IGNIT10N – this Friday in the Main Hall

IGNIT10N! is the Year 12 BTEC Music students’ final project for the year. On Friday the 24th June at 5pm in the main hall they have planned, and will be hosting a night of excellent music, showcasing a number of their own personal bands, and maybe even a teacher band!

Tickets are £3 and can be paid at the door or to one of the Music Teachers. We hope to see you there!

Here’s a sneak preview…

Great Language Initiative

The French department recently took part in a great language initiative organised by Cardiff University Languages department. Ten Year 9 students had the opportunity to be were mentored by Sam, a final year languages student who came into school to offer mentoring sessions, looking at topics such as option choices, boosting confidence in oracy and presentations and  revision & learning strategies. All students agreed it was an interesting and useful experience. To celebrate the success of the programme, we attended an Awards ceremony held in the Languages department at the University. Its was an exciting visit as students got to experience what University life involves. Sam took us on a guided tour of the languages department, including a visit to the University library and gym. The highlight of the day was a quick Japanese taster lesson, which was great fun. The event was really well organised as part of the Welsh Government’s Global Future’s strategy promoting modern languages. There were lots of other schools involved and there was a great buzz of excitement during the day.

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(Photo by Matthew Horwood)
(Photo by Matthew Horwood)

Y Pant pupils in the Maindy Flyers Velothon Wales Youth Circuit

The weekend of 21st and 22nd May saw over ten thousand cyclists descend on Cardiff`s Civic Centre for the now annual Velothon Wales.  The vast majority of these, including two of Y Pant`s teaching staff, were there to test themselves on the demandingly hilly, yet beautiful terrain of south-east Wales. On the face of it Mr. Mitchell and Senor Pelaez were participating as part of their training routine for the upcoming challenge of cycling from Tenby, via Porthcawl, to Cardiff this weekend.  It is more likely however that they were more interested in fantasising about Tour de France victories as they cycled past the thousands upon thousands of spectators who lined the 140 kilometre route cheering them on enthusiastically!

Putting our MAMILS (Google it) to the back of our mind though Y Pant had much more to celebrate during the weekend. Two of our most talented sportspersons were in action on the Saturday. Elynor Backstedt and James Codd were taking  part in the Maindy Flyers Velothon Wales Youth Circuit. This was a series of races around the Civic Centre which served as the second round of the British National Youth Circuit Series. James and Elynor are Year 9 pupils and were competing in the under 16, Youth A age group. The conditions were appalling with heavy, and at times torrential, rain throughout. The roads being so wet as well being extremely twisty meant that there were several crashes but the pace remained scarily fast.  It was amazing to see the speeds that these young riders attained, riding for over an hour at a pace that most cyclists would be unable to attain for more than a few seconds. James put in a creditable performance, keeping up with the leading group for a good time but was ultimately unsuccessful. Elynor, however came in in fourth place and sees her retain her second place in the current standings. Chapeau to both!  Why not make your way down to Cardiff next year to see for yourself? You may even catch a glimpse of Senor Pelaez in his lycra!

Mr Ian Mitchell


UCAS Evening – Thursday June 30th 5.30pm

Dear Parent / carer,
We would like to invite you to our UCAS evening on Thursday June 30th at 5.30 pm in the main hall. During this presentation we will outline the UCAS application system and explain what you may do to support your child through the process and what we will be doing in school to ensure that they have been fully prepared to make informed decisions about their future after Y Pant.
Dear Year 11 families – we are aware that this may be premature but we know that there are some students and families that have asked for advice and guidance at this stage in the past. Therefore, if you wish to join us on this evening for an advance briefing, you would be more than welcome. There will, of course, be the same evening available to you at this time next year.

Get involved – help save British bees!

This week, our thought for the week is bees.  We’ll be finding out about why bees are threatened, why this matters and what we can do about it.

Friends of the Earth are running the Great British Bee Count until 30th June.  You can download a smartphone app and take part in identifying and counting,  bees.  Click the image to download the app.


You can also make sure you buy bee-friendly plants for your garden.

28 Great Plants for Bees

Local Beekeepers

Apparently eating local honey can help hayfever sufferers reduce their symptoms.  Tonyrefail Apiary sells local honey as does Lisvane Honey Farm in the north of Cardiff.  If you ever come across a swarm of bees – contact Bridgend Bee Keepers who will come and collect it for you.  We did this in school last year!

Avoiding Bee Stings

Obviously bees do sometimes sting, and some people can be severely allergic to bee stings.  Generally the advice given is to avoid approaching a bee hive as bees usually sting when they, or their hive is threatened.

