Languages Breakfast

September 28th was our annual continental breakfast celebrating Languages day with Year 7. Lots of music and tongue twisters with yummy brioche and pain au chocolat. The MFL department were as stylish as ever, and the pink poodle proved to be very popular for photos and even the odd cheeky selfie!
The French department are running a KS3 film club on Thursday lunchtimes and French club with Juliette the French Assistant on Friday lunchtimes. Early lunch passes are available from Madame Rose

There is also GCSE Drop in session for support and challenge on Thursday lunch time and GCSE Film club on Friday lunchtime.

Autumn Term Curriculum Plan

You can now download an outline of the work your child will be covering during the Autumn Term.
You will find useful links to websites or ideas for further reading which will help your child maximise their learning. Assessments and important homework are also listed within it.
Your continued support as parents is invaluable in ensuring students achieve their potential and we thank you for this.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.

School Uniform Shop 2017

The uniform shop will be open in school on the following dates:

  • Tuesday  July 18 – 4.30pm – 8pm
  • Wednesday July 19 – 4.30pm – 8pm
  • Thursday July 20 – 4.30pm – 8pm
  • Tuesday August 29 – 4.30pm – 8pm
  • Wednesday August 30 – 4.30pm – 8pm
  • Thursday August 31 – 4.30pm – 8pm

Please note: the shop is also open every Thursday during term time (3.00pm until 6.00pm).

Should any parent require a special order, i.e. smaller or larger size than usually stocked, then the order will need to be placed as soon as possible.

I would like to remind parents that volunteers run the uniform shop in order to keep costs of the uniform down. If you are interested in volunteering your services please contact Mrs. Carter , P.A. to the Headteacher on (01443) 562250.

Languages Day

A great languages day for our primary cluster schools on June 29th. Year 6 came to visit and had a fantastic time trying out French, Spanish, German  and even Mandarin in the many language workshops. It was a great opportunity for the Year 10 French GCSE group to share their language skills, and along with Year 12 French and Yr 9 Language Ambassadors to guide the primary pupils though their language journey. 

Worried about bullying? Here’s how to bounce back.

If you are worried about bullying this online tool from Childline helps children gives children some ideas about how to cope.  One of the most important things to do is to tell someone – if we don’t know about it, we can’t stop it.  However, it can be quite difficult to pluck up the courage to tell – this tool includes some really good tips on finding the right adult to talk to and how to plan what you want to say. 

Parent Governor Vacancy

The governing body of Y Pant Comprehensive School has a vacancy for a parent governor and is looking for parents who are interested in this role.  A parent governor is a person with parental responsibility for a pupil attending the school.

The role of governor is an important one, as governing bodies are responsible for undertaking a variety of functions connected with the effective running of the school, including curriculum, budgeting and staffing matters.  You will be supported in these duties by other experienced members of the governing body, the headteacher and the Governor Support Officer. 

The Authority will provide relevant support and information.  Training is provided free of charge.  New governors are encouraged to undertake the foundation course, held at local venues, within the first year of appointment. 

The governing body works together as a group attending a minimum of three meetings per year.  As a parent governor, you will normally hold office for a period of four years, even if your child leaves the school during this time.  However, written resignations may be submitted at any time.

Becoming a governor is subject to certain regulations. Before completing the nomination form, please check that you are eligible by reading the criteria listed on the back page.  The school’s Clerk to the Governing Body will acknowledge your nomination form in due course. 

The Governing Body values your interest.  We would welcome the opportunity to answer any queries you may have, about becoming a governor, by telephone, e-mail or face-to-face at school.

Please see the attached document for more details and a nomination form.

Parent Election – Nomination Form – July 2017