MFL Christmas Tree

This year is our 3rd year to make a lovely MFL Christmas tree as part of the annual Llantrisant Christmas tree festival. Year 7 have been busying creating decorations in lots of different languages with Eryn, Saskia and Eryn in  Year 11  contributing as part of their Welsh Bacc community hours. We are very proud to see our masterpiece in the Parish Church. It’s a great charity event raising lots of money for good causes. The trees are displayed until January.
Mrs Rose 
Head of French 

Miércoles de Fiesta


  The Spanish Department is running a Spanish Club, Miércoles de Fiesta, every Wednesday lunch time from 1.20 to 1.45.

 This is a fabulous opportunity for our GCSE students to improve their Spanish and have fun at the same time 🙂 🙂 

 Come along and join us in Room DF6 this Wednesday to see what it is like!!    

Early passes are available from Señora Fernández

¡Hasta la vista!


Languages Breakfast

September 28th was our annual continental breakfast celebrating Languages day with Year 7. Lots of music and tongue twisters with yummy brioche and pain au chocolat. The MFL department were as stylish as ever, and the pink poodle proved to be very popular for photos and even the odd cheeky selfie!
The French department are running a KS3 film club on Thursday lunchtimes and French club with Juliette the French Assistant on Friday lunchtimes. Early lunch passes are available from Madame Rose

There is also GCSE Drop in session for support and challenge on Thursday lunch time and GCSE Film club on Friday lunchtime.

Autumn Term Curriculum Plan

You can now download an outline of the work your child will be covering during the Autumn Term.
You will find useful links to websites or ideas for further reading which will help your child maximise their learning. Assessments and important homework are also listed within it.
Your continued support as parents is invaluable in ensuring students achieve their potential and we thank you for this.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.