the Project Team and will be working closely with them in terms of site access, work placements and careers talks.  Morgan Sindall will be employing almost 200 people on site during the project and will be looking to recruit local people.  If you know of anyone looking for work please tell them to keep an eye out for vacancies.


The construction team will be on site from 27th July.  Access to the school site will change significantly over that period and we, in conjunction with Morgan Sindall, will be issuing specific instructions shortly.

For the duration of the project, all information will also be available on the website.


Bee Rescue!

We recently had a swarm of bees at school! Apparently this happens occasionally and swarms are generally harmless.  We contacted Bridgend Bee Keepers and Graham & Paul arrived promptly to remove the swarm.  The took the bees away with the view to settling them into a new hive.


Bees are vital for the pollination of crops and are under threat due to pesticides.

The following information from Bridgend Bee Keepers will be of use if you ever see a swarm in your garden.

If you see what looks like a huge cloud of bees, making a loud buzzing noise, that is a swarm.  It is quite natural and swarming bees are usually harmless – but keep pets and children indoors just in case.

The swarm will eventually come to rest as a large ball of bees on a tree, bush or wall.  It may go into a hole in a wall or a hollow tree.

Local Beekeepers want to know about swarms, as they collect them to make new hives – so if you see a swarm ring either:

GREG on  07896 570263   or     GLYN – 07974 550438

Tell us .. where the swarm is …. how long you think it has been there …  and roughly how big it is – the size of a football, or bigger, or the size of a tennis ball.    Is it on a bush or high up in a tree or on a fence or has it gone into a hole in a tree or a wall? This helps us to plan what equipment we’ll need.

We will send someone round as quickly as possible to collect the swarm and remove it.  If the swarm is not collected, it will probably die off, so you are doing the bees a favour by reporting them.

French/Spanish results for Eisteddfod

In the Eisteddfod, the French and Spanish departments had different competitions for making posters. In the French department they made posters about hobbies and sports; in the Spanish department they made wanted posters ‘SE BUSCA’. In joint first place in the French competition were

Lydia Morgan in the Nerth House

Bethan Hopkins in Tirion House

In joint 2nd

Caitlyn Huckridge in Padrig

Lucy coleman in Aneurin


Coming in 3rd

Yasmin Reid from Tirion


The winner for the Spanish competition was
Alys Cleverley
In joint 2nd
Chloe Williams
Bronwen Mason
In 3rd
Sean Burrows
Emiah Ellis
Millie Lewis

This website post created by Holly Ryan and Shauna Pick while on work experience

Local Apprenticeship Opportunities

Rhondda Cynon Taf council have a number of paid apprenticeships starting soon.  The closing date for all is either the 10th or 17th July.

You can find out more and apply on their website.


Apprentice Civil Engineering Technician 17 Jul 2015 12:00 BST
Apprentice Mechanic 17 Jul 2015 12:00 BST
Apprentice Procurement Assistant 17 Jul 2015 12:00 BST
Apprentice Theatre Technician 17 Jul 2015 12:00 BST
Community Support Worker Apprentice 17 Jul 2015 12:00 BST
Digital Literacy Technician Apprentice 17 Jul 2015 12:00 BST
Early Year’s Apprentice 17 Jul 2015 12:00 BST
Events & Tourism Apprentice 17 Jul 2015 12:00 BST
Housing Grant Surveyor Apprentice 17 Jul 2015 12:00 BST
Parks & Countryside Apprentice 17 Jul 2015 12:00 BST
Pensions Assistant Apprentice 17 Jul 2015 12:00 BST
Print, Mail and Scanning Apprentice 17 Jul 2015 12:00 BST
Receptionist / Stores Controller 10 Jul 2015 12:00 BST
Signmaker Apprentice 17 Jul 2015 12:00 BST
Welder Apprentice 17 Jul 2015 12:00 BST