The site beesting.co.uk advises the following to avoid getting stung:

  • don’t wear perfume or body spray with sweet, floral scents
  • don’t wear red (apparently bees can’t see red very well)
  • be careful with open drinks cans and bottles outside – a bee will be attracted to the sugar around the rim and will get scared when you go to drink from it at the same time
  • don’t walk around on grass barefooted
  • if a bee lands on you, move slowly and blow it off gently – don’t run around screaming!



As part of the new Global Futures Initiative set by the Minister for Education and Skills (Welsh Government), Y Pant School Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) department has been appointed as a support school for the Centre of Excellence for Modern Foreign Languages and has been awarded funding to launch a new MFL transition programme with its feeder primary schools.

The MFL Team at Y Pant School began investigate methods of getting the primary schools to teach French and Spanish to their year 5 and 6 students. After researching different options, it was decided to offer an interactive ICT language solution, which was viewed as the best way to engage with the primary schools.  The main advantage of using interactive software was that all schools would be able to start teaching French and Spanish even if they didn’t have the resources to employ a dedicated member of staff.

A licence for Languagenut, an interactive programme, was purchased as it offered an attractive mix of language lessons from native speakers, interactive games and a mini-league creating competition between the cluster primaries.

On the 15th March 2016, Madame Rose organised a workshop at Y Pant School to present Languagenut. The workshop was well attended by delegates of the  8 cluster primary schools, representatives from the Governors of  Y Pant School, Ms Amy Walters-Bresner (Head of Languages Faculty in Bryn Hafren & Central South Consortia Link Manager) and Mr David Heath (Welsh Government). Mrs Sian Bolton (Chair of Governors), agreed to welcome all the delegates and open the workshop. In addition, Languagenut sent two members of their training team to demonstrate the product.

As part of the workshop a group of Y Pant students,  Lloyd Jenkins, Caitlin Lamont, Ellis Stroud, Maisie Carter, Daniel Gammon, Iestyn Phillips, Evan Thomas, & Elizabeth Herbert- Year 7  and James Rowe, Zach Marshall, Henri Phillips, Morgan Leyshon, and Sam Stephens, Year 8  were invited to give a demonstration of their language and digital skills using  the Languagenut App. Each student was given an iPad with the Languagenut application and were asked to demonstrate a number of different language based tasks. All delegates were impressed with the students’ skills, and how quickly they were able to make progress in developing their language challenge skills. Future plans for the Primary Transition project include a mentoring programme for Primary colleagues, additional resources available on the HWB and the development of a cultural project for Year 5 and 6 students.

Photo 2 photo 3 Photo 4

GCSE Examination – Revision Sessions

The school will be holding revision sessions on the morning of an afternoon GCSE examination. If you would like to reserve a place for your son / daughter on these please could you mail us on revision@ypant.co.uk informing us of your child’s name and which sessions they would like to attend. This will aid us greatly in staffing these sessions.
Attached is a timetable of the afternoon examinations.
Once again many thanks for your continued support,
Mrs B Cheetham
Deputy Headteacher

Girls Football Squad at Cardiff City

On the 4th May the force wasn’t only strong with Star Wars fans. Y Pant Girls Football squad were in force down at Cardiff City Stadium celebrating what has been a fantastic year for girl’s football, in more ways than one.

During the 2016 football season Y Pant has achieved great success, with upwards of 20 girls in Key stage 3 regularly attending football training on a Wednesday evening.

These girls, some of whom had never kicked a football until joining school, have now gone on to achieve both team and individual success.

Girls have now gone on to join local clubs meaning they are now playing football on a weekly basis after showing a passion for football during school sessions.

Team success was also achieved with the girls 6 a side team winning the South West Region of the National Football League Competition.  This was held at Cardiff City and the girls went on to represent Cardiff City Football Club in the regional finals.

Two teams were also entered in to the RCT 5×60 football competition with one team narrowly missing out on the knock out stages on goal difference. The other team went on to winning the competition.

A good run in the Welsh Cup was also had this year with the school making history and reaching the semi final of the cup for the first time. Unfortunately we missed out in a close fought match, 2-1 to  Ysgol Glantaff.

More individual success was achieved during the season with 3 girls being invited to train with Cardiff City Football club at their girls Development Centre.

All round this has been a fantastic year for girl’s football at Y Pant with girl’s participation, pathways and also individual and team success.

The trip was a great way to end the season. During the trip to Cardiff City Stadium, the girls got a behind the scenes tour of the stadium. They also were able to participate in a football session run by Cardiff city Coaches and also try ‘street soccer’ for the first time.

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